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Q&A with Juicing Documentary maker Joe Cross

Hello dear reader, exciting post today.  Recently I interviewed Joe Cross, Co-Director, Executive Producer, and the host and subject of Reboot Media’s first feature length film, “Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead.”  If you’ve read my blog at all during the past few months, then you know how much I love this documentary and the story of the amazing juicing weight loss successes of Joe Cross and Phil Staples.

Joe Cross Interview

The documentary Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead is one of the most inspiring documentaries I have watched.
Watch the official trailer
Joe Cross juices for 60 days in an attempt to sort his life out once and for all. Joe, like many of us had lived the good life and it had caught up with him. He was 100 pounds overweight and suffering with a rare skin disorder.

Joe Cross interview

Joe drives across the United States with his juicer in his trunk and talks to many people about food, nutrition and exercise as he traverses the country.  In Arizona, Joe meets Phil Staples an Iowa truck driver. Surprisingly enough he has the same skin disorder as Joe. Phil Staples is a ‘cheeseburger away from a heart attack’ and he goes on the same juicing regimen as Joe with jaw dropping results.

Joe Cross interview

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead reignited my passion for juicing. I also bought it for several friends and love the effect the documentary has had on them.

On to the interview:

1)     How do you feel now when you look at photos of ‘Big Fat Joe?’ Having lost 70 pounds I look at my ‘before’ photos and shake my head. I can’t believe I let myself go like that.


I like to look at pictures of “Fat Joe.”   They help me keep the course and remind me that eating healthy and staying healthy is a choice I need to make every day.  I keep a picture of “Fat Joe” on my fridge.


2)     What are 3 things you enjoy now that you were not able to enjoy before you changed your lifestyle?


In general, I have a ton more energy and can fully enjoy my life.  When you are not in pain, you can actually live.  I love going on hikes with friends and riding a bike.  These things were literally too painful for me to enjoy in the past.  Now I am able to go to the gym and lift weights….before, my hands could not carry a baby!! Walking on sand with bare feet is something I can now do…..the little things in life that so many of us take for granted!


3)     What have you found most challenging about keeping the weight off and how have you overcome those challenges?


I love food and I am a very social person.  So there are always “peer pressure” and temptations to slip back into bad habits. But you just need to be confident in your choices and stay the course.  I have found that moderation is really the key to life. I am not saying I never have dessert or skip a day at the gym.   I just practice moderation.  One thing I won’t compromise on is fruits and veggies.  I am very consistent about ensuring my body gets the veggies and fruits it needs. Also, I think that stress used to be a trigger for my eating habits falling off the wagon….so now I tend to use exercise to relieve the stress and it has made a huge difference.


4)     Can you give a basic “day in the life” as it relates to diet and exercise in your new life? I ran and juiced – how do you keep fit – I saw you boxing in the film did you keep up with that?

On my best days my routine entails  – a fresh fruit juice of either pineapple, watermelon, grapefruit or apple. Then by mid morning I launch into a green veggie based fresh squeezed juice. This is usually heavily weighted towards kale, Swiss collard, spinach, parsley, ginger and some apple to sweeten it a touch. Lunchtime comes and I start to chew for the first time that day. A salad based lunch is usually on the menu.  If I’m still hungry in the afternoon I’ll grab another green juice and then by the time dinner comes along I pretty much eat like most Americans. This is how I’ve gone from somebody that ate a very small amount of Fruit and Veg to someone that now eats five to six times what the average American consumes when it comes to fruit and vegetables.

Exercise is clearly key to a healthy lifestyle and to maintaining weight.  I understand it’s important and I do it, but I don’t particularly like it.  I force myself most days to go to the gym.  I do weights, cardio and a lot of walking.   Some days I skip the gym because life’s demands get in the way, but I do the best I can and that’s all I can ask of myself.  


5)     Like you I travel a lot with work. Do you have any good tips for people that travel for work?


Travel cannot be an excuse to give up on your daily regime.  We all still find time to brush our teeth and shower when we are on the road so why can’t we find the time to eat properly?  With a little bit of planning, you can set yourself up for success.  Call ahead to the concierge at the hotel you will be staying at and scout out the healthiest food alternatives in that neighborhood.  If you are traveling by car, bring your juicer with you (why not?).   Also be sure not to over schedule yourself so you have the time to do what you need to do for yourself. One thing I do is make sure that my hotels are near a Whole Foods.


6)     One of our readers would love to know how long it was before Joe could tell that the juicing was healing his autoimmune disorder?


I started to feel relief from symptoms within the first week.  It’s quite remarkable really.   If you treat your body correctly, it will reward you for it.


7)     I smiled when I saw the part of the movie when you are hiding in bed. The first days of juicing are tough and I am pleased you did not sugarcoat that in the film. What tips would you have for the first time juicer to survive the first few days? 

The first three days of a reboot can be brutal as your body transitions from a routine of processed eating.  But once you get to the other side, you start to feel alive in an entirely new way.  You just need to stay the course and work your way through it.  Planning is a big part….let friends know that you’re doing it and ask them for support. Rest, drink lots of water and don’t put more pressure on yourself during these days.  Just focus on your Reboot.

During my  first couple of Reboots, I experienced headaches and general fatigue the first few days but now when I reboot its not really an issue because I juice all the time and eat a heavily plant-based diet –even when I am not rebooting.  

8)    You mention in the special features that you had not eaten meat since the filmed fast. Is that still the case Joe?


Yes, I still don’t eat meat, chicken, pork etc…. I do eat seafood.


9)     How often do you fast these days Joe?

I do a Reboot every three months for ten/fifteen days.   On you can access juice recipes and daily meal plans that I use during Reboots.   

10)  I am a Brit living in the USA and I would love my British friends to watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. Do you have plans to release the film there?

Joe Cross weight loss


Yes our goal is to release the film as widely as possible.  It has an important message that we want to share with the world. Look out for it in 2012!! would like to thank Joe for taking time to answer our questions. I wish him all the very best with the future launches of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

If you are interested in juicing then visit Joe Cross’s site at

As Joe would say ‘Juice On!’


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  1. Grest interview! Fat ,Sick aand Nearly Dead inspired me to "reboot my life"..I am just starting on this journey and glad I I found Joe Cross's Film and runingonjuice… Keep Juice and sharing our success:)

  2. I enjoyed the film. I will start my juicing in the next couple of days and will be sure to document my progress. Thanks Joe!

  3. Did you have a regualr workout regimen during the fasting?

    • I think it is totally dependent on your own body.

      Some people will need to dial back their workouts whilst others will not be affected.

      During my first ever juice fast, I was able to run 3 miles – 3 times a week.

      During my most recent juice fast, I ran 20 miles in a week, the longest run being 6 miles. So it really does depend. Jason Vale suggests you should complete any kind of exercise from 30 to 40 minutes a day at an easy to moderate level.

  4. Is your guide downloadable? I saw where I can purchase it for $5, but appears to be mailed to you….is there a way to get it sooner as my family wants to begin tomorrow (New Year and all). Thanks!

  5. Hi Carolynn – the guide is free and definitely not $5, where did you see that?

    You need to sign up for the newsletter on the top right and you will receive a downloadable link.


  6. My son gave me a juicer for Xmas this year. I'm going thru a nasty divorce, after 40 years of marriage and I really do need to "cleanse" myself both mentally and physically. I tried it for 3 days. I ate on my third day because I was fearful of damaging my health. I was a little weak and feeling somewhat dizzy. I think it may have been because I was dehydrated.
    My son encouraged me to try again. He lost 15 lbs in 10 days. He feels fantastic. I'm going to start again!

    • Hi Karen

      Feeling a little dizzy is normal. Most people feel fantastic by Day 4. Just make sure you are juicing a wide range of fruit and vegetables.

      I love a 3 day juice fast as they can reset the system and get you craving much healthier foods. Please stick with it!

  7. Can you safely juice/fast while nursing? I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and need to lose it as well as get healthy again for me but also my kids so I can be there for them. I just need to do it safetly.

    • Hi Jodie, please ask your doctor if it is advisable. I am sure it is safe but always best to get medical advice and leave nothing to chance

  8. Can I juice without rebooting? I want to begin juicing in the mornings and afternoons, but Im not sure I can reboot completeley.

    • Yes you can juice. If you download my free juicing starter guide you will read my tips on this. I advocate gradual replacement of meals rather than going straight onto a juice fast.

      I also believe that even replacing one meal a day with a green juice or smoothie can make a massive difference.


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