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About Us

Who are the people behind

Before and After Juicing - weight loss.

Before and After Juicing – weight loss.

So maybe you’ve been reading some of the articles on this site and wondering, “Who
are the people behind”

Hi, we’re Shane and Angie. I guess you could call us juicing evangelists. Shane
started this site in 2010, and Angie soon joined him. And what we’ve done is take our
combined experience to create juicing strategies that anyone can follow to lose weight,
get fit and feel better than ever before.

We’re not juicing celebrities. We’re not genetically gifted. We don’t have super-human


Nah, we’re just two regular people. In fact, we’re probably a lot like you. Before either
of us took up juicing, we couldn’t even run for five minutes. After just a minute or two
we’d be doubled over, heaving and unable to catch a breath, our lungs burning. Do you
know what I’m talking about?

That probably had something to do with the fact that we were each 70 pounds
overweight. Our diets were horrible. We much preferred to sit on the couch and eat
potato chips, pizza, burgers, sweets – well, you get the picture. We were both heading
down the path to future heart attacks and other serious health problems, I’m sure.

Shane was the first to decide he needed to make a change. He was tired of being
overweight. He was tired of catching every little sniffle because his immune system was
shot due to a poor diet. He was tired of being tired.


He’d tried all sorts of diets before, but he couldn’t stick with them. Then he read a
book about juicing which intrigued him. That’s when he decided to take up both juicing
and running.


Fast forward a few years, and Shane has completed several half marathons and run
thousands of miles in training. And he owes it all to juicing, which helped him lose those
excess 70 pounds, plus it gave him the energy he needed to get off the couch and start
hitting the pavement.

Angie’s story is pretty similar. Before finding this site, Angie was a food critic. She
loved food. She even described herself as a foodie. Her life at times seemed to revolve
around decadent food, so it probably wasn’t surprising that she was 71 pounds
overweight. And that was just a few years ago.

Here and there Angie tried to take up juicing, but only when she went away to a spa.
She convinced herself she couldn’t possibly fit juicing into her “real” life. That was until
she found this site and Shane’s motivational story. That’s when she discovered that she
didn’t have to do anything extreme (like go on a juice fast) in order to get the benefits
of juicing. Instead, all she had to do was start by replacing just one meal per day with a
glass of juice.

Fast forward, and now Angie is 71 pounds lighter plus she too has taken up running.
And like Shane, she owes these amazing results to juicing!

Neither one of us are gym rats. We’re not athletes. If you would have told us five years
ago that we’d be running half marathons, we would have laughed in your face.

Maybe you feel the same way. You don’t want to do juice fasts (and the good news is
that you don’t have to). You can’t imagine yourself running. But you DO want to get
healthy. You DO want to lose weight. And maybe you want to get more active.

You can get all those benefits and more once you start juicing. We’ll show you how
to do it. We’ll show you how to ease into the program so that you can start getting
amazing results… without drastically altering your life.

That’s what this blog is about. That’s what you’ll learn when you subscribe to our free
mailing list and read our blog posts.

You can do this. We can help. Let’s get started…

Positively Promote the Powerful Benefits of Juicing and Exercise based on our own experience and that of the many readers who share their knowledge and enthusiasm with us.

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Read Shane’s story and see his amazing juicing weight loss before and after photos.
This was way before the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary, everyone thought I was nuts and that juicing was a fad. Running On Juice served as a way to keep myself accountable and to share the ups and downs of juicing for weight loss and energy. I had no idea it would grow to over 2000 unique visits a day and that I would go on to lose 70 pounds and run two half marathons!’
Shane went on to write a FREE Juicing Starter Guide which has been downloaded over 5000 times. The idea was to share his journey and to give real practical tips to the ever increasing amount of people who wanted to juice but had no clue on how to start.
Angie joined Running On Juice in June 2012. Angie had tried juicing a few years before but life and being a foodie got in the way and she embarked on a juicing and running journey in August of 2011. She went on to lose over 70 pounds and is about to run her first half marathon in September. Bear in mind both Shane and Angie could not even run for 5 minutes when they both started!
Neither Shane nor Angie are medical doctors or nutritionists. It is your responsibility to check with your Doctor before you juice and/or exercise. We cannot be held responsible for any adverse effects from information given on this site.

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