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Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Juicing Day 2

I must be honest here I was suprised how easy Day 1 of the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead reboot was. ‘Hunger’ did not come into play until I was in bed, early.

Juicing for Weight loss

I have a love/hate relationship with the first few days of a juice fast. I hate the mental hunger, the headaches and the loss of energy but I love the fact I get tired early in the evening and I crawl into bed and sleep well. By Day 3 and 4 of a juicing fast my energy is through the roof.

Day 2 has also been easier than I remember. I think the more of these detox juice fasts you do the easier it becomes. I know Joe Cross does these every three months and I think its a great regime to follow.

Apart from the odd bit of temptation I am not really missing ‘real’ food. I work in downtown San Francisco and there is plenty of restaurants to tempt me but nope today I walked to the juicing bar and enjoyed a nice veggie juice.

I think I am mentally tuned in for this 10 day juice fast and I am determined to complete it. I know why I am doing it and I know it will recalibrate my system to eat healthier and work out better. I am also greatly inspired by Joe Cross, Phil Staples and all the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead guys. I am looking to forward it again in 30 mins segments to make sure my determination is as steely as it is now.

Also had some great weight loss on the scale this morning. I wont report it just yet as I am unsure if its a fluke..lets see how things stack up in  a few days.

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