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What Everyone Ought to Know About Juicing and Blending

‘Juice extractors’ are a waste commented one of our visitors this week.

Blending v Juicing?

We love comments here at running on juice and we are ok with people who have a difference in opinion. This one needs highlighting though as it is the kind of comment that could dissuade people from giving juicing a try.

It is a huge debate – what is better for you blending or juicing?

The full comment said ‘extraction juicers are a waste. I have a Vitamix. It keeps all the pulp (blender style) so you get the benefits of the fiber ‘

The commenter is right, you do retain all the fiber when you blend rather than juice. Fiber is very important for us, it helps to regulate blood sugar, keeps bowels regular and it does make us feel ‘fuller’ than straight juice.

The commenter is wrong when she says that juice extractors are a waste.  Although this blog is called it could very well be called  I did not feel it had quite the same ring to it. Our Juicing Starter Guide also includes smoothie recipes.

Juicing is an excellent way to get liquid fuel into you body quicker. When the good nutrients and yes soluble fiber are extracted from the fruits and veggies they get right into your bloodstream. If you are worried about your fresh juice not having enough fiber then you can always top it up with flaxseed or a touch of flax oil to give it a fiber boost.

I love green smoothies and juices but I find I get more of an energy kick from the juice than the smoothie and that is because the good stuff gets into my body quicker.

Angie and I are not nutritionists or medical experts however we can share with you our own experiences.

Here are my facts:
I lost 70 pounds through using a juice extractor.
Angie lost 70 pounds through using a juice extractor.
Joe Cross lost 85 pounds through using a juice extractor.
Phil Staples lost..
The aroma of juicing fruits and veggies is like no other. Ever juiced ginger or beets? Wonderful.

Hundreds of readers of this site have also lost the pounds through using an extractor.

Now I happen to think a Vitamix is a good tool and if it works for you that’s great but I get fed up with those out there that saying juicing is a waste of time.

I like the idea of a twin track approach – both juice and blend – then you get the best of both worlds.

Are you a juicer a blender or both? What is your take on this juicing v blending debate?


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  1. Wow, this was just posted today! Just finished watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, again. About to start my 3 fast, first time 16 days, second time 24.. This time I'm going for 40. Anyhow, on the Juicing vs. Blending debate… Two very important distinctions. When you juice you get tons of nutrients into your body, more than you could get in if you either ate the fruit or ate the fiber in the form of a smoothy, so you do not get as much fiber. Nothing wrong with blending, but I want as much nutrients as possible. (Most bang for my buck). And I'm not suffering any effects of not enough fiber (ie: bowel issues) . People say the juice without the fiber is too high of calorie without the fiber to help burn the calories… However you know the answer to that, because you, me, Joe Cross, Phil Staples, etc. have lost weight.

    Second important distinction for Juicing vs. Blending. Especially if you are fasting, you want to give your digestive system a break, you want the body to be working on detoxing and curing yourself of other things, you do not want to spend energy digesting. That is why during a fast, you do not want to drink Smoothies.

    • Wow love your passion for juicing!

      I think you make two very good points. I know after 3 days of juicing I am so full of energy!

      Some critics of juicing also say there is too much sugar and its bad for our teeth. Well I am just back from the dentist this week and my teeth are in great shape. Yes if you just juice fruits all day then it will be too much sugar that’s why fruit should only be used to sweeten green juices – always best to aim for 80% veggie and 20% fruit. Of course for many people when they start they need to work up to that level.

      Good Luck with this next fast and keep us updated.

    • aCountryVegan says:

      I would really like to see your sources for your statement that juicing is somehow more nutritious than blending. While I like both juicing and blending I do not see how you can make such a statement. If I juice an apple and drink it I get x amount of nutrients minus the pulp, and yes there is some lost nutrients in that pulp. While if I blend an apple and drink it all I am getting the nutrients of both the apple and the pulp. It's not just fiber in that pulp, there are phytonutrients there as well. And yes, I blend the whole fruit core, skin, and all that I can depending on the fruit.

      When I originally went vegan I weighed in at 300 pounds and could not afford both a juicer and a vitamix. So I went with a vitamix to start since it had more of a variety of foods I could make. I lost 115 pounds before I ever bought my juicer and drink a couple green smoothies every day. Juicers are a great addition to any kitchen but I disagree that one would be more nutritious over the other. It's all in what you are using them for, so for that reason I agree with your second point.

      • Hi CountyVegan, congratulations on the weight loss you must feel amazing.

        I don't think I made that statement above. My point is that I feel juicing gets into my bloodstream quicker which gives me more energy and my digestive system a break.

        The whole thrust of the article is a) whether you juice or blend – both are excellent ways to get good nutrition and b) the best approach (if you can afford it) is to use a twin approach of blending and juicing.

        Juicing is not a 'waste of time' and neither is blending.

  2. I am currently attempting a juice fast (day 1) and I am using the Ninja Pro blender, as it was advertised as something that could work as a juicer. The texture of my blends is not that of a juicer, let me just say that flat out, but more so my question is can I complete a juice fast using a blender? I dont want to suffer through this for no reason lol

    • Hi Heather
      Thanks for the question. I’m curious what your goal is. Weight loss? Detoxing? You are likely going to have some significant health benefits from taking in only raw food with blending. Raw food, especially blended is much easier to digest then the average American diet. Juice is even easier for the body to process. Both methods have there benefits. I wouldn’t say it’s a waste, either way you are investing in your health which seems like an excellent reason to me. Congratulations on your first day! Let us know how it goes.

  3. Hi, I have a question–I've been doing the juice fast for 2weeks(green machine) and on the weekends I usually blend using the Ninja ProBlend–but I have not lost the weight that I thought would come along with the juice fasting–am I doing something wrong? How much juice should you drink during the day–and I only blend(fruits/greens) once a day on the weekends to take the sugar edge off and my goal is to lose weight(+100)

    • Hi Nicole, it is hard for us to guide with you without knowing specifics. Everyone\’s bodies are different of course and different approaches work for different people.

      If you want to send us some of your juice recipes to we can take a look at them for you? Also please share with us privately how much you lost and how much you were expecting to lose. Angie and I can take a look at this for you and share our own experience. Of course if you want to share it with others please leave a comment here.

  4. Juicing IS more beneficial than blending. Obviously, when you juice, you are taking in way more vegetables and fruits than you could possibly hold if you blended it all. For that reason alone, to get the most benefit, juicing is better.

    • @Ruth – well there are no scientific studies with empirical evidence which is why I am very careful on this subject. I don\’t offer any data but I do have a theory that when I juice a watermelon for instance or a lime I am getting more nutrients because I do not have to peel the rind/skin. In a watermelon I read that most of the nutrients are in the rind so juicing in that case would be more nutritious.

  5. I have used a Ninja blender for 5 months. I didn't know how I would like drinking raw fruits and vegetables, so I didn't want to sink a lot of money into a Vitamix or juicer, only to have something expensive taking up counter space. Thus, the reason for a Ninja system. I began by using some of the recipes in the book that came with the Ninja, then started my research on the internet for recipes. I loaded my refrigerator up with all sorts of vegetables and fruits, some of which ruined before I could use them, simply because I couldn't drink that much juice. i soon learned to go easy on buying stuff that I knew would go to waste. I am still exploring that issue. I have learned which things I can freeze and which I cannot. That was a big hump I had to get over. Now, for the blending part. I broke down and purchased a Vita Mix blender last week because I really wanted to have my juice blended up good, with no lumps and strings. With the Ninja, I had to use a strainer at times, just to get the stuff drinkable. I love the Ninja for making h, ice cream, and other things. I have both sitting on the counter. I love being able to make a drink at lunch and use squash, greens of some sort, beets, dates, carrots, apples,etc. The Vita Mix comes through for me with a smooth, drinkable juice. It is a powerful machine. I may one day invest in a juicer, but I was afraid I might not want to clean the juicer and thus, might stop juicing. It also takes a lot of vegetables and fruits to make a small amount of juice with a juicer. I have researched all kinds of things used for juicing and this is the journey I have taken, first a Ninja, then added a Vita Mix. I love my juices and I feel so much better. I can't say that I have seen the pounds on the scales change a lot, but I haven't had to take reflux medicine in months. My rheumatoid arthritis is much better and I have no headaches. My arms and legs are much thinner. If I would exercise more, I would proably loose more weight.

  6. I have a Blendtec and am struggling with juicing! I am really wanting JUICE but when I blend, I end up with a thick concoction that I can't get through a strainer. I haven't tried a cheese cloth yet but I'm not convinced it will produce "juice" any better than my fine strainer. Any tips on creating juice using my Blendtec? (My last effort was pineapple, strawberries, pear, mint – trying to ease my family into the juicing idea but no one cared for the thickness of it.)

    • Hi Lisa

      I would suggest either adding filtered water or using soy or almond milk. Added protein and will make it more liquid.

      Another suggestion is to use plenty of ice!

    • Blendtec is the best…but you got use that common sense, want something more liquidy, add liquid…water or juice, water is the best so you dont add the sugars from the juice. mine drinks perfectly fine. and those who have their veggies ruined…maybe you should try buying enough for a week not a month. see how much you can blend for a single day serving, then multiple by 7. as far as fasting for those looking to not put mold or mycotoxins in body…check out and update your knowledge of whats going on out there…

  7. Georgia Dillard says:

    When you use a juicer, you get the nutrients from a far larger quantity of vegetables than you could eat or make into a smoothie. In the movie Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, the amount of vegetables the chef used in Joe's lunch juice was on an oval serving platter, piled several inches high. When I make a smoothie, I start with a cup of water and then add one piece of fruit and (usually) 3 kinds of greens but only a few leaves of each. And the smoothie is plenty thick. So, juice is juice and a smoothie is a smoothie — and there are benefits to the fiber — but look to the quantity of vegetables used.

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