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Beet juice recipe for those who hate beets!

Traci on our RunningOnJuice Facebook page asked her fellow juicers for some help.

Traci was struggling to drink any juices with beets as she dislikes them.

We shared one of our tasty beet recipes which she said she enjoyed and better still she has now come up with her own juice recipe with beets for people who do not like beets! Intrigued to try this one now.

Remember for those of you who workout beets are very good for you in particular!

Beet Juiced!

Beet Juiced!

Traci’s Beet Recipe

  • Swiss Chard
  • Blueberries
  • a few strawberries
  • carrots
  • beet
  • apple

Traci did not give us the exact amounts so why not experiment a little? Just go easy with the beets for the first few goes.

Let us know how you enjoyed it?



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