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Carrot -Kale Combo Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Juice review –

Tonight I knocked up the Carrot-Kale Combo from the Joe Cross juicing revolution Join the Reboot site.

The Calvin Klein Juice

Carrot-Kale Combo

1 Green Apple
3 Handfuls spinach
6-8 Kale Leaves
4 Large Carrots
1 Piece Ginger (thumb sized)

Let me be honest, this is not one for the kids…not unless you trick them to wear blindfold.  It looked bloody disgusting. It looked like a cup full of dirty river water.

It tasted…fantastic! Yum, I like this one a lot. I forget how good juiced carrot really tastes. I also loved the hint of ginger. I think I would add more ginger next time though.

I will rename this the Calvin Klein job..can you work out why?

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  1. fatbegonegirls says:

    Love, Love, Love your blog! Especially because I'm just beginning a juice fast after being inspired by Joe and Phil. I have to say, Ginger is a must for me. I love it in EVERYTHING! Juice on!

  2. Thanks very much for your comment. Its responses like that which make me determined to make this blog a resource for all juicers.

    How many days are you on?

    • fatbegonegirls says:

      I did 7 days (was planning to go 10) and then had a major relapse–mainly for not planning better–time management kicks my butt sometimes. It's been 9 days since I finished the 7 and I've felt like I left it unfinished and realized how much better I felt while I was juicing, so I'm back at it today–Day one of (hopefully) 30. Wish me luck.

      • 7 days is a fantastic effort though. I would not beat yourself up over that. I usually only complete a 7 day fast but here we are on day 5, its the halfway point.

        Time management is hard. I travel a lot with my job, one of the reasons I am overweight if truth be told, so I really need to plan this. I also need to research juice bars better because even when I am not fasting drinking one glass of green smoothie for breakfast really does set me up for the day and ensures I make healthier choices. I know when I have completed the 10 days, I will eat more raw food and try and refrain from eating those nasty things like white flour, sugar and my achilles heel…cheese!!!

        • fatbegonegirls says:

          Oh No! Cheese is your devil too? I can't tell you how many times I've broken up with cheese only to go groveling on hands and knees a mere two days later asking forgiveness and begging cheese to take me back ; )

          • Yes its true she is my vice. Though since I went on a 30 day veggie kickstart a while ago I have managed to eliminate it from my diet. Only snag is, at restaurants, most veggie dishes include cheese! I now tell myself how much saturated fat is in that block of cheese.

  3. Oddly enough, my kids do enjoy the green juice. lol. Its crazy because there are some fruit juices that they aren't crazy about, but try to steal sips of my veggie juices.

  4. I love that about juicing, you really can mask a lot of the tastes of the lesser liked veggies such as celery and broccoli!

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