How Angie Lost 80 pounds+ through juicing and exercise:

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Juicing Weight Loss Success Story

Hope you enjoyed the first part of the video interview with Shane. Here is Part two of the juicing weight loss success interview.  

Juicing Success Story youtube interview

Shane answers 20 of your questions on his 80 pounds juicing weight loss. Angie grabbed the interviews mike and posed your questions to Shane. Questions varied from how Shane set up his goal weight, where he got his protein and how he made the juice recipes non boring plus many more. We broke the youtube […]

165 pounds juicing weight loss runner now guest writes for RoJ!

Brian lost 165 pounds by juicing and running!

Who Is This Guy Anyway? My name is Brian Robertson. You may have seen me already on the website. I had the pleasure of meeting Shane at Camp Reboot. We drank juice, ran together a few times, and shared the stage together as Reboot success stories. While at Camp Reboot  Shane asked if I would […]

How to get protein when juicing?

Joe Cross of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead fame addresses the most frequently asked question around juicing. ‘Where do you get your protein?’ Joe brings in the Brooklyn Rugby team and a local health conscious chef to look at good protein sources for juice recipes. Angie Brian and myself  (Running ON Juice team) lost a […]

Juicing Myth Busters – challenging the naysayers

Juicing Myth Busters

At RunningOnJuice we know there are a lot of opinions around juicing. We always acknowledge sensible positions from those who are not in favour of juicing. However there are some statements that need to be challenged. This new feature will challenge statements made by juicing naysayers. This morning I read a blog piece written by […]

David loses 24lbs and counting after Camp Reboot week

David and I met on the first morning at Camp Reboot. We were both excited to juice with Joe Cross for the week and of course we were both a little nervous. Sitting next to David as we awaited the kick off with Joe we got to know each other a little and I felt […]

Goal weight achieved – 80 pounds lost through juicing and running

Shane loses 80 pounds by juicing and running

Fittingly it was at Camp Reboot – juicing with Joe Cross for a week that I finally hit my goal weight. This whole journey started in early 2010 when I finally resolved to change my life for good! I am now 170 that is a loss of 80 pounds (6 stone if you are a […]

Juicing for Weight Loss – Brian’s 165lb weight loss

Brian lost a staggering 165 pounds in 10 months by juicing!

Brian Robertson lost over 165 pounds in a record 10 months by juicing his veggies! I would not have believed it had I not met the guy. He is one of the most nicest men you could meet. I was lucky enough to hear his amazing juicing weight loss story at Camp Reboot last week […]

Mark loses 5 inches from his waist by juicing/rebooting for 5 days


Meet Mark T of New Jersey. He attended Camp Reboot with Joe Cross last week. It was Mark’s first time trying a juice fast. Along with 200 others at the Omega Institute Mark stuck with it, He had never juiced before and to use a British word he was ‘gobsmacked’ by the results. Mark lost […]

Camp Reboot Review – Juicing with Joe Cross Day 4

Its day 4 of juicing with Joe Cross. I woke up this morning and felt amazing. I love Day 4 onwards of a reboot. This week I have had some bathroom issues. Usually I do not go, this time I may as well have moved my bed into the bathroom.  I was worried as this […]