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Meet the juicing winner!

Last week I announced that Will T from CT won the prize for the best 100 word review of the FREE Juicing Starter Guide. (Have you downloaded your copy yet?)

Will T received his Breville Juicer and sent in a photo with the following message:

Running On Juice Prize winner Will T with his new Breville Juicer

‘Hi Shane,

I just got my Breville today and couldn’t be happier! As requested, please find attached my picture with that wonderful machine! I also read your posting regarding my review and you’re right: the difference in juicing (speed and results) is like night and day, plus it is much quieter, and the neighbors will be happy too!’

The smile on Will’s face says it all! Look at that wonderful produce he has next to it as well, clearly Will T gets it!

This was what Will had to say about the Juicing Starter Guide that I wrote:

‘‘What really grabbed my attention when reading the starter guide was the fact on how well structured it is organized: It goes way beyond the “before and after” testimonial plus recipes that many websites have, by offering great good tips on juicing, and how to be successful when you also add goals about running, and also addressing how the mind can be your best friend in the process. Two fantastic things I also found extremely valuable are the “Seven Steps to Juicing Success” and the pointers you provided to valuable information available in other websites – this makes your guide an unbiased resource!’

Keep On Juicing!

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  1. Congratulations Will! I'm curious about your comment:"the difference in juicing (speed and results) is like night and day". I am new to juicing (started last month). I purchased a Jack Lalane juicer to get us started, currently my family is juicing about 80oz per day of the "Phil Staples Green". How much more would I get from the Breville?

    Shane, thank you for sharing your story, this site, and your juicing guide, I really apreciate the information.

    Juice on!

    • Hey Gus – I was perusing this site when I saw your question – I'm not Will, but since I too started with a JackL juicer then switched to Breville – thought I'd take the liberty of responding. Probably along the same lines as you – wanted to start with an affordable unit to start with – see if this juicing thing was something I was going to like and stick with. The JackL worked fine and I was happy with it-certainly "did the job" – but when I saw a 2nd hand Breville on CL-I bought it. Holy Cow. Amazingly different in soooo many ways! Faster prep bc I don't have to cut the produce into pieces-most things fit into the chute whole. Harder produce like carrots would get stuck in the chute of my JAckL machine once they got small enough to do that. This just doesn't happen with the Breville – there are 2 speeds and the fast speed is like SUPER CHARGED compared to the JackL. The Breville simply juices faster and produces more actual juice. Clean up is WAY easier bc there is very little pulp inside the machine (that inner part near the filter that catches so much pulp in the JAckL – nearly none in the Breville); the filter/blade unit is one piece and a finer mesh – no tool to open and easier to clean. Another thing – silly but I love it – the Breville shoots the juice into a little covered pitcher that hooks onto the juice chute – so no splatter anywhere! Yay! There's a removable froth separator built into the pitcher but I don't use it bc I actually like the froth. I was happy with the JackL but now that I am using the Breville – there is no going back – it's sooo much faster to use and clean.

      • Thanks for the information it is appreciated. Our Jack Lalane juicer is six weeks old and starting to show signs of wear, so its only a matter of time. I want to juice more often so easy clean up is important.
        I hadn't thought about looking on CL, good tip!


  2. Hi Gus, sorry for the delay. I haven't notice any changes in the amount of juice I'm getting with the Breville, but many times I had issues with the Jack Lalane juicer when juicing carrots and hard veggies – the Breville is a dream: fast, much more silent and a breeze to clean up!

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