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Before and After Juicing Weight Loss photos

I am often asked by readers of to show more before and after photos.

I actually find it quite painful now to look at these photos, a little embarrassed maybe.  Of course I am pleased that I made the decision to lose weight and change my life but it saddens me that it took so long for me to make that commitment.

I do realise from corresponding with some of you that you use the photos as inspiration. I know on my very first 7 day juice fast in January 2010 I was hunting all over and scouring the net for inspiration from others who had successful lost weight through juicing.

So it is with that in mind that I added a few new photos to the Before and After Weight Loss Photos page.  I am publishing these to hopefully inspire you to juice and take up exercise.

Juicing for weight loss photos


I think this was me at my heaviest.


and how I look after juicing for weight loss and running for fitness

I know many of you are inspired the weight loss of Phil Staples and Joe Cross. You can now look at these photos and hopefully be inspired as well. Juicing and moderate exercise (in my case running) works!


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  1. Neruda man rob says:

    Hi there. I want to know what is better juicing or smoothies also how could u really help me keep my mindset focus on a commitment too juicing and raw foods eating

    I am in really great need of losing about 100pounds

    Thanks for your prompt response



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