How Angie Lost 80 pounds+ through juicing and exercise:

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Free Juicing Starter Guide – Going fast!

The FREE Juicing 31 Page Starter Guide has been available for the last few days and I am delighted to see that over 100 copies have already been downloaded!

I am very humbled by this as I did not expect the juicing guide to fly off the shelves like this.

Have you downloaded a copy yet?

This is what you get..for free!

Table of Contents

Introduction – My Story

  • Why Have I Written This Guide?
  • Top Ten Reasons to Start Juicing
  • Recommended Books, DVDs and Websites

Which Juicing Program?

  • How to Begin Juicing for Weight Loss?
  • Phase 1 (including the Phil Staples Juice Recipe)
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4


  • What Juicer?
  • Essentials.  What a Juicer Must Have!


  • Juice Recipes for Beginners
  • Recommended Books
  • My Favorite Juice and Smoothie Recipe


Unleashing the Power of the Mind

Seven Steps to Juicing Success



  • Recommended Reading
  • Recommended Websites
  • Vegetables
  • Fruits

I am very open to feedback and questions, after you have downloaded the FREE Juicing Starter Guide please feel to leave a comment below or drop me a line on



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  1. Jeff Sprueill says:

    Hi, me and my wife just seen your movie Fat, Sick and Nearly dead, we are inspired by your movie. We just got a new juicer as a wedding present, we just got married on 7/7/12. We just started juicing today and would like to get some more tips with your Starter Guide so that we can start a healthier life.

    Thanks, Jeff

    • Hi Jeff, this is Shane, I did not produce the film FS&ND that is our friend Joe Cross.

      A Juicer is a great wedding gift. Just make sure you do not store it in a cupboard somewhere. Enjoy experimenting with different recipes, these juices are delicious.

  2. makenzie tucker says:

    Hi just saw your movie! Awesome! I have been overly tired and suffering from constant headaches. My husband and i would also like to lose some weight as we have four kids and would Love to be healthier for them. Im excited to give this a try and change our lives!!

    • Hi there, we did not make the movie – that was Joe Cross and we are big fans too. I wish Joe's film was around when I started juicing in 2010.

      I hope you download our free guide and try juicing – your family will definitely feel better for it.

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