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Fatman returns.

Firstly I apologise for the lack of posts of late.

I hate to admit this as I know I am a source of inspiration to many of you. In the last few weeks I have fallen back into my old bad habits.

The only excuse I can offer is my job which requires me to travel a lot. I have completed almost 20,000 miles already this year. I do feel this is a flimsy excuse.

Today I faced the harsh truth of the weighing scales when I hopped on and saw I was 16 pounds over my goal weight. Remember my euphoria when I hit 180 pounds? I am devastated.

So what went wrong?

I put my weight gain down to 4 factors.

  1. Increased alcohol consumption. – Last week my good friends from the UK were over and we spent 6 nights in Vegas! Need I say more. Healthy Shane went right out of the window, I drank Jack Daniels like it was going out of fashion and partied till 5am most mornings.
  2. Straying from a plant based diet.  I started eating meat again a few weeks back. Initially white meat..then steaks then those god awful sausages. Now I am not saying you cannot lose weight by eating meat, just for me I keep the weight off if I cut out the meat.
  3. Not enough exercise. I took my running gear to Vegas with me and guess how many times I exercised? Zero! Nada. Shocker! The reason…I was waking up with a hangover each morning which started the cycle of eating crap then drinking etc.
  4. I lost my mental focus. Somewhere along the line I thought’ yeah I have my goal weight so I can relax now’.  Of course there is nothing wrong with some treats but in moderation. Fried Chicken is not the way forward!

I saw a photo of Phil Staples the other day and I read comments about him putting weight on. I sympathise with the guy. The juicing is only one element of the weight loss playbook, the rest is being mentally focused on your goals.

Luckily there is a silver lining here.

Tonight, looking at the scales I was disgusted with myself. Before 2010 I probably would have said ‘ok I will join a gym next week and sort this out’. Of course next week would never come.

Tonight, I threw on some running clothes and got my fat ass out there. My shirt felt tight which did nothing for my confidence, I felt as if other runners were looking at me and thinking to themselves ‘Aww a fat guy running!’. The same thoughts I had back in 2010 when I started this whole weight loss campaign. Really devastating.

The good news is that I took immediate action, I got out there running and on the way back bought fruit and veg to get back into juicing. I also ran 9 minute miles. My average pace is 9.30 min miles. So thats good, even though I have piled on the pounds I still have my running fitness.

So tonight dear Running On Juice reader I am announcing my Sweet 16 campaign.

I am committing to losing 16 pounds by the time of my next half marathon in San Francisco in September.

YOU are my inspiration, I feel I have let you all down so the least I can do is show you that us juicers can take affirmative action when needed. I also don’t want to let the naysayers, those ‘experts’ who condemn juicing as a fad win. I always love the fact I can answer these negative folk by asking them to justify how I lost 70 pounds and kept it off.  It’s time for action.


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  1. Carley Scibetta says:

    Looks like you were reminded that you’re human. Don’t be too tough on yourself. There is way more going on in a person that over-eats than bad food and drink choices. My guess would be that the friends in Vegas were your friends when you were you before you chose to wake-up and respect your body more. All kinds of things can trigger our acts of self-hatred. Be grateful when you wake up each morning and seize the opportunity to begin again making better choices. You’ve already proven that you can do it. Now just decide to love yourself enough to keep doing it. I believe in you.

    • Thank you for your kind words Carley. I am just grateful that I know what I need to do and have the confidence to do it. My juice tasted wonderful tonight and I can feel the nutrients doing they thing.

  2. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself. Remember you manage to lose 70 pounds. You've proven you have the will power to accomplish your goals. It's ok if you gained some weight back, you'll lose it when you're ready. Today I discovered your website, your photos are inspirational, I wish to do the same.

  3. Shane, there was an ad campaign a few years back that went something like: ….get knocked down seven times… get up eight. You got knocked down and now you are back up and running on the right path. Stay positive and keep at it.

    Juice on!

  4. Lynn Van Noy says:

    Life's a wild ride! Thanks for keepin' it real..

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