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Recommended Juicers in the UK

A good friend of mine wrote to me recently asking for some recommendations on what juicers to buy in the UK.

After my audio recording this week I had some hilarious mail from Running On Juice readers who were surprised that I am actually British. That is why you will often read my blog posts in UK English – I may talk about flavours rather than flavor for instance. I say tomato you say tomato kind of thing. Do not even get me started on how Americans laugh when I talk about Oregano!

Anyway I digress.

Most of my juicer recommendations are for the US market, so these are the two juicing products I recommend for readers based in Great Britain.

First off the Juicer.

As much as I love the Breville, I really miss my Philips Juicer. Easy to clean, easy to use and it yielded great juices. It was the first juicer I ever bought when I was living back in Europe. It gets 4.5 stars on which backs up my own experience with it.

The Philips HR1861 is the same juicer that is recommended by Jason ‘Juicemaster’ Vale. There is a new version called the Avance but I cannot recommend it as I never got to use that one. Here is a video of the Philips Juicer in action:

Philips HR1861

Next we move on to a good blender. I really recommend owning a juicer and a blender. If your budget is stretched then go for the juicer first as the nutrient content is superior to blended fruits. Then add the blender when you can afford it.

I always used the Philips HR2094 Aluminium Blender, 750 Watt, Chrome/Black  Again recommended by the Juicemaster and earns an impressive 4 star from reviewers.

In fact I donated these two to a very good friend before I left Sweden for the UK and they are both still running well.

My friend also asked me about supplements. Now here is the thing, as long as you are juicing from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables then you do not need the supplements. I view it the same way as buying insurance, you can always buy a premium insurance but the standard policy is usually enough.  If you want to go premium them by all means add things such as wheatgrass powder, spirulina, hemp protein, detox combinations then go for it. I often add extra supplements to give my juices a boost.

If you check outJuicemaster he has a lot of good supplements for sale and if you are in the UK I recommend buying your juicing supplements from Jason Vale as he only sources the supplements with the optimal ingredients.





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  1. Daniel shaw says:

    You should check out the 'Andrew james professional juicer'! it's on amazon for only £39.95 and i myself am loving it, im sure there are better but i doubt for that price!

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