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What Juicers Eat: VitaMix Hot Soup, Fiery Carrot Avocado!

Fiery Carrot Avocado Soup and Kale Salad

Everyday I fall more in love with my VitaMix blender! Did you know you can make hot soup in the VitaMix?? Get out! No, really it’s true! I didn’t believe it myself until I tried it. The great thing about this method if you only warm the soup (under 105 degrees) it’s still considered raw, […]

The Cure for Childhood Obesity: A Garden in Every School in America!


Shane and I read so many stories from the ROJ community, people from all different walks of life who have struggled with obesity since childhood and others who find it difficult to tolerate vegetables because they didn’t grow up eating them. Imagine if every child learned how to grow, harvest and cook vegetables… how would that impact […]

How to beat cravings when juicing

Beat Cravings

I am not going to lie, even as an experienced juicer I get cravings. Everything from ice to cream to snickers bars, from cheese (my absolute nemesis) to chips. Down the years I have learned how to keep the pesky cravings at bay (most of the time!) Generally I put cravings down to mental triggers […]

My 3 BIG half marathon mistakes


What are the biggest mistakes that people make on race day? Here are my 3  mistakes from my recent half marathon in Stockholm. Someone once told me that running was simple, all you needed was a pair of good running shoes, shorts, tops and get yourself out there. Last weekend I ran my fourth half […]

What Juicers Eat, Creamy Vegan Cauliflower-Kale Soup with Crispy Kale Chips!

Cauliflower has a secret, it's secretly creamy!

Wait…this soup is creamy and Vegan? Get out! I didn’t believe it so I had to give it a go. I wasn’t disappointed, plus I got to make kale chips! It’s the cauliflower and the mighty VitaMix that make this soup so unbelievably creamy without a drop of cream! Cauliflower, besides being secretly creamy, is […]

The Recipe for Juicing Success!


Shane and I receive loads messages from the thriving ROJ juicing community. We love hearing where folks are on their path. We also get lots of great questions. What do you do when you come up against a wall that you just can’t seem to get around? How do you stay motivated? How do you […]

Juicing is not just a celebrity thing

I can just about handle so called ‘experts’ saying that juicing is bad. I think Galileo caught the same stick for saying the earth was not flat. The one thing that irks me is when journalists write that celebrities have started the juicing craze. Many of them claim juicing for weight loss and or,  juicing […]

The place where it all began

My running number for the 2013 Stockholm Half Marathon

It is the day before the Stockholm Half Marathon and I decided to visit the place where my running journey started. First of all I had to pick up my racing bib for the race. I am a stickler for getting things out of the way asap and not leaving it to the last minute. […]

More ways to combat pre race nerves

Shane's July training numbers

Yesterday, we looked at utilizing what you say when you talk to yourself to give you that mental edge to succeed rather than beat yourself up. I want to share with you a really good strategy which should help to bolster your confidence when those nerves come calling on race day. I hope that during […]

8 ways to create the ultimate mental juice.

Juicing and running

As much as I love my green juice, there is one kind of juice that I can’t run a half marathon without. It is the ‘Mental Juice.’  It is not just what you put into your body in terms of juices and smoothies but what you put into your mind. Our brains can be our […]