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My issue with Jamba Juice

Let’s be honest even the most avid juicer gets fed up with the cleaning of the juicer and blender. Machines like the Breville Juicer are easy to clean but nonetheless it is still grind when you are on a fast and make up to 5 juices a day.

So on my recent fast I popped into Jamba Juice here in San Francisco for my ‘lunchtime’ green smoothie.

I opted for the ‘Apples n Greens’ Jamba Juice. The original size come in at 330 calories which is not bad.

Apple ‘N Greens Ingredients - apple-strawberry juice, green vegetable juice (carrots, spinach, bell pepper, kale, spirulina, lettuce), peaches, mangos, bananas, ice Nutritional Info – Calories: 220; Fat: 1 g; Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium: 115 mg; Carbs: 50g; Dietary Fiber: 6g; Sugars: 40g; Protein: 5g

Those ingredients sound healthy right? I was disappointed to learn through that the green vegetable juice is shipped to each store. So I wonder how many of those nutrients actually survive?

OK so a Jamba Juice Apple N Greens is way better than those chicken mcnuggets you may wolf down but nonetheless I still advocate a freshly extracted juice.  Jamba Juice is great in an emergency but still I really recommend making your own where possible or go to a juice bar where you can watch them actually juice your greens.

Of course I offer Jamba Juice a right to reply should the above information be incorrect or maybe they can tell us the process behind shipping the green vegetable juice.


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  1. In SF, in the financial district, check out Their veggie juices are made earlier in the day but they advertise that they make them with a norwalk juicer. They'll put kale, spinach, etc in a smoothie as well.

    • Thanks Ilsa, I am a big fan of Powersource. I really enjoy their \’Kalefornia Dream\’ and I order one every morning on my way to the office. There is also a juice bar in the Ferry Terminal it is just not as convenient as the Jamba Juice opposite the office.


  1. [...] did go to Jamba Juice, now you know I have some issues with Jamba Juice – now I only drink the juices that I can watch them juice, namely orange and carrot. So I had [...]

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