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My before juicing and after juicing photos

As much as words are important when it comes to juicing weight loss inspiration a photo is so much more powerful. I am still amazed and inspired when I see photos of Phil Staples and Joe Cross.

Here I am in early 2010 going to a ball and here I am photographed before going to a ball in late 2011.

See the difference? All down to juicing weight loss!

before juicing weight loss


After juicing for 22 months

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  1. Congratulations! You look marvelous! Are you saying that you ate nothing but juice for 22 months?

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      I lost 70 pounds by having at least one juice a day and fasting for between 7 and 10 days probably 5 times in that 22 month period.

      Juicing is more than just drinking nutritious enzymes and minerals every morning. It actually programs you to make healthier food choices during the day. My FREE Juicing Starter Guide will be out in a few days and I urge you to read it as it explains my own strategies and my experience of how to juice, lose weight and keep it off.

  2. Great pictures! I'm on day 1. Hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, overweight, high anxiety, and just generally unwell. I've been looking for inspiration wherever I can find it. My new body starts today!

    • Hi Rand, thanks for the kind words.
      I was in the exact same situation you were until I cleaned up my act and my body. I started to visualise putting low grade fuel into my expensive car, or feeding a prize racehorse awful scraps. We just would not do that..yet we do this to ourselves. Juicing and exercise did not just get me to lose weight it changed my whole appetite and desires, sure I still desire crap and on occasion I will eat it but in the main I try and stick to healthy whole foods.

      It is a fantastic journey and I hope you come back and share your success with us.

  3. I'm at the end of day 2 on the mean green juice diet …and today I put in 2 miles on the treadmill in less than 35 minutes!
    I've gained over 50 ls in the past 5-6 years from skipping meals and eating junk.. Diet soda is my down fall! (damn you Diet DrPepper)..hang in there…I'm doing this as long as I can and I wish you well.

  4. Wow! I just want to add that you didn’t just lose weight, you lost years. The “after” picture shows a much younger-looking guy. That’s amazing :)

    • Thanks Scarlett, you are not the first person to mention that. I do feel fitter and more energetic at 37 than I did at 27!!!

  5. My husband and I are starting the day after Christmas!

  6. I am starting January first. I have watched a load of documentaries on Netflix and just found all the great info on your site. Thank you for sharing. I hope to look as good as you do in your after picture. I am five ft seven and am 200 pounds. I should be at one forty five to one hundred fifty. I hope to lose thirty pounds in sixty days and then go one a whole foods diet and avoid most meats and all processed foods. Wish me luck on my sixty day juice feast!

    • Hi Jim, everyone at Running On Juice wish you the best of luck with this. Though really if you have the right mindset and a strong desire you can achieve your goals. It was around three years ago now that I made the decision to juice and run. All the fruits and vegetables were important but not as crucial as having goals and a positive attitude. As the saying goes \’if it\’s to be, it\’s up to me\’. Come back and tell us how you are getting on.

  7. Can you clarify fasting. You mentioned you had a juice in the morning. What did you eat the rest of the day? Also how much did you run each day?



    • Hi Tom

      My daily regime is usually one green juice for breakfast, I try and eat a healthy lunch, usually vegetarian and whole foods, so a salad for instance. Around 3.30 I usually drink a Beet, Carrot, Apple juice and in the evening it varies. I try and cook at home as much as possible.

      I believe in balance so on occasion I will have an 'unhealthy' lunch or dinner, I cannot live like a monk and I think it is important to be realistic and enjoy life too.

      I fast every three months and that's where I only consume juice usually from 3-7 days.

      Running varies usually a minimum of 3 miles though I run 4-5 times a week so I ensure I put some rest days in there as well.

  8. Thank you for sharing your story. I started a 10 day juice fast just after thanksgiving. It went well and I lost 14 lbs during that time. I kept juicing and having healthy smoothies and whole foods with the occasional “unhealthy” meal (really, mostly healthy, salads just about every time I’ve eaten out) and have lost another 7 lbs since ending the fast. Another thing that I’ve done is to track my food with an app on my smartphone. It helps! I’m beginning day 2 of a new juice fast now! I’m down to 226 (I’m 6’1″) and hopefully lower soon! I am really digging juicing! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  9. I just started juicing two days ago. In am overweight and unhappy with it but I have heard some really great stories and hopee to meet my goal. I love vegies and fruits but I need ideas on what to do. My boyfriend is real active and I am not and hope to someday join him as well with his running. I need ideas on juicing. Is it ok to add water to your juices and how much is too much.

    • Hi Mercedes,
      Thanks for the question. There are so many stories of great success with juicing and I hope that you will be one of them:) It’s great you have a boyfriend that is supportive, visualizing yourself running with him and how that might feel is the first step to it happening.
      If you have not already, I highly recommend checking out our Free Juicing Starter Guide. Everyone needs guidance and it’s a great free resource!
      It’s fine to add water to juices. I’m curious why you’d like to dilute them?

      Keep us posted on how you are doing.

  10. Hi,
    AM A YOUNG 70 year old and my sister and I are about to start a 3~day reboot and will continue on to 7days if all goes well. I have had both knees replaced and one hip and currently use a walker. AM praying that with weight loss and swimming I will regain my ability to walk sans walker and therefore regain my life. Thanks to Joe, Phil and you, Rand, for being such inspirations! WILL keep you informed of our progress.


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