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Phil Staples Juice review

So you have all heard me talk about my take on the Phil Staples Mean Green Juice recipe. What I call the ‘Hail the Kale’ but in honour of Mr Staples I am now going to call the ‘Phil Staples Juice‘. I hope Mr Staples does not mind that we have named our favourite juice in honour of him. (By the way I am British living in the USA so sorry for still using the Queens spelling ;-)

I asked a dear friend of mine, Angie to write a review on the Phil Staples Juice. I made her a glass and I wanted to make sure this was not just me loving this recipe. I used to have an addiction to rootbeer you know. In my pre juicing life when I came on holiday to the USA I would guzzle gallons of the stuff as you cannot find it very often in Europe.  My British friends hated the taste of rootbeer, I loved it so maybe my taste buds are off..

So this is what Angie thinks of the Phil Staples juice:

“Hail the kale, indeed! Yesterday I got the pleasure of tasting the Running On Juice version of the now famous Phil Staples green juice recipe. Unlike most folks, I’ve become used to tasty juices/smoothies dressed in green.

My juicing/health guru Shane, served up a creamy mixture of freshly juiced kale, cucumber, celery, apples, lemon…then into the blender with ice, chia seeds (yes like the chia pet), hemp seeds and a little frozen pineapple. It was cold, tangy, slightly sweet, delicious and the perfect way to start a warm summer day! I felt great, even skipped my usual morning coffee and that rarely happens on purpose.

At lunchtime I was craving another Hail the Kale juice. Since I was far from my juicer, I settled on a raw veggie sandwich. I think starting the day with a healthy green juice set me up for healthier choices through out the day.  By the end of the day I still felt energized and even did a late evening workout! Thanks for sharing your Hail the Kale with me, defiantly a tasty juice with all the goodness you’ll need for a busy day. All hail the kale!”

So I am glad that its not just me, Angie is quite a foodie you know so this is high praise. Have you tried the Phil Staples Juice yet? Why not tell us how you liked it?

The Phil Staples Juice  aka Hail the Kale
6 kale leaves
1 cucumber
4 celery stalks
2 apples
1/2 lemon
lump of ginger

Just juice the lot! I then add it to the blender and add a load of ice.  Why not give it a try? You can read more juice recipes from this documentary at Reboot Your Life.

I am currently using the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro juicer.

Jay Kordich Juicer

Phil Staples and Joe Cross both using the Breville juicer.

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  1. Hi, I think you need to add a carrot in there. In the movie, there were carrots all over the plates when they were in the restaurant showing the daily veggies. There were a couple of tomatoes for that matter but also in the newspaper ad that shows a recipe for the juice shows a carrot in the photo but fails to include it in the recipe.

  2. Thanks Steve. I used the flyer that came with the DVD for this, The beauty of juicing though is there is no prohibition…maybe I will add a carrot to my next one and see how it tastes. I know substituting apples with pear was a revelation on the taste front.

    Phil Staples did not make the same juice for 60 days, I expect he mixed and matched but I believe the Mean Green was the 'staple' of his juicing diet.

  3. Hi,

    As someone that is trying out the Juicemaster approach and a Juicing beginner I wondered if you had any thoughts on the seemly big difference in recipe makeup between the Juicemaster recipes and the Reboot like this Phil Staples Juice. I mean in terms of vegetable content. The Juicemaster recipes seem to advocate a "slices" or "little bits" of things like cucumber and celery whereas the Reboot ones generally talk in terms of whole cucumbers, numbers of carrots and numbers of sticks of celery.

    I guess there could be arguments made for nutrient content but I was wondering whether you felt it stacks up when compared to the cost of using that amount each day. Just interested in various opinions


    • Thats a great question Martin.

      I have completed three 7 day juice fasts, 2 were Juicemaster and 1 was the Reboot programme.

      My own feeling was I preferred Jason Vale\’s approach, my last fast (this month in fact) was a very different experience. I did not feel the same energy surge that I got through the juicemaster approach. On saying that I did run 20 miles for those 10 days so maybe I used up my energy boosts on the running.

      Also I got the full force of the detoxing symptoms on days 4,5 and 6 as opposed to days 2 and 3.

      In my general self I felt better on the Juicemaster regime. My dear friend Angie completed the fast with me and she felt great so maybe it depend on your own body.

      I also lost more weight with Jason than I did Reboot. This however may be because I am nearing goal weight. When I fasted juicemaster style I was 60lbs heavier.

      Either way these are both fantastic juicing regimes and will do your body the power of good.

  4. what is meant by 1 piece of ginger?

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