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7-10 day juice fast – day by day

Losing weight always seems to be a struggle when I am traveling for business.The last 3 weeks or so I have been on the road,  I am supposed to be dropping the weight but my scale is pointing north.


So on my return to San Francisco I decided to jump straight into a juice fast. If you have read my Juicing Starter Guide (over 3,500 copies downloaded!) then you will know that I recommend a ‘slowly slowly‘ approach by using phases.

I definitely suggest a phased approach if you are new to juicing. Let’s face it the detox effects in the early days can be horrible. Especially if you are a caffeine addict and love your coffee.

As an experienced juicer – I decided to jump right into a fast. It does reflect my all or nothing approach to life. I gave up a 40 a day cigarette habit by going completely cold turkey.

In the past I have blogged each day whilst fasting. This time I have decided to describe the juice fast in one post. It will give you a snapshot into the life of a juice faster.

If you are in a hurry and do not have time to read this post. Scroll to the bottom where I listed the benefits of the juice cleanse.

Day 1

Jet lag can be a killer. I travel a lot and I have tried all the different mechanisms to beat it but so far I have been unsuccessful. I was wide awake at 5.45am and decided that rather than trying to sleep I should slip on my running shoes and get a few miles in. Running at 6am was truly inspirational. The streets are quiet and you get the occasional thumbs up from other early bird runners. In the past I have put a lot of miles into my running regime when juicing. Mainly to show others you can train whilst juice fasting. This time though I am only going to run 3 miles but I will run it every day of the fast. When you go on a juice fast by day 3 or 4 you feel very energetic, your body has excess energy because it is not working to break down your food. I don’t want to waste that energy on long runs.


I can tell you this, nothing beats knowing you have completed your workout by 7am! I am going to try and run at 6am each day.

After my run I made the now famous Phil Staples Mean Green juice. I do add some supplements, chia seeds (great natural source of Omega 3), Amazing Grass Green Superfood and Vega whole food optimiser. These are not necessary but I wanted to make sure I was adding a lot of additional nutrients to my juices.

I made some extra and took it to work in my SIGG flask. Nothing is nutritionally superior than drinking your juice right away. Most of us work though and not all of us have access to a juice bar so I recommend sticking your flask in the freezer (without the top on) and then filing it up to the top, top it with water or ice if you do not have enough. Its important that the bottle is completely full.


I did go to Jamba Juice, now you know I have some issues with Jamba Juice – now I only drink the juices that I can watch them juice, namely orange and carrot. So I had an orange and carrot juice when I started to feel a little hungry around 11am.


The Miracle Juice Diet Lose 7lbs in 7 days sounds like something a snake oil pusher would offer you. I love this book by Amanda Cross though, it was one of the first juicing books I bought, it is a great introduction to juicing and I like the fact the juice recipes are varied rather than the same thing. They are healthy and can be exciting to make for instance last night I made the Big Red Juice:

Big Red

200g/7oz strawberries
400g (14oz) tomatoes
a few basil leaves.

This was delicious and a little different – only comes in at 122 calories and its very filling.

Day 2 of the Juice Fast

I think my decision to only run 3 miles is paying off. Felt great this morning and yes another 6am run! Unheard of for me. I don’t usually run at 6am unless its race day.

Of course everyone is different, maybe for you a 5 mile run is low mileage, 1 mile may be too much, you know your own body and its capabilities. I am just trying to get a good 30 mins exercise at a low pace. As you can see by my photos I am not a gym rat or an athlete.


This mornings breakfast juice recipe is again from Amanda Cross’s Miracle Juice Diet:

Orange Super Smoothie

1 large carrot
1 orange
1 frozen banana
1 fresh/dried apricot

You can swap the banana with 1/2 a small avocado.

I am topping up my juice with Amazing Grass Green Superfood, again if you are on a budget this is not essential. It is added boosts that’s all.

I actually am not feeling hungry on this fast, I am not feeling deprived or miserable at all. I think it is because I am mentally ready for this juice detox. Really there is no point in starting a juicing detox or cleanse until you are 100% mentally ready.


I have a special event at the end of the June, my birthday and I am having a relaxing break. I want to be a certain weight by then and the thought of that is really motivating me.

I will touch more on the importance of GOALS in another post just remember the saying ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to me’.

Dinner was inspired by my juicing friend Jay Kordich, he posted his green tonic on his facebook page and I gave it a try – yum!

Jay Kordich Green is Great Tonic

Jay’s Green is Great tonic

1 Large Lime Juiced (skin and all)
1 cup Spinach
1 cup Parsley
1 Green Apple
6 ribs Celery
1 large Cucumber (unwaxed)

Ok drum roll the bit you have been waiting for…the weight loss – 3lbs in one day! Fantastic – there are 2 schools of thought on weighing yourself whilst on a juice cleanse.

  1. Weigh yourself at the end of your juice detox. This is great if you want a nice surprise at the end of the cleanse..and if you are patient..I am not a patient man so its on to option 2 for me.
  2. Weigh yourself once a day. Some dieticians are aghast at this but I love it. Just make sure you jump on the scales at the same time every day. Personally I hit the scales first thing in the morning. I like to see the weight loss as it inspires me for the rest of the day. It also helps me if I am tempted by a colleagues birthday cake. It is funny I walk past 30 or so restaurants and fast food places on my walk to and from work. I need all the motivational help I can get.

Days 3 & 4

Very similar to the first two days. Up early and a fantastic morning run.

I have not really suffered any cravings until Friday night. I usually treat myself on a Friday night and found myself skulking around the kitchen.

However it was cherries to the rescue


I discovered my tastiest juice recipe yet! I think I will keep this one in store for when I am really wanting a treat.

Day 5

My legs were aching and I decided to have a rest day. I have never run 4 days consecutively before and it is important to listen to the body.

I have felt lethargic all day. This is wierd, I usually suffer detox issues earlier on in the fast not on Day 5. I think it is a sign I need to drink more water. I am suffering with headaches, maybe it is caffeine withdrawal. I just juiced most of a watermelon (always include the rind as that is the most nutritional bit.) Watermelons are good for hydration so may be it will work its magic power on me.

I hopped in the sauna/steam room today in place of exercise and had a good sweat.

I really want to continue with this juice cleanse but I have a very important visitor in town tomorrow from Europe who wants to go to dinner.  It is the story of my life – yet I have got in 5 days of a juice only detox – I will continue to make more juices this week and start to transition very slowly into solid food.

UPDATE: I went for dinner and had a starter only, it was a beet salad, with greens and walnut, no cheese, no oil. Technically I have broken the fast but look what I chose? A week ago it would have been steak and fries/chips and a dessert with several glasses of wine.  I have resolved to carry on the juice fast for at least 10 days so please keep reading.

Today was bloody awful. I was falling asleep at 8pm. I then remembered the words of Jason ‘Juicemaster’ Vale who said this can be a side effect of juicing and that it is best not to fight out and just go to bed.

Day 6 and 7

A glorious sleep even though I must have been in slumber by 9pm.  Woke up much better, Jason Vale was right, best not to fight it.

Just hopped on the scales before heading out for a run. Lost a whopping 8 pounds! I think that is my best result yet. On saying that I think it is because I had put a fair bit on these last few weeks.

It does put me within striking distance of my goal weight again.

Juicing has many detractors – many critics but this is a cleanse and regime that works for me. A friend said to me yesterday ‘I cant believe you have not had real food for the last five days!’ Of course that is where he is wrong, I have had more real whole food than he has probably consumed. The difference of course is I have extracted its nutrients and drunk them in its purest form.

Breakfast smoothie

Who says this is not real food? Green Smoothie Breakfast

Today has been a fascinating day. I woke up with an abundance of energy. I went out and completed my 3 mile run and when I came home look what I made:

Home Made almond milk and green smoothie

The almond milk was very easy to make, I used a nut milk bag which I bought at Whole Foods and my blendtec. I had all this and my Green is Great Tonic Juice all prepared by 7am.

As I wrote in the update above, I did go out for dinner, I had decided not to eat anything but it felt totally wierd. So I opted for a small beet salad. Transitioning to solid food after a juice fast should be gradual and I think that this was the best thing on the menu. With my job it is almost impossible to have 10 days where I am not traveling or having a business lunch/dinner. Still as you can read there are ways around it.


Of course the next big step is transition. This is where I have a tendency to mess up. It is now all too easy to splurge. The transition after a juice cleanse can be more important than the cleanse itself. Right now my body is in a vibrant alkaline state – I need to make sure I eat no processed food or crap for awhile.

I actually juiced for a further 3 days – rather than seeing it as an extension of my juice fast it was better framed as part of the transition.

My plan now  is to have one ‘solid meal’ a day and the rest of the day will be juice. I want to do that for the next 5-7 days.

For me this is harder than juicing. I find that once I start eating food I have tendency to eat more – at least with juice fasts the rules are clear. Eating food can be a minefield.

How do you transition after a juice cleanse? Any tips?

Next week will be a real challenge. I am at a conference for 4 days in Las Vegas of all places. Well actually the resort is 20 miles away from the strip so I will have no supermarket/health food store options for supplies. I have bought a personal blender!

That purchase has been long overdue with the amount of travel I put in. I also bought Garden of Life Raw Meal Replacement food – this is action packed with superfoods, nutrients and it is vegan. I will make one of these with a banana in the morning and may be for dinner though it will be tricky as this is a business conference.

I have tried the Garden of Life Raw Meal Replacement before and whilst it does not taste the best I can stomach. It keeps me satisfied until lunch time as well. I am hoping there are some fruits at breakfast that I can spirit back to my room for my blender.

I will review the Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender when I get back from my business trip.


Benefits of a 7- 10 day Juice Cleanse

  • Lost at least 10 pounds and definitely some inches around my belly!
  • Feel amazing – I know it is a cliche. I read celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow talk of how their skin is glowing. Well you know I am not a yoga housewife or new age practitioner but yes I have had several compliments from different sources that I am looking younger. (Some from my staff – are they after a pay rise?)
  • Obliterated my caffeine habit. These last few months I had got into a bad habit of 3-4 Starbucks Coffee a day, plus tea and I was always guzzling way too much of my favourite drink..rootbeer! Juicing for 7 days straight has reduced my need for coffee.
  • No longer craving crap and sugar. I broke my fast with toast!!! Whole wheat of course. With some almond butter rather than peanut butter.
  • I ran almost every day of the cleanse. I took a rest day as it is important to recover. I ran a gentle 3 miles every morning.
  • I woke up early – 6am every morning having had a great sleep and went out running every morning.
  • My energy levels are through the roof.
  • Reset my body – changed my mentality. I had got into the habit of eating something sweet after a meal (usually chocolate or ice cream.) I also got to grips with the mental association of ‘it is the weekend therefore I can go mad and treat myself.’
  • OK boys don’t really admit this but it has given me back my self confidence. I feel like I am walking tall and with a swagger again.
  • Discovered a great new green smoothie drink from Jay Kordich called ‘Green is Great’. It is very similar to the Mean Green Juice that Phil Staples and Joe Cross drink in Fat Sick and Nearly Dead with a little twist. Variety is the spice of life after all.

It is important to reward yourself after a juice cleanse/fast. We are not talking about a trip to the eat as you much as you like restaurant. It may be something along the lines of a weekend break, spa treatment, new books. In my case it was clothes I need a nice new suit and decided to splash out on a beautiful Ralph Lauren suit that I saw. Expensive yes but not as costly as not making the healthy changes I need in my life.

What other benefits do you experience after you have juice fasted/cleansed?

The key to a successful juice fast or indeed any weight loss regime is to have clear goals and to develop productive habits.

In my business life I read a lot of self improvement and motivational books. On the flight back to San Francisco I was inspired by Darren Hardy’s book The Compund Effect, Darren is the Publisher of SUCCESS magazine and soon I will share with you how I used his book to go about my 7 day juice fast and succeed.

The Green Smoothie Health Program

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  1. I have been juicing for 7 days and have lost 10 1/2 pounds. I really can't stand the taste of the Kale so today I used Romaine lettuce and it is a much smoother taste. I am going to try Spinach tomorrow but keeping it as green as possible. Would love to hear other people's input and experiences as I think we can learn from each other. Thank you Shane for your website… You too, are an inspiration!

    • Hi Lori

      Doesn\’t it feel great to lose those 10 pounds! Congratulations!

      Kale is not for everyone so I would recommend small amount of spinach and work up. People that are new to juicing should add more apples and pear and slowly start to juice less and less fruit. Only the hardcore folk can drink just green juices.

      I would recommend more cucumber as well and a piece of ginger will also help mask the flavour and give you even more nutrients.

      I often make a green juice and then blend it with half an avocado. Yes, avocado contains fat but it is good fat. It also gives your smoothie a creamy texture and it too can mask the taste of some of the greens.

    • kirustion says:

      hello im interested in trying to loose 10 pounds in 7 days tell me what all did you do

  2. I just read some of the link information that proved helpful, such as, when making a larger batch of green juice add a squeeze of lemon and tsp of Vitamin C Power, should make it stay fresh longer. Great Idea. Will add to my current pitcher awaiting in refridgerator.

    I added cabbage and broccoli to my usual kale, cucumber, celery, 80%; and carrot, apple 20% juice. Figured better than putting it in the compost pile.

  3. I joinws a few weeks ago. I need to lose 125 pds. (lol). I realize this is possible. But, I am so stresses out with school right now, I am in the middle of my 21y/o moving out, I need to move, I travel 103 to work weekly. I have so many things going on, I could scream, but I would rather cry instead. I did not ever recieve your started pkg. started book or anything else I keep reading. I plan to purchase a juicer in July. I have 49 y/o. I am so tired I could scream. I weigh 260. Diabetes run in my family rampant. I am trying to fight and beat it, when it comes to me. I need help.

  4. charlie says:

    I'm finishing up day 6 of a juice fast. i'm not sure how long i want to go. i'm not overweight ( 6' 2'' 185lbs ) but i thought it would be a good way to approach a whole food, plant based diet. i'm thinking i'll go one more day, and then ease back into eating with one meal a day plus juice. my concern it that i've not been moving my bowels for 3 days. my acupuncturist told mr I need an enigma. Ant suggestions? I found adding half a lemon helps with the kale taste. Thanks

    • Hi Charlie

      Congrats on making to day 6, not that many people make it that far so take a bow!

      Hmm bowels not moving definitely sounds off. May I suggest Psyllium husks – they are natural way to get things moving again.
      Let us know how you get on as this is precisely the kind of information we should share with others.

    • Hi, Charlie. My name is Sara I'am juicing too but i do not use lemon cuz lemons or citrics makes sometimes to somepeople ( everyone is different) constipated . True. I'm not a Doctor, I'm a Medical Assistant. But also I'm a mother of 2 kids 5,6 and believe me I know it. maybe is that? more water more walking less citrics for a couple of days. I hope you feel better.

  5. Adeline Violas says:

    Try traditional medicinals “smooth moves” tea. It will help and is gentle. I too dont really have much movement while juicing after like 2 days.

  6. How do you juice an alvacado? Do you peel it or freeze it. With bananas you just put them in the freezer? Thanks!!

    • Hi Robin,

      Never juice an avocado – that would make such a mess. I usually make the juice and pour that in my blender. I then blend 1/4 to 1/2 an avocado with it. Tasty and nutritious!

  7. I did a juice fast for 10 days. Felt great! Just really tired in the evening – but I took it day by day. I lost twenty pounds… Since I stopped, I initially gained back three and stayed there. Problem is I'm finding that 'normal' food now tastes awful to me. Fruits and veggies are fine, as are brown rice and beans… which is the way I want to be eating. But it's really freaking me out that what I used to eat — pizza – fried fish -, etc. now taste REALLY bad. I've not seen anyone else talk about this experience so it's kind of freaking me out. At this point I think I will go back to the fast and then try to give up that food completely. Just wondering if anyone else felt this way when trying to eat 'normally'.

    • Congratulations Lori!! A 10 juice fast is a huge accomplishment, well done! After 10 days on raw juice your body has set the re-start button in a few ways. I remember breaking my first fast many years ago, I had a carrot. It was the best carrot EVER! I’d never tasted a carrot so delicious. It’s likely your taste buds have been renewed so everything will taste different. The other change that is likely is your body’s Ph balance. A fast can create an alkaline environment and one of the wonderful side effects is you start to crave less acid foods (high fat, salt, sugar) and more alkaline foods (fresh veggies).

      Would love to hear how your next fast goes, keep me posted.

    • Had the same effect on me doing the 9 Day Forever Clean Diet, with loads of nasty tasting aloe vera juice.

  8. So i have a blender…do i really need to invest in a juicer to go on a juice cleanse or can i just do it all in a blender? I hear you get more fiber lol

    • Hi Wray-
      Thanks for the question. If you can afford it buy a good juicer or find a fresh juice bar near you. We use both the juicer and the blender. You certainly can blend and get some of the same benefits of juicing however if you are cleansing then the extra fiber is more energy your body has to put out processing it rather than just resting. If you can’t afford a juicer right now go ahead and do a strictly smoothie fast.
      Let us know how it goes.

  9. rebooted4life says:

    I watched the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead documentary and was inspired to "reboot" my body. I would not have considered a juice fast without watching this. On 9/18/12, the documentary provided a believable solution to me. I started my fast 9/19/12. I drank the "mean green" for 12 days to start my juice fast. My goal was just 10 days. I lost 17 pounds in these initial 12 days. Next, I went to an all natural food diet (nothing processed). I was eating homemade everything, pico de gallo, fruit salads and soups for two weeks (no juicing). I lost 5 pounds during these 14 days. After this I started juicing for two meals then eating all natural for one meal. I felt like I was on a plateau so I wanted to mix things up for a week. I gained a pound this week. I decided to Juice Fast again this week. This time I planned to mix the juices I drink up hoping it will allow me to fast longer. The first time I just could not drink the Green Juice any longer. This time I am drinking a tasty natural fruit juice (apples, grapes, pineapples) for breakfast and a carrot based juice, (carrots, spinach, beets and oranges) the rest of the day. When I grow tired of this I will replace the carrot juice with mean green. My goal is to lose 22 more pounds in the most healthy way possible. My mind is prepared to fast until I reach this goal but that's easier said than done. My bigger concern is transitioning off the fast to whole foods (natural) and maintaining weight.

  10. I'm about to embark on my juicing fast, but I plan to only go for a few days, then eat raw, then a few more and eat raw. What's the minimum amount of time to juice to get the initial health results?

    • Running On Juice says:

      Great idea to eat raw. I find the hardest part of juicing is what to eat to break the fast!

      That is a hard question to answer Joanna as everyone's body is so different. Mainly it depends on how your diet was before juicing. If you are very healthy then a one day juice fast probably won't change much but if you have have been eating burgers and fries then..

      I do think any amount of juicing helps to cleanse the system at the very least. I recently came back from my home country of England where I had socialised a bit too much, a 3 day detox was just the ticket. I usually recommend 3, 5 or 7 day juice fasts for optimal results. Good luck with it and let us know how you get on.

  11. Beverly Blaha says:

    I really want to try this but i dont have any husbend thinks this is crazy but i need to do something iam about 70 pounds over weight. I need to do something to get me started on the right track and i think this will help me.

    • Hi Beverly,
      Listen to the voice that is telling you "this will help me" and support will come. Support is important and you will find people show up in your corner if you take the first step and take some action! Your husband will come around when he sees you in action and he sees you start to glow and feel better. Sometime I use peoples doubts as a challenge. Let it fuel your change!
      Do you have access to a juicer?

    • hi beverly…i want to encourage you to love yourself, dig your heels in and do this. its your own private personal journey, so please dont let anyone elses opinions influence your decision. i completed a 60 day juice fast a few weeks ago….started at 195 and weighed 148 when i finished. 47 pounds gone and the beauty is it was my very own success…no programs involved. ive done all that, weight watchers etc….this practice of discipline through juicing feels very good, empowering and before you know it you are on day 60 or beyond. i started out intending to try for 30 days with a one day at a time attitude. today i am embarking on another 10 day fast just to finish up what i started…i'd like to lose another 5-10 lbs.

    • by the way i continued to cook for my teen boys, my boyfriend is an incredible chef, i made it through my birthday with a huge party thrown for me, three other close friends' birthday bashes, a bonfire party …think chili, bread, hot cider, pies, booze….going out to dinner a number of times…water with lemon and hot tea save the day… other words YOU CAN DO THIS and you will feel amazing. also Bev, i have lupus and did this all while continuing to suffer terrible flares, debilitating pain and medications. many of my lupus symptoms diminished while fasting…its such a good thing to do for your body. good luck

  12. Today is my 11th days of juice fasting, planning to continue further for 30 days with God's grace. I have lost 10 lbs. Full of energy and great skin. I am glad to find out about the book that you read. I wonder, do you also exercise while doing juice fasting? I have been running 3-4 miles everyday and do yoga as well. I was recommended not to vigorous exercise but I just don't know where to divert my hyper energy :) Well I am glad I found this website. Happy Juicing

    • Hi Gena-
      Congratulations on completing 11 days! Answering your question, YES if you feel like exercising then do it! You are giving yourself a wonderful gift of health!

      I would love to speak with you privately and see how you are doing. Please email me at

      Go Gena!!

  13. How do you go about a juice fast if you are skinny and only need to lose a few pounds of fat. I don’t very healthy and drink a lot right now but I am very interested in this diet and want to cleanse and detox my body.

    Thank you for any helpful tips!

    • Hi Kevin,
      Skinny people can do a cleanse too. It's not just about weight loss it's also about improving your overall health by increasing raw fruits and veggies and decreasing processed foods. Many people find that adding one fresh green juice a day and eating mostly unprocessed foods is very helpful with improving energy levels and detoxing. You can always work up to doing an all juice fast for a few days.
      Take a look at our free started guide, many folks new to juicing have found it very helpful.

  14. how many times a day do you juice?

    • It varies but between 4-5 times. You will find that the longer you are into the cleanse the less you want to juice. Never skimp on the water though, keep chugging on that.

  15. I came across the 'Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead' documentary on Hulu the other day and was floored. I have used juicing as part of different diets in the past and been happy with the results, but I had never seriously thought about doing only juice until watching the documentary. Which brings me to 2013. While I have never been a big New Years Resolution fan I have become totally STOKED about starting this coming year with a 7-10 day juicing fast. What a great way to reset the system for a new year. I do have a question in all this. I have found precious few recipes that use sweet potatoes, is there a reason I am missing? I have used them in the past and they make a great base to replace or augment carrots. Thanks for the motivation and information.

    • Hi John

      Good luck with the juice feast! Three years ago around now it was my new years resolution and I went on to juice off 70 pounds and change my life for good.

      Potatoes generally get a bad rap when it comes to weight loss. I know sweet potato is lower on the GI scale. I say go for it, there are very few rules in juicing the main thing is to get out there juicing. Let us know how you get on John.

  16. My husband and I both are excited about starting a juice fast. I cannot find anywhere yet that tells me how much juice to drink each day. Can anyone answer this?

    • Hi Nicki,
      Thanks for the question. There is no set amount of juice you should consume in one day. You should listen to your body and drink as much juice as you need, each day and person is different. I while fasting, I generally have between 4 and 6 8oz glasses per day but if you felt you needed more than feel free to drink more. Have you juiced or fasted before? Might be a good idea to ease into it by adding one juice a day and salads.

      Please let us know how it goes and if you have questions, we are hear to help :)

  17. I’m up to day 3 on my juice fast and I am drinking only 4 900ml cups max a day. I don’t really get hungry but I tend to crave warm food sometimes, or a few sweets. I believe I’m a healthy eater, I have been one since I wanted to lose my gut; not drinking sugary drinks, refusing fast food, eat salad and veges’s regularly. My weakest point in my daily life would be eating fruit. I’ve been sticking to the mean green; orange and apple juice when I craving something sweet. I’ve had to alter the mean green recipe because kale is not commonly stocked here in Australia, but I have seen Joe Cross use silverbeet instead when he was promoting juice fasting iver here. My aim is to lose 10 Kilos (~22 lbs), I currently weigh 70 kg (~154 lbs). I’m currently 17 and only plan to do my juice fast during school holidays. I was wondering when usually does the detoxing start (I.e from morning when you wake up, or during the day), and how do you cope???


  18. Hi!

    I instantly was attracted to your blog because I am a runner and have decided, after watching Fat,Sick, and Nearly Dead and doing some research, that I want to do a juice fast. Why fast? I will explain.

    After having two babies (ages 2 and 5), I was 158 lbs (I'm 5'6) and incredibly out of shape. So, I decided to apply for the 2012 NYC Marathon (before having kids, I ran in two Chicago Marathons and found that the training helped me lose any extra lbs I was carrying) to help me get to a healthy goal weight of 135-140 lbs. Guess what! I was selected through the lottery to run NYC! But guess what….my training resulted in only 3 lbs lost! People would say to me, "Well, you must have eaten more while you were training" and I can honestly say that I didn't because after a couple months of training and no weight loss, I stayed conscious of what I was eating. Weight loss was one of my main goals!

    As everyone knows, the 2012 NYC marathon was cancelled because of Hurricane Sandy, so I searched for another marathon to run. I'm going to run in the Miami Marathon at the end of January. While I've continued training, I still have seen no more weight loss – I'm still at 155 lbs and incredibly frustrated. I really want to try a juice fast to kick start weight loss/an overall healthier lifestyle. My question for you is, is it a bad idea to do a fast now when the marathon is only 3 weeks away? I'm feeling incredibly motivated right now and feel that if I would lose 10 lbs during the fast it would help preserve my knees on marathon day because I would be that much lighter.

    I'm sorry this is so long, but I could really use your advice. Thanks much!


    • Hi Marti,
      So happy to hear you like the blog and congrats on your training for a marathon! Woohoo! I totally understand how you must feel regarding the lack of weight loss, even with all the training. I’ve only trained for half marathons and I know how much work it is and you are doing double that! I want everything to go well for you on race day and I wouldn’t advise making any big changes this late in your training. You only have 3 weeks to go, so I think it’s better you don’t fast before your marathon. Consider adding a veggie heavy juice daily to your current diet if you are not already juicing. I did lose weight on the fasts but the majority of my 80 lbs weight loss happened with one juice a day with exercise. You can always re-evaluate after your marathon if a fast is right for you. Of course you should always consult your doctor before making any major health changes.

      Please let us know how it goes!

  19. I have been coming to this website for the past month to read yours and other people's experiences in a healthier lifestyle. I started eating healthy and have been exercising at least 5 times a week for the past two months and have lost 15lbs. My hubby just bought me the blendtec and it came in the mail two days ago. I start my 7 day juice fast tomorrow. I don't know why but I am SO scared since I will be doing it alone. I hope I can do it!

    • Congrats Samantha! 15 lbs is great!
      You can do it! Starting something new can be scary but there is something inside of you that is telling you this is the best way, listen to that voice.
      One word of advice, if you are using a blender, which it sounds like you are… be sure to use “smoothie” recipes and not “juice” recipes. There is a difference in the amount of produce you use and the consistency of the drink.

      Best of luck!!

  20. Today, I happened to stumble upon this website – PERFECT timing! I am on day 3 of a juice fast. I've got over 100lbs to lose and have incorporated juice off and on in the past. When I juice I feel so much better, swelling in my feet and fingers diminishes, I sleep better and wake up earlier due to more energy I assume. I am aiming for 30 days on this fast. I don't want to let myself down. I usually don't stick to things like this, but I really feel good so far.

    I want to begin adding some exercise in to kick up my metabolism (I suffer from PCOS and it affects my metabolism greatly). Are there concerns I should have about exercising at least every other day? Is there any advice you can give me besides that? I am really excited about this and just in the past few days I've gotten others Facebooking and messaging me for encouragement, to encourage me, one friend who joined me already and another who is going to embark on a 10 day juice fast.

    I've raised my level of accountability by journaling this on my FB wall which means I'm not letting just myself down if I quit, but others who are currently cheering me on and others who have become motivated. As a 31 yrs old adult living at home with parents and little bro, the struggle I am having is smelling my family's food – like the chocolate muffins and croissants they just bough, the huge pot of beans with ham hocks on the stove, or the pizza for dinner tonight. It makes me hungry and I'm having to cover my nose. Another thing is the disgust I feel watching them slather mayonnaise on their food. They've never given support when I've attempted losing weight previously (despite being just as/more unhealthy). I'm just scared that I will give in because of my unfavorable surroundings. {sigh . . . so frustrating!}

    Sorry this is so long. So far, 3 days in: Day 1 – 4 lbs down. Day 2 – 8.6 more lbs down. (Total – 12.6 lbs gone) I know it's mostly water weight which is nice because my swelling has vanished completely.

    • Akesia,

      Thanks for writing to us. Congrats on completing a 3 day juice fast and losing 12.6 lbs!! Great accomplishment!

      I don’t really know much about your specific health concerns but generally speaking light exercise is safe on a fast. A 30 minute walk or easy bike ride should be perfect. You must speak with your doctor before making big health changes related to diet and exercise.

      Fasting is not easy and many people can’t do 30 or 60 day fasts. Please don’t beat yourself up. The longest fast I’ve done is 10 days. I’ve had great success with 3-10 day fasts 3-4 times per year and continuing to juice daily with a healthy diet.

      It sounds like your family is not all that supportive, that’s actually ok. You have been successful finding others who will be supportive on FB! Good move my friend!

      • Thanks so much for the response, Angie. I'm still going . . . day 5 is almost over. I notice that I'm not very hungry at all right now and am forcing the juice in, making sure to drink water and about 2 cups of herbal tea with no additives. I feel great though and I wake up feeling so alert. I've now dropped 16 pounds of water and whatever else! LOL.

        I appreciate your comments about 30 min walking or light exercise. I'm going to give it a shot. It's far better to increase healthy habits now instead of trying to get more active after the fast AND I don't want to lose too much muscle instead of fat. I also read that moving the body helps to get the toxins moving so, I love that too!

        Thanks again for the reply. :)

    • Stay strong I don't have a lot of support either. If you fall off a day, just get up and keep going. Ü You can do it and you'll feel great in the end. I'm on day 5 and Ive lost 8 lbs, just 67 lbs to go . This is simply amazing for me. I had a very hard time losing weight. I would have to walk 5 miles a day and eat salads to lose 1 lb. I have not exercised as yet. The reboot-juicing has been a miracle. You can do it! Keep up the good work. I've found I have less cravings now. I did get off coffee and sugar 10 days before starting so the detox hasn't been horrible. I've had to leave when my family eats or go to a different room and focus that I'm getting healthy. ( getting stronger now) I feel it's not a diet its a choice to get healthier and losing weight a huge bonus. Best wishes !

  21. hey people… hii.. i am really motivated by this Juice diet. I have a wedding to attend in exactly 13 days. And need to loose weight .. as usual a last minute panic alaram… need some motivation for the same… how much weight cud i loose if i cn contiinue on this juice diet in 12 days ?

    • Hi Tamana-
      Generally if one is juice fasting (drinking only juice) you can lose an average of about a pound a day sometimes more sometimes less.

  22. I’m curious about the number of juices per day. Given my size I think the caloric intake exceeds my daily allowance for weight loss. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks!

    • Hi Jessica,
      Thanks for the question. There is no one set amount, it varies from person to person and from day to day. When fasting I drink 4-6 10oz glasses of juice per day. I don’t deny myself juice, I drink as much as I need to feel satisfied. I also don’t count calories but if that is something you are concerned about you can reduce the fruit you juice and the calorie count will be reduced as well.

  23. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now but I don’t have a juicer at the moment. I do have a blendtec which can break down things down pretty well but it does leave alot of extra fiber, would only using the blendtec be fine? Or would a juicer be a good investment ?

    • Hi Eric,
      If you can afford it, a juicier is a great investment. I use both a juicer and a blender, I like getting the benefits of both.

  24. Hi everyone , simply so inspired and motivated by everyone’s comments. I am on day one of simply juicing , but I had 2 cups of coffee and a tea as well. I think I will be off for running from tomorrow . I am having like 4 glasses of juice..i like beetroot so it really gets be drinking all of it..have to lose 75 pounds almost 30 kgs

    ..and won’t stop my guy is willing to see. Me dropping that weight off and so are my parents and without a doubt this looks good

  25. Hi Angie,

    I have been following your blogs and stories for a week now. I am 5.7″ and weight 190 lbs. Recently I have put on 20 pounds however I really think I need to lose atleast 40 lbs to be back in shape. I usually gym 5 days a week, with a 2-3 mile run and/or an hour of raquetball. Also eat home cooked food (rice included) almost 6 days a week. But I am finding it hard to lose any weight despite starting to eat more fresh veggies for one meal and juices for breakfast. Now I guess its time to start juicing and see how it goes. My intention of writing was to get your opinion and suggestions for me before I start and also I do smoke and a coffee in the mornings is a necessity. Would these habits impact my weight loss ?

    • Hi Guru,
      Glad to hear you are ready to give juicing a try. Sounds like you are getting plenty of exercise which is wonderful! I highly recommend downloading our free juicing starter guide and start with one juice a day. I think if you do try fasting you may experience some detox symptoms from the lack of coffee and smoking. Go slow and continue to add healthy habits to your life and you’ll do well.
      Keep us posted on your success!

      • Hi Angie,

        Thanks, I have started off juicing this week and on the 4th day today. As you always say first 3 days are the toughest. I guess I feel better today.
        Update: 4 lbs down in 3 days.


        • Big congrats on 4lbs in 3 days!!! Well done Guru!!!

          How long are you going for?

          • Thanks Angie,

            I initially thought of 7 day fast but after yesterday I am ready to take a week more and see how it goes. Goal is to make this a 60-day if I can. I have reduced my coffee to just a little in the morning. Working on my smoking.


          • So happy to hear you are feeling great! What a success! Please keep us posted on your progress.

  26. Day 2 of my 10 day cleanse and i feel ok. Day 1 was a beast, I had massive headaches all day but went to bed early. I am hoping to get a run in this evening and juice for dinner of course. Please help me by pushing me to stay on track, eating healty is a hard habit for me to get into but I am motivated by reading post by people that have travelled the road that i am currently on. My goal is to drop 30 pounds within the next 6 months and keep it off living a healthier lifestyle. In the process I hope to effect people around me.

    • Hi Ed,
      Congratulations for taking control of your health. In my experience the first 3 days are the most difficult in a fast. Very impressive that you are running too! You can do this! Eating healthy is not about being perfect, it’s about balance and paying attention. If you are juicing everyday you’ll be taking in so many good nutrients that making healthier choices will start to come naturally. I splurge here and there but always balance it with other healthy food choices and exercise.



  28. I am considering starting this – I am pretty healthy already – 5’9 and 145 lbs with 20%body fat… I would mainly just like to try it for the benefits of feeling good and giving my digestive system a break. But the weight loss interests me too – I’ve got about 5lbs I can’t get rid of. Are the weight loss effects permanent? Can anyone tell me if they’ve gained it back, and if so how much?

  29. On day 6 of my juice fast and I have been feeling horrible. On day 4 I started to get glimpses of more energy at certain times throughout the day, but then ten minutes later I was back feeling very tired and wanting to sleep. Day 5 and 6 have been pretty horrible. Today I am so weak and tired that I feel fit for nothing, never mind exercise. All I have been doing for 6 days is hanging around the house feeling like a zombie, but I did manage a few short walks out on day 3 and 4. I keep praying that the next day iwake up feeling a bit better, but each day is a major struggle to even get out of bed, and I have been in bed until 9 or sometimes 10 o’clock in the morning.
    I must admit that my lifestyle has been terrible most of my 47 year old life (bad food, smoking, very late nights, drinking way too much alcohol), but I did do a 4 day juice fast back in 2011, and on day 5 I felt wonderful and better than I had felt in a long time. I wish I knew what on earth was happening to me now. Right now I am fit for nothing. I don’t seem to have got past the detox effect, even after 6 days. Surely this is not right. No idea how long I will keep this up for. I only planned 3-5 days initially, but now I am shooting for 7 and maybe 10. But it’s hard not to want to break the fast when feeling so bad.

    • Running on Juice says:

      Hi Simon

      First of all – thanks for sharing this with us. I know it is not easy to send this comment to a bunch of strangers.

      I think you may have hit the nail on the head here. Can only assume your body is taking longer to detox than most. On the majority of my cleanses I am like a new man on Day 4.
      On saying that, I can identify with your former lifestyle. I used to love nothing more than a big night out on the beer, the Jack Daniels followed by burgers and kebabs! Not to mention the 40 a day cigarette habit.

      My advice would be to come off the fast and get onto raw veggies and salads. Nothing spicey – keep it as bland as possible. Try that for a few days and see how you feel.

      Once you are back on an even keel, I would suggest trying to drink one green juice a day for 21 days. This for me is the key to success. I have seen too many folks fail on a fast and feel awful about it afterwards. You can give yourself the best chance of success by forming a 21 day juice habit. Your body will get used to and crave the juice! After 21 days you will have built a great foundation to try another fast often happens you may decide to juice all day and have a nice balanced meal in the evening. This is what Joe Cross does and myself. I then cleanse every 3 months on a 3-5 day juice fast.

      Angie and I designed a 21 day online coaching program that may be of interest to you. It can be found at

      Stay in touch and let us know how you get on as we all learn from each other here.

  30. Thanks Shane.

    You sounded exactly like I was until very recently – a beer and kebabs man. That was my life for more years than I care to remember. I have been eating a bit better since marriage and kids, but I couldn’t keep off the beer or wine. That was a nightly ritual for me as soon as I came in from work, only until very recent weeks in fact. And I didn’t usually hold back on it either !

    I am not new to juicing. Far from it. I got into it many years ago and was heavily influenced by Jason Vale, and could write a book on the subject myself. I have three juicers at home now (two Philips and a Champion), and try to do it as often as I can, but we regularly go a week without doing it and then do it for a few days, then off again, and so on. I know all about the power of juicing and I love it.

    Maybe I am still going through detox and I need longer than most due to my silly ways recently. I also think I am dehydrated quite a bit because the skin on my face has been very flakey the past few days. I don’t understand that because I have been drinking between 3-4 litres of juice and about 3-4 litres of water each day. I did notice yesterday when I was feeling rough, that when I drank a liter of water I picked up quite a bit soon after, so maybe that is also playing a part.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice. I think I will see how I am doing tomorrow morning, and if I am better I will do the 7 days, which finishes up tomorrow evening. I feel I need to. I have been suffering badly for way too many years from terrible fatigue 24/7, tinnitus, adrenal issues, anxiety, sleep issues. Also throw in an enlarged prostate, being about 30 pounds overweight, a bit of depression, a bit of blurred vision, and I ain’t exactly been a picture of vibrant health. I am praying that I soon get to the day when I also jump out of bed and want to go running, because I am so tired of the “sick old me” who has a better relationship with my TV and sofa than I do with my wife and kids !!

    I think my taste buds have been retrained already to some extent. For some reason I am craving grilled mushrooms and avocado. Certainly better than day 2 and 3 when all I could think about was a big fat burger !! OK, I admit that the burger is still at the back of mind right now too, but further back than the mushrooms and avocado thank heavens.

    So, I will carry on for today and see what tomorrow brings. If it isn’t any better then I will do as you suggest and come off and take up a healthier eating plan together with juice. No idea why, but I have it stuck in my head that I want to achieve 7 days juice only. Probably just to prove to myself that I can.

  31. Hi,
    Could someone help me with an advice, please. I am about to travel in less than three weeks on a three week holiday, abroad. I also just started a juice fast and I am doing great so far. This is a weight loss motivated fast and I would like to keep it up for the foreseeable future (I have about 30 Kg to lose) Now, ideally I would like to juice up until the travel and beyond(i.e. continue with the juice fast while I am away, I have an access to a juicer at my final destination). How do I fly and stay on the juice fast? My travel is around a 24 hour journey, so: How do people travel while juice fasting? Can you take some juice with you on the plane? Please advice. Thanks in advance!

    • Running on Juice says:

      Great question Elena,I am on vacation right now and recently wrote a blog post on my personal strategy to keep up the good work whilst traveling.

      • Hi, I started my juice diet yesterday. Today I feel nauseous and have a headache.
        Is this normal. Also wondered if as a snack I could eat a handful of nuts a day I don’t think I can get through without chewing something.
        Thanks in advance,

        • Running on Juice says:

          Mark – this is normal and is usually the effects of the detox. It has kicked in early with you -mine normally arrive around Day 3.

          Drink as much water as you can and try to get through this. Once you reach the other side you will feel energised. If you really do need something to chew on – try an apple or celery.

  32. Char
    I am on day three of my FIRST Juice Fast, its been a rough two days but today is like the Light has been turned on energy is HIGH and just feeling great. The first two days i had the BAD FEELING (EAT EAT TIRED TIRED WHAT R YOU DOING) that what i have read come with DETOX. I am so glad that i have stuck with it. My plan is 10 days then see if i want to go another 10 days. Taking it day by day and am very excited about my venture. Here is my story though.

    The Body Restart

    I am a 30 yr old male who is 6’4 350 lb. last Jan. I was hospitalized with a saddle Pulmonary Embolism. As you can imagine this was a complete shock to me and my wife, who was 6 months pregnant at the time with our second child. For the last 8 months I have worked on getting healthy I have dropped about 20 lb., got back into the weight room and even started to do a little running, as life happens I want to make sure I am ready for it. I have not had the success I have wanted with my weight lose even though I continue to work out I still want to eat the crap that we in America call food. So today I start a 10 day Juice fast to cleanse my body from all toxins and chemicals that are not normal. I hope that this will lead to bigger and healthier choices for me in my life. I am sure i will need tons of support though out this process. So here is to DAY 1. Cheers “


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