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Talking Juicing and Fitness on my first ever Podcast

Last night I made my first appearance on a podcast. I was invited to share my juicing weight loss success with Jason and Ray on Geeks in Running Shoes.

The guys went easy on me and my first experience very comfortable.

The Geeks in Running Shoes found Running On Juice as they researched information on juicing having seen Joe Cross and Phil Staples on Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

It was fun for me to talk with a couple of runners who were not juicers but who were very curious about the positive effects of juicing.

Ray asked me one question which I could not answer. He has an issue with weight GAIN and can’t put weight on!!! This is something I have never thought about before. I always talk about juicing and weight loss never weight gain. I need to conduct some research into this.

Please check out their site and not just our juicing podcast episode, they have 69 other episodes and some fantastic interviews with some great people.

How did I do? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. adeyemiking says:

    Shane – thanks again for coming on GiRS last night and talking Juicin'! It was certainly all new information for me…and yes – I am intrigued by juicing as long as it will serve my weight gain needs ;) I'll be looking forward to your research and subsequent posts on this. Oh & please post some tasty blender recipes.

    Thanks again – Ray.

  2. I thought you did a great job on the Podcast. You explained how juicing works, its benefits and the most effective way of getting themost/best juice out of fruits and vegetables.

    • Thanks Cedric, I really appreciate your kind words. I enjoy sharing my story as I am as far from the alternative lifestyle type as you can imagine. I want people to feel inspired to try juicing and moderate exercise for themselves and to reap the benefits that it brings. Responses like yours encourage me to keep posting and running this site

  3. Excellent interview on Geeks in Running shoes podcast! I have listened several times and learn more each time. One of the best interviews to date and one that really fired my interest in this subject. Thank you.

    • Yes I lost weight every sgline day, which absolutely amazed me! Thanks for your support. I did gain some weight back after the juice fast so if you have not subscribed plesse do so as I re-start my journey again. The juice fast is not the problem, the transition from juice fasting back to regular food is where I need to focus next time. Thanks!

  4. Annelise says:

    Hi Shane — I really enjoyed the podcast and your great tips. I haven't been able to find another website, blog or person who is as willing as you are to freely share information. Many thanks!

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