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Juice Fast Day 8 -reversing disease?

I am still here and still on the juice fast. I have not, contrary to what many naysayers claim collapsed of exhaustion or been struck down with any kind of illness.

I am still drinking the same juices, though yesterday I fancied a change and opted for one of Jason Juicemaster Vale’s recipe, its very similar to my Phil Staples Juice but I added a 1/4 of avocado, I blended it into the juice. It was a nice change but today I am back on the Phil Staples Juice and it really does hit the spot. You should give it a try whether you are juice fasting or not.

I was reading the introduction in the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead book last night. Its written by Dr Joel Fuhrman who appears on the documentary with Joe Cross.

Allow me to quote Dr Fuhrman:

What if I told you that it is possible to prevent more than 95% of deaths from cardiovascular disease and 90% of all cancer deaths simply via excellent nutrition? 1.1 million Americans will suffer heart attacks this year, tragedies that are completely unnecessary. Nobody HAS to die of heart disease or of a circulatory system-related death. Such deaths are nearly always preventable.  The disability, suffering and life years lost as a result of these conditions are almost entirely the product of dietary/nutritional ignorance.

Making a transition to healthy eating can literally reverse the progress of most chronic diseases; can prevent heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer; can dramatically extend lifespan and healthy life expectancy.’

I quote this because juicing is not just about the weight loss. Sure, its a fantastic side effect but the main purpose should always be to improve one’s health and recalibrate the body.

Yesterday I was watching a piece on the news about the Iowa State Fair. They showed all the things that you can buy which are deep fried and on a stick…I squirmed when I saw a 4oz lump of butter that was mixed with honey and cinnamon and deep friend. Yuck! Pre juicing I probably would that thought hmm wouldn’t mind trying that!

Having typed out Dr Furman’s quote I am feeling rather smug as I take a slurp of my Phil Staples Juice for breakfast…better than bacon and eggs swimming in fat any day!

Tomorrow is Day 9!

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