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Juicing with Diabetes: Recipes

Lower the sugar content of any juice by replacing sweet fruits with cucumber.

On one of my visits to the Optimal Health Institute, I met a lovely family that decided to do the juice fasting program together. Three generations were present! The grandfather had type 2 diabetes and was having a difficult time managing his blood sugar levels and his weight. His numbers when he arrived were in […]

Be Love Farm, the Source of Gratitude

Tending a Field with Love

Cafe Gratitude is a collections of organic vegan restaurants with locations in Berkeley, Santa Cruz, Venice and Los Angeles. The restaurant also offers a lovely variety of freshly extracted juices, like “I am Healthy” which includes kale, celery, cucumber and lemon juice  and “I am Worthy” offering kale, beet, celery, apple and ginger. I jumped […]

We lost a whopping 150 pounds with these juice recipes


There are a plethora of books out there that cover juice recipes. With the advent of kindle ebooks there seem to be a lot more green smoothie recipe books or juice recipe books. As part of my research on juicing I buy and read a lot of them. Some of them, which we highlight in […]

Nice to meet you Mr.Gravenstein

I sampled the lot and settled on the mighty Gravenstein.

Back in my foodie days I did a lot of wine tasting. Now that I’m juicing my priorities have changed a bit, however I still love a good glass of wine now and then! Recently I visited one of my favorite farms and had the pleasure of experiencing an early season apple tasting! Gopher Glen […]

Green Juice for beginners

Green Juice for beginners Many of you wrote in to say you struggle with some of the green juices out there. So we designed this one as an introduction. Plenty of goodness in this and a lot of fruit to make it sweet. You will need to start paring this down at some point but […]

Benefits of Bok Choy Juiced.

Benefits of Bok Choi Juiced

One of the surprise benefits of juicing is you tend to be more adventurous and experimental with vegetables. This morning I added some Bok Choy to my Green is Great Juice (see recipe below.) When I bought I did not think of its health benefits other than its green, it is a vegetable so it […]

Broccoli Champagne for Breakfast

Green Power Juice with Parsley

  Starting out with juicing can be confusing and a little scary. You finally commit to doing it! You procure a juicer. You forage in your local markets for required produce. You make your plan. You wake up to make your first green juice, visualizing all the wholesome goodness that will be dancing in your body […]

Recipe for a Green Smoothie

How to make a green smoothie

A Green Smoothie for breakfast can be a nutritional powerhouse. Sure you can buy the pre made stuff in a bottle from many stores but if you take the time to make a green smoothie yourself then your body will thank you.  Nothing beats making a green smoothie yourself. Last week I went without my […]

Great Juice recipes for runners…and cyclists, swimmers etc

One of the most common emails I receive is from those who workout, especially runners,asking for good juice recipes. I was pleased to see the following three mentioned in this months’ edition of Runners World. I subscribe to and enjoy RW but I rarely see them talking about juicing. Have us juicing runners become mainstream? […]

7-10 day juice fast – day by day

Green Smoothie Breakfast - who says this is not real food?

Losing weight always seems to be a struggle when I am traveling for business.The last 3 weeks or so I have been on the road,  I am supposed to be dropping the weight but my scale is pointing north. So on my return to San Francisco I decided to jump straight into a juice fast. […]