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Joe Cross advice for those who want to go on a juice fast

I am receiving a lot of mail from readers who are planning on a juice fast in January. I think this is the most popular time of the year for dieting and detoxing. Never ever join a gym in January! Why? It is their busiest time of the year and you are not likely to get as good a deal as you would later in the year. That reminds me of when I lived in Sweden, the gym would actually call you up if you had not been going! Ah dear old Sweden, most gyms are happy to take your cash and you dont come in and use the facilities.

I digress.

As you all know I think Joe Cross talks a lot of sense. Sure there are lots of health ‘experts’ out there who will give you different strategies. Here is a guy who completed a 60 day fast.

Check out this quick video here:

Joe Cross is bang on when he says you should not go straight into a juicing fast. Please do not go straight on the juice from Jan 1 after a heavy Christmas food and booze intake. Give your body the best chance of success by eating lots of fruit and veggies before you fast.

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