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So what happened to Phil Staples and Joe Cross after Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?

So you watched Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and I bet you wondered what happened to Phil Staples and Joe Cross after filming Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?

I am also intrigued by this because many ‘naysayers’ claim things like:

‘Juicing is a fad diet’
‘Weight loss on juicing is just water loss’
‘Juicing is unsustainable, you will put on all the weight that you lose’

I know the above is nonsense as I have lost 60lbs by juicing and kept most of it of.

October Update: Following Joe Cross and Phil Staples I have now lost 65 lbs.  Just 5lbs away from goal weight!

I actually wrote a FREE Juicing Starter Guide- check it out.

I also got to interview Joe Cross himself.

I was curious to see if Phil Staples and Joe Cross kept the weight off.


Apparently they have, read on:

In a great interview with Culturemob Joe Cross says that at the start of filming Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead he was 310 lbs, after the 60 day juice fast he lost 80-85lbs. For three months after that herculean effort he stuck to plant foods and was down to 210 lbs. So Joe Cross lost 100 pounds. He does admit that thesedays he is around 230 pounds so thats a net loss of 80 pounds.

So what happened to Phil Staples?

Phil went from a whopping 429 pounds to 225 pounds. A net weight loss of 204 pounds! Amazing! He is now around 250 pounds.

So here we have an entrepreneur from Australia (Joe Cross) losing 80 pounds, a former Iowa truck driver (Phil Staples) losing 180 pounds, and this blogger who has lived in two countries is a Senior executive for a large multinational company losing 60 pounds in total.

So where are the naysayers now?

Sure some people juice and put it all back on. Mainly thats those folks who do not really understand whats happening with their bodies and are not mentally tuned into how the right food and the right exercise can help them to slim down.


The naysayers annoy me because when you are juice fasting for the first time these are the people who wreck the ambitions of the new juicers. The first seven days of a juice fast is mentally very tough and the slightest thing can knock you off course and head for the burgers and fries.

To all those considering juicing for weight loss please read the stats above, we are three ordinary guys who lost a lot of weight and there are thousands more stories out there. You can see some of my juicing weight loss photos

If you have weight to lose, do yourself a favour and watch Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead  on Netflix or Amazon tonight, its hard not to be inspired by such a great film!

Interested in another take? Why not read this post about my recent 7-10 day juice fast.

You can also watch my very own short video where I talk you through my story how I lost 60 lbs+

Running On Juice Video – My Juicing Weight Loss Story.


You can juice the Phil Staples way and use the Breville juicer, also highly recommended:


As Joe Cross says ‘Juice on!




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  1. Brenda Beltran says:

    I watched Fat, Sick and nearly dead with my boyfriend on Netflix. He was just browsing and clicked on the documentary. After watching it i was completely inspired. I had been on Herbalife for 6 months and have lost 18 lbs with exercise and shaking it up once a day. Ive tried eating right but like every human, its hard!! I dont feel like my body is at its potential. Im mainly juicing to detox and lose the last ten pounds to get to my goal weight! I decide to do a 7 day fast. So day 5 now and i feel good. Kinda hungry but ive made it this far and im not going to quit. Ive lost 6 lbs since ive started juicing! We will see how i feel at the end of day 7 because i'd love to have the will power to take it to 10 days!! If there is anyone with any advice or help.. It would be greatly appreciated!

    • rhett johnson says:

      Yes, for great support and programs go to "". It's all free and puts you in contact with others like you and me.

  2. Phyllis Swenson says:

    Brenda, wow I read your comment and figured it was months ago, but no only 8 hours ago.. Cool. I also am on day 5 of a Juice fast.. Inspired by fat, sick and , nearly dead. I am shooting for 30 days, and then 30 more of mostly vegetarian, or raw. Like you I have had no ill effects, and only today got really hungry, but I drink juice every time I feel a hunger pang. I also am not going to quit. Sorry have no advise except to say good for you! Your body can do remarkable things if you give it the right environment to work with.

  3. I was also inspired by the documentary and finally started juicing. I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired with my eating habits. I no longer want to feel bloated, achy all the time, joint pains, lethargic and depressed. I'm on my third day and I am determined to continue. I don't have a goal of how many days I want to do it. I take it day by day. Of course I'd love to do it for 60 days but if I can pull through day 3, I can pull through another day and who knows… another day. I just want to feel better and make better choices in life overall. I believe it starts with what I put in my body.

  4. You guys are doing good! You can do it! I also started juicing yesterday.So far I feel good and very energetic.

  5. I will be starting a 60 day juice fast / feast on Thursday. I have been titrating down on bad/processed foods for 8 days and am looking forward to the challenge.

  6. James Boulton says:

    I went Vegan for 7 months and went from 220Lbs to 165. In that period I wasn't thinking of losing weight, I was after the health benefits. I didn't exercise at all until the end of the diet. It was amazing and people would ask what I was doing.
    I met someone and got married and relocated from Kauai to Hayward CA. My wife didn't believe in the diet and unfortunately was a good cook! I put most of the weight back on and am back on the prescription meds!
    I saw the movie last night and intend to show it to my wife. I am willing to do it again and stick with it as it WORKS!
    I believe my wife is finally coming around. I found it difficult to continue this diet with someone who was negative on it.
    Both Phil and Joe are single, so it's much easier to do when it's just you. People are stuck in a rut with the SAD (Standard American Diet) It's slowly killing us. I'm dusting off my Breville and Vitamix and am getting ready for round two.

    • Terry1959 says:

      James, what is a vitamix?

    • I totally agree about the being a couple thing. Luckily my husband is supportive of my diet. We only switched it when I got really sick though. It's still uber hard to stay with as he isn't on it, but pushes me to be on it. I see him eating pizza and Mc Donald's and cake, ice cream and brownies and I no longer torture myself over not being able to eat it, after a month and a half, but I get really worried about him. It's totally worth it to make your own meals though. There are a bunch of healthy yummy(with practice making them =p) meals out there and they actually start to taste better than your usual unhealthy fare after a month or two of eating healthy food. Good luck to you guys though and I hope she comes around for your sake if not hers. =)

  7. @James. You moved from the wonderful isle of Kauai? Oh now thats a beautiful place. I just holidayed there and loved it! I also have noticed a good drop in weight since kicking our cheese and milk. I still eat eggs though. Should your wife not go for the juicing. I would recommend a 7 day juice fast followed by a week of mainly raw salads and then have a crack at the Its a vegan diet written by an Austin firefighter, its a great read and has some wonderful recipes, all vegan

    You could also buy your wife a copy of Skinny Bitch…and you should read a copy of Skinny Bastard. Great books that really spell out the benefits of veganism and in a very, how shall I say..graphic, in your face kind of way.

    @the rest Good luck with the feast, come back and let us know how you get on and if you have any questions, thoughts or tips you want to share please mail

    • I also highly recommend the "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch" cookbook…I've been a veg head for 7 years now and was vegan for 2 of that, and SBK is one of my faves!

      • My friend Angie has that. I really enjoyed \’Skinny Bastard\’ which is for us men. A fascinating and thought provoking read.

    • Pale Wanderer says:

      That Austin firefighter you mention is Rip Esselstyn, the son of Caldwell Esselstyn. Both are featured in another great documentary, "Forks Over Knives." I watched that one before watching this one and both are excellent. I have been a vegetarian for 28 years but not always the healthiest – and I actually like greens and vegetables! Simple carbs and sugars are easy to come by even if you don't eat meat. I feel so inspired watching these two movies but more so reading all the comments here. Best of luck and excellent health to everyone who tries to eat better and exercise!

  8. I watch Joe Cross’ movie the night of August 30. On August31st, I was at getting a juicer and tons of fruits and veggies. Today is day one. I want to do 15 days. I will definitely take it day by day. I am not straight juicing. I am juicing and eating fresh and cooked fruits and veggies… the Reboot Entry program. I Am nervous, scared, and excited to see how my body responds.

    • Stormy,
      My advice is not to start with 15 days. Three days would give you a good introduction. I am in the middle of moving and thus am having difficulty staying on task. I am going to try 3 days juicing one day salads and lean protein. Hope to stay with that and research the results.

  9. My main advice is to use these days to fill your mind with new knowledge about juicing and its benefits. Grab a few books from the library or Amazon, trawl Youtube for juicing videos and of course read some of the blog posts here.

    Its not about the stomach…its all in the mind.

  10. I caught Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead on Netflix a week ago and watched it straight through twice. My Breville 800 Elite arrived this past Friday. My 10 day juice fast began on Saturday. I am using the "mean green" recipe. If the 10 days passes and it's all going well I'm going to extend it another 10…up to a 60 day like Joe Cross.

    So far so good! My target is losing 60-80 pounds. I began at 253.

    • You read my mind. I watched it twice the first night, bought the same model Breville the next day and am aiming for 10 days hopefully reaching a full 60 days. My juicer should arrive today. So excited. I'm starting at 237, hopefully ending sixty days from now around 180. Good luck, Gregg.

    • Terry1959 says:

      where can I find the "mean green" recipe?

    • I saw this was posted a year ago. I just saw the movie too and am now researching juicing.. I really want to give it a try. I need to lose about 80lbs. How did it go with you?

      • Hi Sarah\’

        Wow did I really write this a year ago – how time flies.

        I lost 70 pounds and put around 10 pounds back on, it has actually been tougher for me to lose this final 10 pounds then the other 60. Of course I am happy with the 60 pound loss :-)

        • 60lbs is awesome! How long did you do it for? I also would like to start with a 10 day and then push myself to do 30 then 60. Did it take almost the whole year to lose the weight or did most happen during the fast? And you mentioned using the mean green juice..did you eventually change it up or stick with mean green during the fast? Sorry for all the question..I just want to be totally prepared, and we have the same target weight loss

          • I did lose a lot of weight during the fasts, after that I dropped weight slowly by exercising and having a green juice for breakfast every day. The green juice helps to make your body alkaline and you start to crave greens! I kid you not! It also programs you to eat better during the day. That one green juice probably includes more green nutrient than I would usually consume in a week.

            Did you download my starter guide? I advocate starting slowly, firstly making a juice a day gets you into the habit. You also get to experiment with different ingredients to suit your palate. After a week of that – I would shoot for one whole day on juice and after that go for 3 days and then 7.

            Most people who write to me struggle with a 7 – 10 day juice fast and feel disillusioned if they crash after day 2. This is why I advocate a go slowly approach.

            Sarah other than not adding ice cream and chocolate to your juices there are really no rules, my only guidance is try to aim for 80% veggies and 20% fruit. Use a few apples as a sweet base. If you cannot stomach that then go 50/50 and gradually ease the fruit to 20% level.

            Enjoy yourself it is a great way of life. In fact this morning I ran 10 miles, something I could only dream about when I started this.

  11. Watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead inspired me to begin juicing. It's been a few days, not a full fast but that is coming..I feel more positive energy than if drinking coffee 24 hrs. coffee is a tiring energy. veggies is an all over energy experience. I am not overweight but I have other problems that I'm hoping nutrition will help me work out. Monsanto out, healthy in. :-)

  12. I'm on day four trying to stay on the mean green juice, but this morning I felt like I couldn't drink another one. So, I juiced a large tomato, some small carrots and a cucumber. It didn't taste too bad, but did I mess things up by not staying with just green vegetables?

  13. Chris, not at all. You would have screwed up if you went for bacon, eggs, sausages ;-)

    The green smoothies are awesome but if you fancy a change then go for it. Check out some of the recipes on my juice recipe section.

    The great thing about juicing is that there are not many hard and fast rules. Sure if you start adding loads of peanut butter and ice cream you are going to be in trouble but mix and match your fruit and veggies a bit.

    I tell you whats nice..get a watermelon or a canteloupe and juice it. Juice it with the rind as some of the best nutrients are in there. Its a refreshing drink, a refreshing change and its one of the most nutritious juices out there.

    I am loving the comments here, please keep posting with any questions or tips. I really want this blog to be about helping people through the detox.

  14. I'm on day 6 of my 60 day juice fast after being inspired by the movie and Joe Cross. There are a ton of great juice recipes at along with a ton of really valuable information. I feel pretty fantastic. They say to mix it up but have at least one mean green juice a day. You really want to 'juice a rainbow' daily to get the most nutritional benefit. Good luck to everyone here! Cheers and Salute' to your good health!

  15. My wife and I actually saw this on netflix at random and decided to watch it. I've had chronic urticaria for 8 years now, and have been on prednisone and other drugs every since. Needless to say we got a juicer and I'm going on the 10 day tomorrow, maybe 30, depending. I'm really excited that others have been able to stop their meds after this. Do any of you workout whilst you're on the fast?

    • I've had chronic urticaria for several years. I have a pretty decent diet and workout/run regularly so that wasn't my problem. Who knows the cause in my cause but it happened after a pretty bad cold and I was pushing myself through a p90x rotation. Anyway, prednisone is the worst thing to take for chronic urticaria as it causes a rebound effect. I have a really good allergist and he put me on Xyzal 5 mg and that keeps it under control, most days I feel normal and can eat and workout normally. Xyzal is a newer more concentrated form of Zyrtec with less side effects and is geared for folks with Chronic Urticaria. I keep Vistaril 10 mg on hand for breakthrough hives that when happen occasionally but not frequently or in the beginning of starting Xyzal. Good luck.

    • I am on day 7. I started out walking and by day 4 felt well enough to workout at gym. Feel great. Actually, I read doing light weights is beneficial.

  16. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead last week and was inspired as well. I am already a vegetarian, but have never juiced before. I ordered the Breville Ikon, which arrived 2 days ago. I sampled a couple recipes I found on Joe's website and also googled "Juicer Recipes" and found even more. I'm excited to get this rolling, but I do have a concern. I'm training for a half marathon (3rd one) and I am worried about energy for long miles. I used to consume energy gels like GU, but I don't want to spoil the 15 day juice feast that I'm planning on doing. Also, during the long runs, I'm worried about needing to look for a nearby restroom since I will be drinking straight liquid!! ;-)

  17. My wife and I were inspired by watching Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on August 19th. We pulled out our old Costco Jack LaLanne juicer and have been straight juicing for 21 days now. We've each lost about 36 lbs. and feel great! We watched the film over again when we needed reminding of the powerful benefit of the juice fast, but that was more important in the first 2 weeks. After that, you see the difference in yourself as your pant size drops down and that's inspiration enough! We're planning on finishing a 30-day juice fast and then doing the fruit and veggie pyramid (from the film). We agree! Summertime watermelon is a great thing to juice! Just add strawberries, raspberries and pineapple for a treat beyond anything commercially available! Good luck to all who give the juice fast a try!

  18. Wow I am so impressed with your results guys!! I am impressed but not surprised as I know I lost 60 pounds through juicing!

    I love all your stories so please keep sending them in.

    Patty, what stage of your half marathon training are you on? The most I have run on a fast is 6 miles. I actually ran 20 miles during one week of a juice fast (in four sessions.) Its not something that I would really recommend as I felt I missed the almost euphoric surge of energy which you get after a few days on the juice fast.

  19. I'm searching but can't seem to find the 10 day recipes. Does anyone have the link?

  20. I am on day one of the fast, I did add a raw salad this evening. The documentary was so inspiring! I need to lose 50 pounds so I will try to keep the fast as long as I can (up to the 60 days).

  21. I am on day 2 of my juice fast. I am determined to go the full 60 days. I was SO inspired by Phil Staples. If he could turn his life around and follow Joe's example, I knew I could too!

    I am so glad to know other people are inspired by this movie! I have a family and am serving them more and more fruits and vegetables as well. Tonight for dinner I fed them roasted broccoli as the MAIN DISH. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal – but it is a BIG change for us!

    • Really love these kinds of comments, you too are an inspiration. I get a lot of mail from folks all over the world who are losing weight through juicing.

      A nice tip with roasted broccoli is to add some chilli or red pepper flakes! Personally I prefer to steam my broccoli. As you say though the main thing is you are eating so much better. Please let us know how you are getting on!

  22. I just saw the film and want to begin a juice fast but work full-time, 10–hour days, and am concerned about being able to stay mentally "on top of things" during work and also about having to run for the bathroom a lot. Any advice?

    • Hi, good luck with the juice fast. I don\’t think any of the visitors to Running On Juice are millionaires and we all have to work. Many of us have completed juice fasts whilst working.
      It can take a day or two to get into it but you will be fine. I always found day 2 and 3 the toughest but that energy surge is so worth it.

      I was a frequent visitor to the mens room but the pay off was so worth it!

  23. Hello to you newbies – I completed a 60-day juice-fest (NOT fast!) last Sunday. I lost 29#s, not the huge numbers the guys were pulling down, but remarkable and satisfying nonetheless. What is truly remarkable is my energy level. For the first time in almost 20 years I am exercising consistently. Check out my blog if you're interested in how it was and is going on still, for me at Here's my best advice: just do it. it is a change and your body is going to protest for the first few days BUT this is so healthy and right, that your body is going to adjust quickly. Before you realize it, the cravings for sugars, cheese and such will just be gone. Well into my juice fest I had a craving for chocolate (where'd that come from?) and I took myself to the grocers and got some seasonal sweet scuppernong grapes – what a treat and my body was like what? chocolate? no, not me! No one can be more amazed than I and srsly, if I can do it anyone can!

    • Congratulations thats a fantastic achievement!

      You have a great blog, very impressed. I will link to it shortly. I love the fact you combined juicing with exercise. Its the optimal way even if the exercise is just walking.

      That Couch Potato to 5k system is what got me to run two half marathons and hundreds of miles in training.

  24. terry1959 says:

    I just ordered my juicer but wanted to start the juice fast today. I want to go at least 7 days, but the hope is to make it to 10. Can anyone tell me the cost per day/week? Thanx,


  25. Terry1959 says:

    I watched the documentary a few days ago and really thought it was great. I've started the juice fast today, but wonder if anyone can tell me the aprox. cost for the food per day/week?

    • There are lots of resources out there. The beautiful thing about juicing is there are very few rules. I have written a Starter Guide but its with an editior at the moment. Hopefully will get it out to you all in the next 7 days.

  26. I am 67 years old, 6'-4" and was 100 lbs overweight but actually, in pretty good health. I began a 60 Day Vegetable and Juice Fast on September 17th, today is my 16th day and I am down 31 pounds already. I had a physical exam and blood work done the day before I started and blood work again last Friday. All indicators are improved already.
    My goal is to lose 96 pounds and I realize it will likely take more than 60 days. For me the first two days were the toughest and then I have had no major issues with hunger. It is extremely motivating to jump on the scales every morning and see that you have lost another pound or two. Having never juiced before, I decided to tell all my friends and family about what I was going to do. I figured that it would be more difficult to quit having made such a bold statement. I see no problems in completing the 60 day program. After sixty days, I plan to switch to smoothies (consuming the pulp) for two weeks and then slowly convert to a balanced diet that consists of 50% raw fruits and vegetables. I will also limit animal protein to five times a week and then in small 6 ounce servings. (fish, organic chicken and grass fed beef). Joe Cross' movie was the trigger and motivation that got me started.

    • Hi Gene,

      Thank you so much for posting this. I love the fact juicing works whether you are 17 or 67.

      I am impressed with your constitution, you are a remarkable person to go for the full 60 days. Please come back and tell us how you are doing. As Joe Cross motivated you, you can motivate others who visit this blog. Thanks again Gene!

  27. Terry1959 says:

    Well, today makes day 3 of my 10 day juice fast. I'm feeling pretty good except for a slight headache. I'm thinking that's from detox but what do I know. lol… Anyway, I tried the Kale today. First time in my life that I've ever seen it. It wasn't terrible, but I'm thinking I covered the taste with other stuff. I've read that it's supposed to be really good for nutrition, but maybe someone can point me to something that is as good or almost as good, but tastes better. Anyway, that's about it. Hope anyone juicing right now is doing well with it.

  28. Today is my 10th day juicing after have watching the fat/sick documentary. First two days were rough, but now am feeling great, good energy, no pains or headaches. I juice every morning and night, but bring chopped cauliflower, cucumber and carrots for lunch while I'm at work. Started out at 230lbs, already down to 215 in 10 days. I'm trying to continue this until I'm about 185, and then at that point, start a sensible diet I can live with for the rest of my life mixed with exercise. This site is great, I love reading your stories knowing we are all on the same boat.

  29. hi my name is kevin my wife and i just started we too did see the documentary and are going to try the 60day fast we will update in one month

  30. I put on weight gradually over the last 8 years to get from my normal weight of 210 – 220 lbs to my current weight of over 400 lbs. I am over 40. I finally just got sick of the health issues, the cost of the amount of food I was eating, and of how I felt.

    I got a Breville Juicer and have been juicing for 10 days now (as of tonight). Nothing but around 32 – 48 oz of fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juice per day. The only time I “cheated” was on the 3rd day I had an organic avocado.

    After about the 4th day I felt great and was no longer hungry at all. I have lots of energy and need only 5 – 6 hours of sleep per day.

    The only thing strange is I was expecting to lose weight, but I don’t seem to be losing any. Only 5 pounds after 10 days and most of that was in the first few days.

    I plan on going for 30 days and then i plan on juice fasting for the first 15 days of every month after that. I cannot believe how great I feel and how easy it is once you get past the first 4 days. I just hope all this excess weight starts coming off and stays off.

    • I am surprised you have not lost more but everyone\’s physiology is so different.

      What juices are you making?

      I remember someone telling me they were not losing weight, I later found out they were using Ben and Jerrys in their smoothie!!! I kid you not!

      • For vegetable juices I am using kale, chard, carrot, celery, cucumber, ginger (sometimes apple), cabbage, broccoli, and tomato. The majority of the time, mostly carrots plus whatever greens are handy (spinach, kale, chard, etc.). All organic.

        For fruits I am using apple, grapefruit, lime, cranberries, ginger. I plan on using berries once they are in season again. Also, all organic.

        Never more than 48 ounces total per day, sometimes as little as 32 ounces. My hunger is so under control that I sometimes have to push myself to have the juice at all. I have considered water fasting on the weekends to lose weight a bit faster.

        I have been drinking about 2 liters of water per day. I really think I should be drinking more like 2 gallons given that I weigh over 400 lbs, but I just can’t seem to drink that much.

        • HI K

          Definitely sounds like you are juicing the right stuff.

          As I mentioned earlier, everyone\’s physical make up is so different. I would recommend buying a copy of Jason Vales\’ 7lbs in 7 days book. That was the plan I followed and it worked. If you have an iphone he has an app which is also really good.

          Stick with it and don\’t give up. At the very least these enzymes and nutrients you are consuming are definitely helping you.


          For best results, cleaning meaning weight loss, try apples , pears, celery, cucumber, kale, ginger and beets.

          Good luck!

  31. On Day 16. Still going strong. No problems at all. Feel great. Have started walking a mile per day over and above normal activities. Lost 9 lbs so far. Don’t see any issues with extending this until the end of the month. Perhaps, I will even go to the end of the year.

    • Fantastic K! 16 days and 9lbs is a great achievement! Be sure to keep inspiring us by checking in with us.

      Did you download my starter guide for some tips?

  32. Started juicing on Oct 25th. As of today, Nov. 19th, I lost about 27lbs. I screwed up on the 6th night. Ate whatever I could, went back on the next day and still at it. I'm hoping to do at least 60 days. I still have about 120lbs to lose.
    The healthy part of it is what really got me going. Had high bp back in Sept and hated the drugs the Dr. put me on.
    I am off of them now and my bp is perfect!

    I started to juice with the Omega J8001. Excellant for wheatgrass. It juiced everything I put through it but took about 1/2 for about 40 oz. I went back to work on Nov. 7th and decided, after a week, to get the Omega Mega Mouth bmj390 but when I went to go and buy it nobody had it! So, I bought the Breville Fountain. It is wasting lots of juice. If you look up juicers on YouTube, there is this John guy and he compared lots of them. He did a comparison with the Omega 390 and the Breville with 5lbs of carrots each and the Omega got almost 7 cups while the Breville ended up with 5! AND….the Omega is $100 cheaper!!!!!!! I will use the Breville until I can find the new Omega bmj390 hd.

  33. K, I believe you are not drinking enough juice. I believe that I should have lost more weight but am also not getting enough. I read somwhere that we need 120 oz. (one gallon) a day and that much water too. At LEAST 100oz of juice anyway. We probably are putting our bodies in "starvation mode" and that's why you only lost 5lbs. At our weights, we should be losing almost 2lbs a day.

    It is amazing how you just don't crave anything! I did notice though, that when I get hungry I need to juice right away or other foods around me look tempting. I am a wife and mother of 2. Fourteen and 12-year-old. They still like to eat whatever and they love my fruit juices! I do believe it is a bit harder if you are not single but overall realatively easy!

    Good luck to all. This is truely a blessing!

    • So I made it 24 days (lost about 20 lbs total), until I ate the traditional Thanksgiving meal with the relatives on Nov. 24th. I was terrified I was going to get really sick, lol. My stomach felt a bit weird and got a bit upset and I had diarrhea about 2 hours after eating and for the rest of that day. I also felt lethargic and bloated which served only to make me really want to go back on the juice fast the next day.

      So, the next morning I was back to 32 ounces of juice per day and I am now on day 11 of my second fast (or maybe this is still the first one?) and have lost about 5 more lbs (25lbs total).

      I plan to go until Dec 24th/25th (29 days) when I will eat Xmas Eve dinner and then Xmas Day Brunch. I will then go right back to juice fasting on Dec. 26th.

      At that point, my plan is to stay strictly on the juice fast through the end of February (66 days total).

      To Melissa, congratulations on your achievement. It feels wonderful, doesn’t it? Many friends and family keep telling me that this isn’t healthy or that I am not getting any protein and will lose muscle and not fat. I just keep smiling. I know different!

      I know I am supposed to be drinking at least a gallon of water per day in addition to the juice, but I only seem to be able to do about 1 quart to a 1/2 gallon per day. I don’t agree that I am not getting enough juice, just not enough water. In my opinion, the more juice I can replace with water, the better.

      After the new year, I plan to try to do a couple of week long water fasts spaced out during the 2 month long juice fast I will be doing in Jan. & Feb. Alternatively, I may just try to drink the juice every other day or every third day and only do water the rest of the time.


  34. Liz in Seattle says:

    I saw Fat Sick and Nearly Dead two days ago and borrowed my boyfriend's juicer immediately. I am very active and not overweight but I have been eating more junk lately (and Thanksgiving food and now the holiday treats . . . ). I seem to eat well every day until about 3:00 and then I often get too tired to cook and end up eating something not as good for dinner. Then dessert.,etc. So I decided to just replace my dinner with juice for a week. I eat healthy whole grains, nuts, beans and lots of veggies for breakfast, snacks and lunch and then have juice for dinner. Last night i amde kale, cucumber, apple and tangerine juice. Delicious! It was really hard once I got hungry again to not reach for the dessert I would normally eat. But the strength of my sugar craving surprised me so much that I knew I better not give in. I am hoping that after a week of no sugary treats and shifting my calories earlier in the day I will not be so tempted to overindulge in the afternoon and evening.

  35. Bobby Shepherd says:

    I weigh 426 lbs. I am suffering from high blood pressure and terminal fatness. I have contemplated suicide because of my weight. I watched F,S,& ND a week ago. I have finally found some inspiration to get into shape. I started today with a 60 day Mean Green fast. I susupect I'll have to break it up a bit by juicing some other recipes eventually. I pray for will power and results. I'd like to be in the best shape of my life by the time I hit my 47th B-day in November.

    • Sorry to read this Bobby. I am sure many of us have been where you are, it is a rut but you can and will get out of it. Please feel free to download my free juicing starter guide. It will give you some tips and show you how I got out of my rut and lost 70 pounds.

  36. A friend told me to watch the video and today is my 1st day I'm excited and scared all at the same time. But I'm willing to give it a go, for my health and my daughter. Thank you for the opportunity.

  37. My father was already on a juice fast when called to tell me about the movie. He shared it with me because I had migraines and he was confident it would be a solution for me. I’m also overweight, but that’s secondary.

    In the 15 days since I started fasting, I have lost 26 lbs and have not had any migraines. I’m energetic and lost only one day of work due to detoxing.

    My dad is off his blood pressure meds for the first time in 15 years, his blood sugar is normal, and a couple of days ago, his pants fell down! (Luckily, he was home alone at the time.)

    I bought a juicer for my mother and sister. They started the fast yesterday. I wonder where they’ll be when their pants fall down.

  38. My Fiance and I saw the movie yesterday…at first I was motivated seeing all the weight loss in such little time. We have both planned to start the program together next week when we both had a few days off to detox. After reading many of the post on this site I am not as excited as when I originally watched the movie. Seeing people losing only 10 lbs and under in 2 weeks time makes me wonder if it will be worth doing the program. I am about 320 lbs at 6'2" and I have very little will power…been on and off of diets and nothing seems to work. I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day so not too much activity goes on during the day…am I missing something that was done besides the juicing in the movie? Were the people in the movie exercising alot more then shown on the video? To lose 60 lbs in 1 month compared to what I am seeing on here seems like a big difference in weight loss! Any help so that I can get motivated again to do this would be very appreciative…thanks so much!

    • Jim, I did the diet for 14 days and lost 25 lbs very easily. Unfortunatly i was a short order cook and went back to my bad habits and after three months gained the weight back. I am now starting over at 6'1 306. Instead of the fast i am going to add the juice to a sensible diet and lose 100 lbs over the next year. There are no excuses this time, i know it works, i know it makes me feel great and it comes down to will power. At 38 years old it is time to fix this.

    • I think you need to keep in mind that people with less weight to lose will lose less weight on the fast. It's a matter of body percentage. It's not realistic for somebody who is only 50 lbs overweight to expect to lose 60 lbs on a 60-day fast, but somebody who weighs 450 lbs could well expect such a result. Don't focus on the numbers; focus on the healthy thing you're doing for your body.

  39. I just go my juicer yestesterday and will be starting my fast today. I'm having surgery (hysterectomy) in 10 days and my uterus, my entire colon, and stomach are all inflammed. I'm afraid that the surgery my "nick" part of my colon if I can't get the inflammation done, but I'm worried, SHOULD I BE ON A JUICE FAST RIGHT BEFORE SURGERY? I also have part of my stomach paralyzed (gastroparesis). Lots of gastro issue for me. Which is why I thought this fast would be really good for me.

    Also, i have seen very many results for women and even fewer African Americans overall, because we are denser would the results be less effective? I need to lose about 70 lbs.

    I won't adopt a vegan lifestyle, but my normal diet consist of mainly chicken and fish (no pork or beef). I mainly broil, bake, grill and boil, but I do fry about 2 -3 times per month. Once Im off the fast – what weight gain should be normal?

  40. I saw F S & ND like many of you on Netflix and it motivated me, HIGHLY! I have been lactose intolerant for 15 years and went undiagnosed with Celiac Disease. I am 47 and 50 lbs over weight. One week before I started the juice I cut out ALL wheat, flour and basically anything white! I had a juicer and decided to join Mean Green Juicers! Coming home to fresh baked bread and broiled rib eyes did not make it easy. But people trying to ruin my attempt to be healthy motivated me even more. I LOST 7 LBS by 4 day! Rings are lose, shoes are comfortable and my pants are terribly baggy. Just juice? Exercise? Eating foods along with the juice? YES…juice only! YES exercise! Food? Why not give it a try first, at least for 10 days…BUT…pay attention to your body. Drink water if you are thirsty (having headaches). Remember you might "detox" the first few days. OH MY the mental clarity! NO MORE FOG! by Day 6! If you fall off…like Joe Cross said "GOOD ON YOU FOR TRYING"! His doctor said it also "You don’t get permanently well unless you permanently change your lifestyle”! NEVER GIVE UP! My theory is….if man made it I won’t eat it. If God made it…well, he got it right!

  41. can u eat wole fruits or no?

  42. My boyfriend and I also watched the documentary and were inspired to try a juice fast. We did a 5 day juice fast. The first couple days were extremely hard but by Day 3, we both felt so energized and focused. It's a great feeling. We lost about 1 pound per day during the fast. The fast cost us about $100 to $150 for a week of vegetables and fruits. We did the fast during winter so it was a little more expensive as we couldn't frequent farmers' markets. It was a lot cheaper to purchase vegetables and fruits from Asian markets though. We are also thinking of going on a 15 day fast to reach our target weight and then will start toning and maintaining a healthy lifestyle! You can read some of my fast posts on my blog

  43. poetreearborist says:

    Ode to Day 7 of my 10 day juicing and raw food cleanse! It's actually my hardest day so far. For the first half of the day I felt exhausted and my muscles ached just walking up stairs. My naturopathic physician advised me to eat a little meat. I was afraid of breaking my cleanse rules, but then realized it didn't have to be a permanent break. This isn't a fad diet. I'm adopting a new, even healthier way of life. So I had 1/8 lb of sliced deli turkey (all natural, no antibiotics) and immediately felt better. Now I'm sitting here having my second juice of the day. Plan to continue to day 10, perhaps further, making juice and raw plant foods the baseline of my daily diet.

    • Well done with this! It is difficult but anything in life that is worth doing usually is. If this was easy the world would be full of skinny and healthy people. Keep it up it is worth it!

  44. Been on the juice fast for 42 days of 60 and have lost a total of 66 pounds so far. I have never felt so good, tons of energy all the time.

  45. Ok so saw fat sick and nearly dead on March 20th u started my Juicing fast on the 21st weighing in at 286 I am now down to 245 but for the last three days I have not lost any weight not sure what to do I am juice fasting for 100 days I want to drop to atleast 180 not sure what I am doing wrong I work out and I only juice please help I am 24 year old woman I had a heart attack not to ling ago I am now of my angina medication.

  46. Maryan says:

    Nelissa, sounds like you hit your plateau. You need to either exercise more now or get off of it for a few days and eat veggies and fruit and then jump back on it again. That's what I do when I hit my plataeu and it always works. I used to weigh 305lbs. when I started in October and now I weigh 148lbs. as of yesterday 5/1/12. I don't juice everyday, but I do juice sraight for 10 days, eat for 3, but healthy and then start again. I've been like that since October and i've lost over 150lbs. since then.

    • Florence says:

      What do you eat when you stop juicing?

      I was planning on juicing for two meals and then eating one meal a day. How does that sound?

  47. mia park says:

    Maryan, thank u for ur comment. I have been so confused. I started this a week ago, after a TON of research. What I found was that there are people for it..and those against. The against scared me. I do not want this to be a diet, but a way of life. I do not want to put the weight back on..or worse…make it harder (because it does slow ur metabolism) later to take weight off. I feel amazing and weight is coming off rapidly, but I struggle with idea that by not eating protien I am doing long term damage, making it hard to lose weight later. Each day I have juiced alot..and at the end of day eat a handful of nuts. I have lost 18lbs. I am very excited about how I feel. It is amazing. I am so glad to hear how well u have done. Awesome!

  48. After watching fat sick and nearly dead, like many others I was inspired to start juicing. I started to think of the small amount of fruits and vegetables that I had consumed throughout my life versus all the junk. I ordered the Montel Health Mater elite gave this a go. I am now on day 3 and I can not believe the amount of fruits and veggies I have consumed in these last 3 days! Honestly…never in my life have I eaten (drank) so many fruits and vegetables. I feel so much energy! The difference between the health master and a conventional juicer is that with the Health Master there is nothing to clean out (just a simple rinse)….you consume the entire fruit or vegetable….it liquifies every bit of it! I am going to do this for another 11 days and take it from there

  49. I'd love to hear more stories about women trying this and talking about their weight loss. After feeling horrible and spending 12 hours or more a day in bed I finally dusted off my juicer, which I bought almost 2 years ago and started juicing. I'm juicing and juicing. I do have a constant feeling of hunger, but I've lost 5 pounds in just 3 days. Today, which is day 4 I did add 2 farm fresh hard boiled eggs from the local farmers market- were I also bought some great organic local produce. I was shocked at how strong the smells and flavors were. I think I'm going to stick to a semi-juicing all organic diet. But, again I'd like to hear about the amount of weight women are losing.

  50. Hey everyone!

    This juicing thing really works. Today is June 1st. In early April I was 266 pounds. Now here on June 1st I am at 245. That's 21 pounds lost! I'll admit I juice during the week and eat a smart low fat dinner, but I also do 30 min of cardio Monday thru Friday. My target weight is 225. My skin and energy feels great! I have a 2 year old boy and I'm glad I did this! Now I can keep up with the little guy. The great part is, I can have a snack once in a while or a normal dinner out on the town and still lose weight! JUST DON'T EAT OUT ON A REGULAR BASIS. But DO give yourself a break once every 7 to 10 days to eat out. Just avoid fast food. You get NO nutrition from processed food.

    Good luck all. I'm a 42 year old guy on his way to losing 40 pounds with smart weekly habits!

    • Andy – thanks for posting. OK I am not being sexist but I love it when another guy posts as so many ignorant people think that juicing is for new age hippies or yoga housewives. Juicing can be manly ;-)

      I know you will achieve that 225 as you seem focused. It is important to have goals – one of mine was that when I hit my 7 pound weight loss I would hire a personal shopper and buy myself some great new clothes. Expensive yes but a great motivator. Especially because I saved money each month so finance would not be a concern when I hit my goal weight.

      Right now I am on Day 3 of a juice cleanse, I will be publishing a full journal of this next week.

  51. I was always the fat kid growing up and until you have been in those shoes you never will understand what being thin (or fit) means to you. I am at 30 year old father of two and I did my first 30 day juice fast over the holidays. I'll admit it was the worst time to do this but I was so inspired after watching Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead that I couldn't wait another day. It really tested my will power however, I lost about 30 lbs and have no regrets. Of course I put on 10 lbs when I started eating solid food again but over all it has been one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself. My accomplishment compelled me to tell everyone else about this documentary and the amazing benefits of juicing. I am not yet where I want to be, so starting tomorrow I am doing another 30 days. Once I am down to my targeted weight I am going on vacation to celebrate. Beach body here I come.

  52. I am on day 44 of my juice fast. When I started it was only going to be for 7 days but it has grown. After watching Fat, Sick and nearly dead I decided to do 60 days. I have begun to realise that there are people that go for longer. Does anyone know what kind of benefits you could gain by doing a 90 day juice fast/feast for example? Or any drawbacks?

    • Debbie, considering that our own government does not even know what proper nutrition is even today as they keep changing their minds, the only thing I can suggest is to listen to your internal instincts and how you feel. I am on day 3 today myself on my first 30 day journey and will most likely find myself on the full 60 day journey as well. One of the things I did was get a test for my muscle mass just before starting out. After the first 30 days I will do another test and verify if I have indeed lost any muscle mass or gained some. In actuality I am doing a lot of cardio and will be adding in medium weights along the way to see if I can actually gain a little more muscle mass.

      Hope this helps!

  53. bgood56 says:

    I need to ask a question but first let me explain. I had done a 10 day juice fast and lost 19 pounds in may. Then I did internation travel for 3 weeks and gained 5 pounds (not bad given german food). I started doing another juice fast for the past 14 days and lost another 17 pounds for a total weight lose of 31 pounds. So far I feel great. However, I have not had any weight loss for the past 3 days. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?

    • I also travel a lot with my job so I hear you. I lost 70 pounds and then put back on 10-15 pounds.

      You are not doing anything wrong, it happens to all of us, I am not sure of the science behind it but after a while your weight loss does plateau. It will start to go down again but it is SO frustrating. An idea may be to only weigh yourself once a week from now on.

      Also a tip I was given, buy yourself a measuring tape and measure your waist and stomach and record those measurements. Sometimes the scale will not move but those stats will.

  54. ladyloow says:

    I am super excited to start the 7-10 day juice cleanse. I already own a vita mix. I am wondering which is better the juicer or the blender. Back when I was researching on which blender to get I was told that these power blenders were the best because you get ALL of the goodness that the fuit/veggie has to offer…NO WASTE. My question is, for this type of cleanse, is it better to use the juicer or the vita mix. If any of you have advice on the subject please post, thanks.

    • I would definitely go or the juicer on a juice fast. That way you get all the nutrients in its purest form so optimum fuel.

      Of course you could buy both and have best of both worlds. I often make a juice and then blend it in my blend with some avocado or half a frozen banana.

  55. So i caught the documentary about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunatly, i've been dealing with family events and lots of food during the hoilday. I bought a jucier a week ago and plan on starting this Sunday July 8th. I am super excited but of sourse my family disapprove….i will not let them stop me. If Joe and Phil can do it, i can too… day at a time….D

    • Good for you. The first time I tried to juice was in the summer of 2008. Long before Joe Cross was talking about juices. Everyone told me it was bad for me and that I would get really sick. I made the tragic mistake of listening to them and I stopped after 2 days. It took me another 18 months to try a juice fast again. All that lost time.

      The first time you fast, people will criticise, many think they know it all, others feel threatened because you are being pro-active. Do not listen to them, listen to your own body, it will thank you for drinking green juices. If the will power is on low, or family and friends are giving you a hard time, just read these comments and check out my before and after photos. Juicing works.

  56. Me and my fiance are getting married in 30 days .. I have 10 pounds to lose and him about 40, I am just nervous that if i do juice for 10 days – will I gain it all back – "or more" before the wedding. Fasting for 30 days seems extensive if I need to loose 10 pounds..

    • Hi Beck, fasting for 30 days is not something you want to undertake lightly. Check our our FREE Juicing Starter Guide which gives you a lot of information on how to gradually juice before going onto a fast.

      You can easily lose 10 pounds within the 30 days and you can keep most of it off. It is inevitable that you will put some back on as you go back to solids. However if you transition with raw foods, salads and soups you will be fine. I often find I want to eat that kind of diet after a juice fast so it is not a hardship.

  57. Ive been juicing for 5 days and have lost 12 lbs! I encourage everyone to try it at least once!

  58. Id also like to know is there a huge difference in using something like NUTRIBULLET which emulsifies the entire veggie/ fruit as opposed to a straight JUICER???

    • The difference is that with blending/emulsifying you are retaining the fiber which is more work for your body to digest so if your goal is detoxing and allowing your digestive system to rest it's better to do juice rather than blend. Both are very healthy options it really depends on your goals.

  59. I’m thrilled to read all the inspiring comments about juicing. It has been life-changing for my husband and me. We began juicing in August 2011 after watching FSND. We considered ourselves to be pretty healthy. We exercised 3-5x a week and I cook healthy meals regularly but even so, we both felt sluggish and sick. I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and was told there was no cure. I’m 36, 5′ 1″ and began juicing at 137 lbs. We did a juice fast for a week and then went to two juices a day and a healthy supper. I wasn’t documenting my progress because I want interested in the stats but more interested in how I felt. I also began increasing my water intake from 64 oz a day to 120 oz or more a day. After all, the only way to fully cleanse the body of toxins and fats is through sweat and urine. Needless to say, I noticed a significant improvement not only in how I felt but in how I looked. I lost 25 lbs, down from 137 to 112 (my high school weight) and went from having no energy to accomplish my responsibilities and tremendous muscle pain to running a 10k mud run last month and rarely having muscle pain. Now, in just the last month after the mud run, I’m getting lazy with my juicing and am making poor eating choices. I’ve gained 6 lbs and am suffering from bloating, constipation, and headaches. It’s amazing how just one juice a day makes such a significant difference in how I feel! My husband also lost over 20 lbs and when we were consistant with our juicing, went from a pot of coffee a day to one cup. However, since our juicing has gone from one a day to one a week, I’ve seen a change in his energy level and coffe intake. He’s back up to a pot a day yet stil lathargic! I encourage all of you who don’t like the way you feel, regardless of your weight, to give juicing a try! My motivation to get back at it has been renewed as I’ve noticed our decrease in stamina. Today is my 37th birthday and I got a Vitamix! Does anyone know of some well-tested juicing recipes for that kind of machine? Our juicer lasted a year (surprisingly because it was a cheap Juiceman Jr.) but it’s on its way out and I’d like to try the whole food (juice and fiber) option now that I have this snazzy new machine. Please reply with recipes ;)

    • Happy birthday Mandy!! Wow what a great story. It's just amazing what just one juice a day can do. Here is a blending recipe you can give a go.

      2 apples with core removed
      2 cups of spinach
      1 medium cucumber
      3 ribs of celery
      teaspoon of ginger root
      juice of 1 lime
      Add water or coconut water to your desired consistency and blend.

      Let us know what you think of the difference between juicing vs. blending and how you like that new Vita-mix!

      • I tried it and LOVE it! Thanks for the tip! Yum!

        • Angie,

          The Vita-Mix has been wonderful to use this past week. I used purified water and a tablespoon of organic coconut oil instead of coconut water. The produce needed is much less and there is no grittiness at all, which surprised me. It does require water and ice, otherwise it is too thick, though smooth. It is really easy to clean (self cleans) and takes only 60 to blend. I know the full fiber concept is debatable. I want to give it more time before I comment on that aspect of it. Because I am not doing a juice fast it’s a little more difficult to tell. :) I will say that my first day on I has mostly juice (the recipient above) and I felt great! I didn’t have any bloating or constipation and had two healthy movements. Hope this helps!

          • Hi Mandy-
            So happy to hear you liked the recipe and you are loving the new Vita-Mix! If you find or create any great blending recipes, please pass them along. We are always looking for new recipes. I'm very interested in your experience with blending vs. juicing because you have already experienced great success with juicing. You observations are VERY helpful to others who are trying to make big changes in their health and life. I think both methods are amazing ways to improve health.

            Please keep us posted on your observations regarding your experience and blending vs juicing! Very helpful!

  60. so, we have a vita mix as well…will this work for straight juicing or do we need to purchase a juicer…we had the Jack Lalane before the vitamix and it was just messy and we went through a tremendous amount of fruit. we were told that consuming the "whole" fruit/vegetable would provide much more of the good nutrients and vitamins our bodies need. My husband, oldest son, and myself are interested in starting a 10 day juice fast, but aren't sure if it will work as well with a vitamix

    • Running On Juice says:

      To be honest I think a twin track approach is optimal as you get best of both worlds.

      Juices are great as they get into the system quick, smoothies are awesome because they give you fibre. Usually I make a straight juice with the juice and put it in the blender with half an avocado. Not only does it make smoothy and creamy but you get all those EFAs. Jason Vale claims humans can live on avocados alone.

      I use the Breville and feel it is better than others as you can put whole apples in the chute with your produce.

  61. Aaron Sellers says:

    I am on Day 13 of a 60-day juice fast and have lost 16 lbs. so far (I started out at 242). There are days when it's all I can do to keep doing it especially when those around me are eating normal foods and the smells start driving me crazy, but so far, I'm sticking to it. I always start my morning drinking a big glass of pure distilled water, then a cup of hot water with a Tbs of organic apple cidar vinegar. Then I drink a small cup of water with 1/2 tsp of 160,000 Heat Unit cayenne pepper mixed in. Then I have 10-12 oz of pure fruit juice (melons, apples, oranges) mixed with 10-12 oz of distilled water. I finish off with a cup of vegetable/miso broth. For my mid-morning juice (20-25 oz), I have mostly vegetables with a bit of fruit such as a lemon, lime or apple. Same for my lunch juice, except I add a supplement called Earth's Nutrition from Western Botanicals which has a bunch of good vitamins, etc that you can't get from juice. It's pretty nasty tasting, but I do it anyway. :) For dinner I have another 20-25 oz of mostly vegetable juice and then in the evening I have another cup of vegetable miso broth (this is the best part of my day as it's so delicious and satisfying to my soul after a long day of juicing). I also take a couple supplements from Western Botanicals that help with moving things along in my intestinal tract, it's called Colon Cleanse. For the first 6 days of my juice fast I also took their supplement called Colon Detox which helps to eliminate toxins as you're juicing.

    It's been great so far other than the cravings. I feel great and have a lot more energy than usual.

    • Well done Aaron! 13 days is a long time, it does seem to get easier once you get past day 3. I went to a spa called We Care and they served blended veggie soup in the evenings. I remember it was such a treat to have something warm at the end of the day.

      I'm curious how much weight you'd like to lose?

  62. WoW…WoW…I'm so super impressed w/ Juice Fasting and I thank Joe Cross for putting together his inspiring documentary. I started my fast 12/1/12 just before Xmas and right after TG Day. By Xmas I will be giving myself the best gift. I tried to get some of my friends and co-workers to do it w/ me so we can support each other but only one person was willing to do it now !! Today is my 4th day on the fast and it's going better then I expected. I can't believe the juices are satisfying, filling and I'm not feeling hungry. I've been eating 8-12 almonds. It's best if you can take a nap during the day. And since I have not been going out to eat lunch, I'm taking my lunch hour to nap in the car. I'm also doing Yoga and muscle strengthening exercises w/ the TV.. Ch 21-6am-6:30am. I walk upstairs to my office (3rd floor) and walk down when I take my lunch break or when I go home. My results have been phenomenal just starting my 4th day. Dec 1st I weighed 165.8 & today I weigh 160.6. I feel great especially when I feel my clothes starting to relax around my body. I have been dealing w/ hypothyroidism and for the last few years it has been extremely difficult to lose weight. This is easy, no cooking, no heavy shopping except for your fruits & veggies. I carry my juices in bottles to work or wherever I go. Thank You so much Joe for taking time to share your positive experience w/ juice Fasting.

  63. I read a few post and feel so terrible, almost disgusted with myself. I started juicing two days ago but have not stuck to it as I KNOW I should have. My co-worker and I watched the documentary & were inspired. We thought this would be the perfect plan for us to do; we could support each other when needed….well that didn't work. I have no self disipline, we went to lunch both days. When we got back we felt horrible, bloated, stuffed, tired and so on, feel the list is endless.
    I want to have the same modivation as you guys do, why is this so hard to do…..AHHHH

    • Hi Izzie-
      Please don’t be so hard on yourself! Fasting is REALLY HARD!!! You may want to slow down a bit and start by adding one juice to your regular diet daily and do some moderate exercise.
      It’s really great that you have a co-worker for support! That is a key to long term success.

  64. Hello, Its good to read this post, it gives me motivation to read the stories posted. I like most people on here saw the movie over the weekend (2/8/13) and decided to start the fast the following morning. I went to bed so motivated for this fast and officially started it on 2/9/13, I am 30- 5'4- and started at 182 and this morning I was 177, it motivated me to continue and hopefully I can complete the 10days on the fast and depending how I feel I will try to continue for 30days. The main reason I started the fast ( aside from weight loss) was for the energy, I have a 8 month old baby and it seems as if between work and him I am wiped out! I almost feel bad for my husband and the amount of slack he picks up for me, but hopefully my energy will be back at a 100 percent.

  65. Love hearing about the struggles and successes of other posters. I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about a month ago and it really touched me. I am currently 317 lbs, down from 330 lbs five weeks ago. I got serious about getting into shape after seeing my best friend in January. He lost 40 lbs doing P90X, and encouraged me to get back in shape. I started doing Power 90 (precursor to P90X) and restricting my caloric intake to 2300 cal/day. I'm incredibly frustrated that the weight is so slow to come off (just turned 42, maybe my metabolism has slowed?) and looking for something to help me jump start the weight loss. I talked to my wife about juicing and she scoffed at me, "that's a fad…you won't stick with it…stick to what you're doing, etc."

    Any suggestions on how to get her to come around? I really want to do a juice fast but I'm torn between my desire to start one and having to deal with the fallout from her rejection of the idea? Thanks!

    • Hi RTow,
      Thanks for writing. It can be challenging when your partner does not support your health goals. Sometimes the idea of a partner making changes makes us uncomfortable because we also feel pressure to change. There may also be fear of losing a partner that successfully completes a huge transition. I’d recommend sitting her down and explaining why this is important to you, what you hope to achieve and how it might benefit her. Speak from the heart and hopefully she will get it and perhaps even join you. However, if she does not I’d recommend that you start the change without her support and show her what positive change looks like. Seek out support from your friend who has served as inspiration!

      Hope that helps, anyone else have ideas?

    • Look, the bigger picture is you! If YOU want to do it and feel better — than YOU do it. I have seen people do that to others, spouses included — that's because they have low self esteem or feel they themsleves could not do it. If you feel the desire, than you need to prove everyone wrong. You will be the only loser in this if you allow yourself to succomb. I feel and hear your desire and wish you the best of luck. I too by the way am doing the this — and I did it with my wife to support her. Although I need to lose 15 pounds, I like you am in my Mid 40's and yes, we slow down…but after a week and nearly 8 pounds…I feel and look better…I can't wait to day 30 and see what I look like. Best to you

  66. I just watched the documentary with my boyfriend, who eats nothing but junk and fast food, and also chews tobacco. Since high school, I have always had extra weight. I’m now at my highest weight and finding it hard to buy clothes, having constant pain and aches, and I’m worried I will just keep going up. I have decided to try the juice fast, since I was given an expensive juicer over a year ago! I’m hoping to inspire others as well. Most of all, my boyfriend!!

    • Good Luck Kate, did you download our Starter Guide, its free and has helped many people start out with juicing. Diving straight into a fast can be the fastest one to hate juicing. We use a moderated approach that leads you into a juice fast.

      Whatever you decide then best of luck with this. Juicing transformed our lives and can work for you too.

  67. D W Heinzen says:

    Just did my first juice fast last week after seeing the documentary about a month ago. I could not help but be inspired by their stories. I went 5 days and I lost 10 pounds. I went from 235 down to 225 (5'10) and I have not felt better in my life I have a ton of energy and I honestly feel like a different person. I ran over 10 miles last Monday-Thursday for the first time in my life. Over this weekend Friday-Sunday, after tomorrow I will be at 10 miles for just the weekend. Thats 20 miles in 7 days!!! The most I have ever done and I dont plan on stoping anytime soon the way I feel. The juice fast was exactly what I needed to get my lifestyle back on track! Instead of juicing over the weekend I just watched what I ate (mostly vegetables and lean meats). I plan on doing a juice fast for another 6 days this upcoming week along with working out each day and I am hopeful that I can continue to lose a little by little every week until I get to where I want to be (185). And remember…. No one ever said it would be easy, they said it would be worth it! Good Luck to everyone else with their goals!

  68. Phil went on to become a nutritional counselor!!! No more trucking!!!

  69. Hi I have just been reading some of the comments about juicing an what success some people have had.
    Makes me even more keen I am at day two of my reboot planing on 30 days if I can last but one day at a time.
    Most of the entries I have been reading are quite old is there another site relating to joe cross reboot.
    I am in australia

  70. Rosa, congratulations on your loss. Love that you lost so much before you juiced. You really set yourself up for success there and your transition should be easier because you learned how to eat properly.

    I really agree with you – I have around 6.5 pounds to go and I know I could juice it off but having lost 65lbs those last few pounds are really stubborn. I lost 70 pounds and put 15 back on. I have lost almost 10 pounds through eating properly, exercising and of course having my daily juice. Some weeks I juice cleanse for one day. That is not just to lose weight – I find it recalibrates my mindset and body.

  71. Rosa,

    Congratulations on your weight loss! You have come a long way! You will make your goal–I’m sure of it. But, be careful! Juicing isn’t a magic pill, it’s a lifestyle change. Normally, when your within 10 lbs of a

    doctor recommended goal, heathly weightless is considered to be 2 1/2 lbs a week. You’ve far exceeded that already. The weight WILL come off but it may take weeks instead of days. Your body isn’t used to all the change and is fighting you because it thinks it has to store some fat for your safety. That’s what often happens after a rapid weight loss. The body wants to plateau. Keep doing what you know is right and make sure you’re drinking lots of purified water–at least half your weight in ounces a day. You’ll notice a bigger improvement if you up it even more, though I don’t recommend more than a gallon a day. Water is what the body needs most! Best wishes on those last few pounds!


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