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10 Health Benefits of Juicing Blackberries- Recipe Included

It’s prime blackberry season, which is the perfect time to give some berry heavy juicing recipes a try. The plentiful dark berry is in season May to October. Blackberries are a powerhouse of nutrition. During World War I soldiers drank the juice from this berry to prevent gout and diseases of the mouth and throat. Ancient Greeks and Chinese used blackberry juice for medicinal purposes. The rich dark color indicates these berries are high in antioxidants and also have anti-inflamatory properties…which is great for beautifying! Try my Berry Bandit Beautifier Juice Recipe and see the results yourself.

Berry Bandit Beautifier

10 Healthy Benefits of juicing blackberries

  1. Anti-aging properties 
  2. Blood cleanser
  3. Brightens Eyes
  4. Helps clear pimples
  5. Reduces puffy eyes (anti-inflammatory)
  6. Neutralizes free radicals
  7. Helps prevent infection
  8. Supports healthy immune system (vitamin C)
  9. Improves eyesight (beta-carotene)
  10. Supports a healthy heart.

What is more beautiful than a healthy heart?

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