How Angie Lost 80 pounds+ through juicing and exercise:

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David loses 24lbs and counting after Camp Reboot week

David and I met on the first morning at Camp Reboot. We were both excited to juice with Joe Cross for the week and of course we were both a little nervous. Sitting next to David as we awaited the kick off with Joe we got to know each other a little and I felt […]

Goal weight achieved – 80 pounds lost through juicing and running

Shane loses 80 pounds by juicing and running

Fittingly it was at Camp Reboot – juicing with Joe Cross for a week that I finally hit my goal weight. This whole journey started in early 2010 when I finally resolved to change my life for good! I am now 170 that is a loss of 80 pounds (6 stone if you are a […]

Mark loses 5 inches from his waist by juicing/rebooting for 5 days


Meet Mark T of New Jersey. He attended Camp Reboot with Joe Cross last week. It was Mark’s first time trying a juice fast. Along with 200 others at the Omega Institute Mark stuck with it, He had never juiced before and to use a British word he was ‘gobsmacked’ by the results. Mark lost […]

Juice Bars In New York City

Celebrities who drink green juice

NYC is a juicing oasis, in many parts of the city there are juice carts on every corner. They are cheap, plentiful and varied but probably not organic. There are also what I can trendy juice bars. They will offer you a plethora of juice choices but more than double the price of the juice […]

Life After Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Is Joe Cross fat again?

Shane meeting Joe Cross. He has kept all the weight off that he lost in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead

Life After Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. So What Happened To Phil Staples And Joe Cross?   So you watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and thought ‘hmm, this was a few years back, I wonder if Joe Cross put all that weight back on?’.  You have googled it and found this blog post. I […]

‘The Case Against Juicing’ – Why MindBodyGreen got it wrong


This week, the usually most excellent website MindBodyGreen published an article titled ‘The Case Against Juicing’ where Dr Robin Freedlander gives us 5 reasons why juicing is dangerous and bad for us. Here we tackle each one of her 5 reasons why juicing is unhealthy head on. Dr Freedlander speaks with authority based on her […]

Diabetes and Juicing

Angie recently blogged about Juicing and Diabetes. I received an email from a gentleman who wanted to some help with diabetes and smoothies. ‘Last week when my blender arrived I started mixing fruit smoothies and was saddened to discover that my blood sugar readings taken within two hours afterwards were in the lo-mid 200′s.  I’m […]

Sharon to start 30 day juice fast after attending the Joe Cross Premiere in the UK

Prizewinner Sharon attended the UK premiere of the Joe Cross Juicing movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. After the premiere she shared with us her own response to a special night in London. Hello Shane and Angie! I am sure glad my name came out of that hat coz let me tell you, I left […]

Running With Morrissey – Scandinavia!

Running With Morrissey - Shane's weekly running column is back

Many of our long time visitors know that I started my juicing for weight loss and running campaign back in Sweden. I was working in Stockholm, Sweden and had three great years there before my dream move to the USA. I have been ticking over with my running but felt I really needed a goal, […]

Beet juice recipe for those who hate beets!

Beet Juiced!

Traci on our RunningOnJuice Facebook page asked her fellow juicers for some help. Traci was struggling to drink any juices with beets as she dislikes them. We shared one of our tasty beet recipes which she said she enjoyed and better still she has now come up with her own juice recipe with beets for […]