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Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Juice recipes – review

Tonight I tried a new juice from the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead juice recipe.

I opted for the Apple-Carrot-Beet.

The Green Smoothie Health Program

I am trying on this juice fast to stick with the Joe Cross and Phil Staples regime of juicing more veggies than fruit. Something I have not done so well with in the past. Dont get me wrong I love beets and carrots but my taste buds usually water more at the prospect of mango and pineapple than beets and carrots.

This one though was pleasantly refreshing. If you dont like beets then this is not for you. I know in many of the juices you can hide celery and certain greens but the beet is prevalent in this juice. Luckily I enjoy the taste.

Also beets are great for runners. Take a look at the results from this academic study. “We were amazed by the effects of beet juice on oxygen uptake because these effects [including a 16% boost in cyclists’ endurance, at greater speed] cannot be achieved by any other known means, including training.” – Prof. Andrew Jones, University of Exeter

So there you go, drink your beets and get 16% better endurance.

Anyway I digress, this is a lovely tasting juice and in true Running on Juice style I like to adapt some of these juices so I added my favourite fruit…the humble pear to this and it worked a treat. So I name this juice ‘Beetlejuice’.

Beetlejuice Recipe

1 apple
4 carrots
2 beets (or 1 big beet!) And beet is a beetroot for my British friends.
lump of ginger
1 pear.

Juice the lot and blend with ice and some spinach.

The Green Smoothie Health Program

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  1. Christine says:

    What juicer do you use? I'm looking for a new one since my last one died.

  2. Hi Christine, I use the Breville Juicer you can see my set up here

    There are also the Jack lalanne juicer and the Jay Kordich ones which I am told are good. Whatever you buy, try and get one with a wide funnel. Its worth the cash not to have to chop everything up into small pieces.

    • Mike Springer says:

      Best one is the Breville as I have had others and now the breville for 6 months!! Its worth the investment in your health.

  3. Gloria Ramirez says:

    please send me a guideline to follow what kind of juice I should drink. I don’t want to loss weight, Im 47 and my weight is 127. I just want to clean my system.

  4. James Tassin says:

    I have ulcercirative colitis and would like to know what fruits and veggies to use.
    I don't need to to lose any weight, just want to feel better

    • Do you eat Cabbage? I used to be sick 100% of the time with Colitis but went on the cabbage soup diet for 2 months and totally turned my life around 10 years ago now I am Colitis free BUT ..DO not eat or drink.. Soda any alcohol any dairy, no Salad dressing or oily things, any fried food, or fast food, processed and preprepared food…Its what I call eating clean.. Now I eat mostly organic, I never eat non organic meat and feel like a person. my husband and I just started the Juice diet yesterday.

    • Cabbage would be very helpful. According to the original juice man, Jay Kordick, 5 carrots 1 3inch wedge of green cabbage and on half apple.

  5. Something refreshing would be just in time right now. I am goin to give it a try. (I hope I still love beet)

  6. I always love the idea of of a juicer and smoothies – but they're a real pain in the a*** to clean..

    Fruit's also very expensive in the UK so it's usually cheaper to go to the supermarket and buy it by the litre!

    • extraction juicers are a waste. I have a Vitamix. It keeps all the pulp (blender style) so you get the benefits of the fiber and it cleans with some hot water and a drop of soap – back on the base for a couple seconds. Some veggies you drop in with the skins and cores! Yes – it is very expensive but if you are a serious "juicer" or cook, it's a no brainer.

      • That is a very sweeping statement Maria on what do you base your findings?

        Here are my facts:
        I lost 70 pounds through using a juice extractor.
        Angie lost 70 pounds through using a juice extractor.
        Joe Cross lost 85 pounds through using a juice extractor.
        Phil Staples lost..

        Hundreds of readers of this site have also lost the pounds through using an extractor.

        Now I happen to think a Vitamix is a good tool and if it works for you that\’s great but I get fed up with those out there that saying juicing is a waste of time.

        I like the idea of a twin track approach – both juice and blend – then you get the best of both worlds.

      • its the best juicer and if you plan to be a serious blender worth the $$ in the long run. $100 machines will not last-vitamix does

    • Tony, I have the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro and have timed myself to clean it. It took 5 minutes to clean. It's still a little more hassle than a Blendtec but 5 minutes to clean is not much of a hassle. Hope that helps.

  7. cristina says:

    how do you get protein out of juicing?

  8. Hi, a quick question: Do you peel the beet before juicing?

    I juiced a (washed but not peeled) beet last night (together with carrot) and felt nausea and, forgive my straightforwardness, felt like vomiting afterwards… Could it be the skin?

    Many thanks!

    • No worries this site is all about being straight-forward.

      I do not peel beet either, I just give them a good wash and scrub. How many did you use? May be better to start with half a beet and see how you feel? Out of interest did you juice the beet greens? They are full of goodness but I have heard too many beet greens can cause nausea.

    • Be careful with beets. They are very potent and never should be juiced alone. Pure beet juice can paralyze your vocal cords, make you nausea or can make you break out in hives.

  9. Hi i have a question im looking to lose wieght and detox as i am getting married next year but my problem is i have a 3month old son whom im breast feeding, would it be a good idea to try this i no i will have to talk to my gp

  10. Danielle…ALWAYS ask your doctors before doing anything, if you are breastfeeding. Babies need the nutrients found in your milk. It is not just you here…you have to think about the baby, and making sure what you will do will leave you have enough energy to be taking care of him as well while doing this. Sp,e things do not transfer well to babies and can make them sick.

  11. I've started juicing and I realize that I hate the taste of the ginger AND I hate the taste of anything with carrots juiced in, although I like both of these items "in the raw" (not juiced). Do you have any suggestions for replacements on these two items? Thank you.

    • Thanks for the question, I’m smiling because when I first started juicing I didn’t like carrots or ginger and I HATED beets! Your taste will change over time, I eventually came to like carrots and ginger in small amounts. I can tolerate beets now and I do because I know how good they are for me. Ginger is often used to help with veggie heavy juices, you can also use lemon or lime as an alternative. If you like beets you can replace them for carrots.

      Hope that helps, let me know if you have any other questions.

  12. I just got a juice extracted/juicer and am loving the few drinks I've tried. My goal is to lower my blood sugar which I can't seen to get down by just modifying my regular diet (a lot of eating out & social events). My blood sugar has been averaging 220 +/-. I weigh 120 so I do not want to loose weight. Love the fruit drinks with the pulp but fear they aren't helping to lower my blood sugar.

    Would like some recipes and to know how much juice should be supplementing my regular diet – once a day…twice a day? P.S. I HATE beets!

    • Hi Charlie,
      Thanks for the question. You should try to make more veggie heavy juices and stay away from the sweeter ones. You can replace cucumber for an apple or pear base as a way to modify recipes and lower the sugar content. I think it’s good to start slow and ad one juice a day, then increase as you learn your juicer and what works for you. Please speak with your doctor regarding your high blood sugar and any major health changes.
      Have you taken a look at our free starter guide? I think you will find it helpful, plus there are recipes included. Here is a page with recipes that might be helpful.

      Keep us posted :)

  13. My husband an I are interesting on starting the juice diet. He has cholesterol

    And I’m just a few lbs overweight. I would like know how to start a cleansing plan. I’m trying to find out how to combine the juice.

    • Hi Zuniga,
      We recommend starting slow, perhaps adding a fresh juice a day to start. Have you taken a look at the Free Juicing Starter Guide? It’s got some recipes and lots of tips. I think it would be helpful to you.
      We do offer a 21 day Juicing Kickstart, which you can find out more about here
      As far as combining produce, it’s best to start with a few recipes and test them to find what you like and then start to experiment.

      Let us know how you get on :)

  14. christine says:

    I’m on atkins and would like to try juicing but I’m worried that I will gain weight from all the carbs…any suggestions?

    • Hi Christine,
      Great question. If you are planing to do a juice fast, I’m not sure why you wouldn’t lose weight because you would not be consuming the meat, dairy and fat. However if you have been consuming a lot of meat, dairy and fat you might experience more detox symptoms. It’s good to get as much raw fruits and veggies before a fast and lay off the meat and dairy.
      Now if you wish to simply add juice to your low carb diet then I’d stick with juicing low carb fruits and veggies.
      As always, speak with your doctor before making any major health changes.

    • Veggie juice diet isnt a diet its a way of life, juice for 10 days per dr's okay then when u do eat change the way of life eat meat 2 times a week and veggies/fruit/beans all week with carbs and sweets rarly

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