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Exercising when juice fasting

‘Should I exercise whilst fasting?’ Is one of the most frequently asked questions that people mail in to Running On Juice.

I encourage people to get in their daily exercise but to dial it back a bit if they feel a lack of energy. Juicing for weight loss is successful because a ‘juice fast’ or ‘juice feast’ as some call it gives you an abundance of energy.

Tonight was my usual 4 mile run. I am not an athlete in that I pick a pace or goal for the evening, when I am not training for a half marathon I just get out there and see how I feel. Tonight I ran my fastest 4 miles ever. Completely unintentional, I felt lighter, I had bags of energy and I could have run more than the 4 miles. Tonight is also my third night of a juice fast – coincidence? I do not think so.

In fact I have packed in 14 miles worth of exercise into my 3 day juice fast.

  • Sunday -  I ran 6 miles.
  • Monday – I completed 4 miles on the cross trainer
  • Tuesday  – 4 mile run

Now of course, everyone is different, you may not be used to exercising in which case go for a 30 min walk each day and try and work up a sweat. Or try a low impact exercise like the bike or the cross trainer. If you want no impact try and go for a swim in.

Another great reason for exercising whilst juicing is that it controls your temptations. It is so easy to fall off the wagon when Juice fasting however after you have exercised you really do not want to give in. I just find those endorphins put my mind in a healthier, better place.

Please make sure you check with your doctor if you are fit enough to exercise.

Keep On Juicing!

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  1. your video I disagree with… "his wife is 30 years younger, which tells something for juicing" No, it speaks volumes about the guy's personality or is wallet(having not met the guy, I say the second one)… nothing about his eating habits

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