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Beginners Guide to Juicing fasts for Weight loss

Following the success of documentaries like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead I receive a lot of email from folks who tried a juice fast and failed on day 1.

First of all I salute all those people who give it a try. Friends are often surprised when I tell them that I tried to juice fast for weight loss several times before I completed one.

weigt loss juicing

How I looked before juicing.....I had no right being near a Sports field

I would fall on day 2 or 3 because I did not know anyone who had completed a juice fast. Sure I read Jason Vales stuff but other friends were telling me juicing was a fad or that it was not good for me and I relented.

How I looked after juicing and running for 18 months.

A dear colleague of mine was telling me about his frustration with being overweight and I asked him to watch Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. He did watch it over a weekend and I was astonished when he said on Monday he was on a juice fast and wanted to complete 30 days!

The next day he wrote to me, ashamed, telling me he could not hack it and he had to eat.

I think there are a lot of people out there who are in the same boat. Motivated by Joe Cross and Phil Staples they hit the grocers, buy a juicer (or dust off the one thats been hiding in the cupboard) and set themselves up for a fall. I used to use a Breville but I am currently testing out the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro juicer

Jay Kordich Juicer

Check out the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro

This is the juicer used by Phil Staples and Joe Cross in the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead documentary.


I believe the best way to juice fast is to build up to it gradually. If you can go all out right away then you have my respect, many people just cant live in juices for 7 days flat.

So here is the advice I gave my colleague on how to juice for weight loss.

Phase 1 – make a green smoothie for breakfast, every day for 7 days. (its good to make a little extra to take to work in a flask in case you get hungry.) I recommend my Phil Staples Juice

Phase 2 – try and juice for one day only, if you feel good shoot for 3 days but no more.

Phase 3 – If you completed the 3 days – the following week aim for 5 days.

Phase 4 – At the end of 5 days, if you feel ok push for 7, if not don’t worry, shoot for a green smoothie breakfast and lunch (or a small salad if you really need to eat.) Then for dinner a nice salad with some protein.

The reason I advocate a green smoothie each day is that it usually leads to you making healthier choices during the day.

I know of several friends and readers who followed my advice and built their juicing up gradually and were able to complete a 7 day fast. This approach really does work and it eases you into it. It also gives you time to work with different fruit and veggie combinations and ascertain what juices you enjoy drinking.

If you have some more tips on how to juice fast then please feel free to leave us a comment and share with other running on juice readers.

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  1. Christina says:

    Thank you for your advice on the different phases to juicing. I recently purchased a juicer online and can't wait to get started. At first I was reluctant to spend the money on the juicer I wanted because I was afraid it would end up an unused appliance and waste of money. I am worried we will not be able to complete our goal of a 10 day juice fast and keep juice incorporated into our daily lives. My husband encouraged me to purchase the juicer and not to worry because he knows this is for the benefit of our health. After reading your post above I will definitely try to phase into our juice fast. Thank you again for the helpful advice. I love your website and visit regularly.

  2. juicingcuzimchunky says:

    OMG!! You look amazing and thank you for the juicing tips. My husband and I just watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and we just ordered our Breville juicer. Can't wait to start juicing although I cannot figure out in the movie, did Joe and Phil only juiced on the "Green Juice" for 60 days? I'm trying to figure out if we should stick to the "Green Juice" only like Joe or am I suppose to incorporate other juices. Can you help?

    • My advice is to for a variety of juices. A large part of the fun in juicing is making and trying out your own combinations.

      Just hold the dairy stuff ie cream, yoghurt, milk etc oh and no alcohol however tempting a Pina Colada smoothie may be ;-)

      Enjoy the experience.

  3. My son’s being juicing for a while now. He gave us the movie to watch, what an inspiration and motivation that was, especially Phil. Well we have gone out to buy our veggies and fruit and we’ve planning to start tomorrow.

  4. tamy - Louisiana says:

    I star today my weith is 168 pounds, i Keep you posted… We can not afford a good juicer but we have a old one Juice man II, i having headache and i feel very hungry, it's that normal???

    • Hi Tamy,

      Hey thats a good enough juicer so dont worry about it.
      Yes! It is normal to get headaches at the start. My advice is to drink lots and lots of water.
      This phase will soon pass and by day 3 you will start to feel amazing!

      • tamy - Louisiana says:

        thank's, i lost 1.8 lib :) , but i think i made a mistake today, i lost 1.8 lib :) but i take soup made with veggies and meat (i did not eat the meat) but the headaches are being bad, i took more juice by dinner, i feel nausea as a pluss :( , I do not if is normal. I only ussing Phills recipe because i think is a good way to star, i really appreciate any comments.

  5. tamy-louisiana says:

    I keep my journey, was so hard, today i star my day 4, and I lost 5.2lbs. I am very happy, and yes is easy now, so i keep u all posted, i will loose 30 pounds in total so 25 more… don't give up…

    • Wow 5lbs in 4 days is fantastic! You are showing us how it is done!

      • tamy-louisiana says:

        yes Phil is being hard because I am a coffe lover + scramble eggs in the morning, but i feel very more satisfied with the juice than a salad… I gona keep going, working out a little bit, wather and the green juice…

        • Keep going – caffeine addiction is all in the mind you know. I am British so used to drink a lot of tea, I switched to herbal teas which are much better for you and give you great clarity. I also think caffeine is a hunger stimulant and there is a mental association too. Some people take a cake with coffee or cookies or a muffin…

          I remember when I gave up smoking years ago, I had to stop drinking tea because every time I made a nice cup of tea I wanted a cigarette.

          Keep up the great work!

          • tamy louisiana says:

            Today is my day 8, but to bew honest i being cheating a little bit, with small slice of mozarella, that day i just loosed .02 oz jajaja, any way I am so hungry all the time, it means i need more juice?, i hide my coffe maker but i wonder if is ok snack a banana…

          • Hi Tamy

            I have completed 4 of these 7 day juice fasts and even I get tempted to cheat.

            In fact I am on Day 5 of a 7 day juice fast! You can do this! You have come so far. Ok you are cheating but if thats whats getting you through then so be it.

            How long are you aiming for? My advice is to go 10 days, just 2 days more then transition to a juice in the morning a low fat soup for lunch and a salad for dinner and see how you feel. You really can do this.

            If it helps I have now lost over 65 pounds since I started this…I am not fitness fanatic or gym rat. Take a look at this video of my story…I hope it inspires you – the starter guide is coming soon..


          • tamy-louisiana says:

            thanks Phill i 'm trying to do better, but yesterday i had a big one, i like my veggies but i ate a regular meal at my church and gues what, I throw up, i feel like poisoned, is like a punish i guest i learn my lesson..

          • Hi Tamy, this is not Phil, my name is Shane, I set up this blog as I traveled a similar path to him.

          • tamy-louisiana says:

            Sorry Shane i told your name was phill too, :) … actually I am keeping my weigth… i keep u posted…

          • Thats fine Tamy.

            This may be of interest to you:

            I took some measurements after my recent 7 day juice fast.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Ok, been thinking about juicing for three months. My daughter started juicing in march as a life change and looks amazing. I looked on line at creigslist and bought a Jack Lalane juicer, same shape as the juicers on here. 35.00 to me means seems to be a good deal. I'll reward myself with a better model in due time. Just wanted to get started. Today was day 1. Good day, spent watching joe and Phil, becoming so motivated. Found this website and many day at a time. Excited to see what changes come my way. Planning on buying another juicer for work, until then, committing to bring this one with me on the bus to work, cheers!

  7. Great to welcome you as a fellow Juicer Stephanie.

    You need to decide if you want to go slow or all in. It depends on your personality type. I advocate a go slow approach. Try and ensure you drink one green juice a day and see how you feel!

  8. I have been on a juice fast for 12 days now and a total lost of 11.5 lbs ( female, starting weight 194.8 lbs, & 5' 3") I have noticed this week the weight has not been coming off as quickly. Is this normal? I am trying to go a full 60 days to be at my goal weight of 130 lbs. Seeing the progress is what has been keeping me on track, I need the motivation. During the day I have been feeling great and full of energy. But 7 pm comes around and I start having thoughts of food, its been the hardest part for me. Also is it normal to not have a bowel movement each day ( before starting this fast I thought I would be going more) Before the fast I had a very regular system, going at least once daily. So I am wandering if I should take a colon cleanser type thing while on this fast to help me along.

    • Hi Chim,

      Ah 7pm I remember that feeling, it can indeed be tough especially if that is the time you would normally eat. My advice is to make a nice smoothie/juice at that time. Also try reading some inspiring juicing articles online that will strengthen your resolve.

      You should be getting bowel movements daily, maybe add more apple and/or psyllium husks to your smoothie. There are also herbal teas which are designed to get you um moving.

  9. Carrie and Allan says:

    Me and my husband have been trying desperately to get our Juice fast going. Except we know nothing about how to get started. We Have been trying to do only the Mean Green juice for days but continue to fail, because we don't enjoy the taste at all. Is there a fruit substitute or a better tasting version? We don't usually enjoy Veggies and the taste after belch is as bad or worse. I am scared this juice will make it so I won't enjoy what little veggies I do currently enjoy. Can I juice with a nutrition rich fruit drink instead and get the same results? What would you recommend?

    • Congratulations Carrie and Allan on taking the first steps! It’s so wonderful that you have joined forces and are doing this together which really increases your chances of success! It takes a little bit of time to refine your palate especially if you don’t currently enjoy green veggies. If the flavor is too much you won’t end up drinking it so I see no problem with adjusting the fruit to veggie ratio to fit your current taste and slowly add in more greens. I’ve found that spinach has a light flavor, also adding lime and/or ginger can help balance the flavors.

      Also, if you have not already check out the Free Starter Guide. You might want to start with one juice a day, experiment with different recipes and then once you find a handful you really like plan a 1-3 day juice fast.

      Best of luck and keep me posted! Y’all can do this!

      • Carrie and Allan says:

        Thank-you for your input Angie. I will try out your suggestions. Nice to know I have you in my corner. I will keep you updated.

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