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7 day Juice fast

So there we are, I am now in unchartered territory.

I have only gone on a juice fast for 7 days and now its day 8!

The weekend was more tricky on a  temptation front. All totally in the mind of course. Saturday night I usually go out and eat or cook up something special. As much as I love the Phil Staples Juice, its not quite the same as a wonderful stir fry or an indian curry!

I have kept up with exercise. In fact I have a new 6 mile personal best. I smashed my record by 90 seconds! In fact I have run 20 miles this week, I have not clocked 20 miles of running in a week for quite some time. So really there is no danger of juicing when running. More on this later.

So now the final three days and am starting to think about what I can eat on Thursday. I also realise that I want to cook more and get a bit more adventurous with vegan cooking. I am not a vegan myself as I still eat eggs, but I am completely eliminating cheese. She has to go, to much saturated fat in a block of cheddar. Adios fromage!

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  1. Luis Ortiz says:

    Temptations are horrible, I'm on day 6 today, but I must say the weekend was horrible. I was so close on eating eggs and so close to eat hot dogs…God is awful to see people eating all this food and you have to sit next to them starving. Anyway, today has gone great! I think during the week is a lot easier do to work….will finish my 10 day on Friday…and I'm also thinking maybe on replacing dinners for juice in the future….

    • Way to go Luis! You're doing it. I am on my 4th day and i got very discouraged because I've only lost 2 ounces! Yes Ounces! I have been on only juice for 3 days! I don't have alot of weight to lose so maybe thats why but it was very discouraging. Im sticking with it though in hopes for better results.

    • Paula Russell says:

      I need help i am actually killing myself by over eating i am allergic to fresh fruits and lettuce i can have black berries, blueberries and raspberries but i still crave food can someone please email me advice i really need help

  2. fatbegonegirls says:

    mmmm… I want some Indian curry : )

    Sounds like you are doing great! I'm inspired!

  3. Good man Luis!! What you are doing is very impressive, it is so hard to resist on the weekend isnt it? I effectively shut myself away and watched films…even then I see the characters eating and that starts me off.

    Remember you can eat what ever you want. You are just choosing not to! Come back and let us know how it feels on Day 10!

  4. I am having a hard time on this juice fast. My husband is the devil, he will munch on chips, popcorn all buttery with tons of salt, cooks up mashed potatoes, grills all kinds of meats, and has bowls of ice cream. All of these are my downfalls, as I have quit smoking almost two years ago and food is so good. I have put on thirty pounds, bought a Champion juicer, and can juice why he is at work, but when my husband is at home I fall off the wagon. Any help out there. I pleaded with my husband to help me, but I think he is deaf…. I need help on how to keep myself motivated….

    • Yes, divorce him!

      Seriously I do sympathise with you though. I think you need to make that decision in your head that you are on a cleanse. Your body is like a beautiful new car that you have just bought, you are not going to fill it with the cheap gas but the premium stuff. Putting the freshly extracted juice from a wide array of fruits and vegetables is the cleanest fuel you can get.

      You need to visualise that concept and equate the chips and crap that your husband is eating with crap fuel. Just think, every one of those chips is going to clog up his arteries. It is a horrible thought but it is one that keeps me on the straight and narrow most of the time.

      Right now I am on Day 3 of a Juice fast and even I get tempted. Once you make it to Day 3 it does get easier. You feel lighter and more energised – you resist the temptation as you know how powerful this juicing cleanse is.

      I also gave up the cigarettes, 9 years ago now but I was on 40 a day. Giving up smoking is a million times harder than a juice fast. You can do this but only if you set the right goals in your mind and mentally commit to completing a fast. Did you download my Starter Guide? Plenty of tips in there.

  5. Hi, I've been inspried by Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and am now on my 3rd day of juicing. Apart from a dull headache I feel pretty good. I'd like to get the Starter Guide, is there any cost involved regarding it or the newsletters?

    • Hi Wendy,

      No cost at all. I decided to write the starter guide because so many people were asking me how I lost so much weight. Made it easier to put it into this format. Over 2000 people have downloaded it and I receive some great feedback. Please download and enjoy it.

  6. I have just started the juicing diet today. I am taking on the 7 day challenge. Wish me luck this first day has already been pretty trying…

    • Tanmoy Ghosh says:

      Hi All, I am also very much inspired and want to start with a 10 dayjuice fast. But I am finding it difficult to get some details like what ingredients i can mix in a juice to make best out of it for first few days… how much should i take … etc. Can anyone of you please guide me with your experience how you have started

  7. I plan to juice and I am so inspired by you, Phil, Joe, Kris Carr, Jon Gabriels and all of these proven juicers! Im concerned that I wont have the money to juice as much as id like.. I dont even have a juicer! haha! But I'll work my butt off until I can afford one! In the mean time, I look forward to reading about all of you out there who are losing weight and leading healthy lives!

    • Hi Hannah,
      Thank you for your kind note. I’m so pleased to hear you are inspired! Juicing is an investment, that’s for sure. You are worth the investment! There is always a way. I’d recommend you start talking to your friends and family about your aspirations to start juicing and why it’s important to you…doors may open that you could not see before. I heard from a subscriber that she started posting on Facebook that she was saving up for a juicier and she was excited to start. One of her friends happen to read this and also happened to have a juicer she was not using and sent it to her! Problem solved.

  8. Hi All, Well done to all those juicing! I have finished yet another 7 day juice week, and have now moved on to Jason Vale’s Turbo Charge 14 day plan. I have managed to pick up 1 kg in two days and all I have had is a juice for breakfast and veggie soup for lunch and dinner!!! I understand that my body is adjusting to food again, but getting very dispondent that the kilos are piling back on! Has anyone else experienced this? And will my weight level out again?

    Thanks guys!!!

    • Congrats on completing a 7 day juice fast! Well done! It can be very disappointing to see the scale shift in the wrong direction when you are making huge efforts toward the opposite. Yes this is normal and it happens to many folks, so don’t worry too much about it. Please realize that you are in this for the long haul. Fasts are a wonderful tool for resetting the body and the mind, however the long haul is were you must focus your efforts. If you continue to juice daily, eat healthy whole foods and exercise you will love the results. Your weight will vary a bit but if you take a step back and look at the big picture you’ll see how far you have already come. Enjoy and celebrate your success!

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