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Juicing Weight Loss – Brad’s Success Story

I am delighted to share Brad’s juicing success story with you.

Its high time you got to hear from people other than myself, Joe Cross and Phil Staples ;-) Through this blog I am hoping to show you that many people are achieving successful weight loss through juicing and keeping that weight off. Not only that, I am noticing more and more juicing adopting exercise into their life. Anyway I will shut up and hand you over to Brad.


My name is Brad and today I’m going to tell you how running on Juice changed my life. It all started back in about February of 2011 when I decided that I was a 36 year old fat slob!

I was about 80 pounds overweight, working a full time job at about 50 hours per week, and working on my Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Management. Add to that my duties as a husband and father of two beautiful girls and I had very little time to do much else.

Despite all of that, I had the epiphany that I was horribly overweight and something HAD to change so I bought a Ninja Blender and started making smoothies with whole fruits and veggies. Knowing Shane was a Juicer I sent him an e-mail for some smoothie recipes and Shane eventually turned me on to Juicing.

I read 7 pounds in 7 days and my wife and I did the diet. I really wish I had done the cholesterol and BP checks, because the results were dramatic! I lost 12 pounds and my wife lost 9 pounds! Now solidly on the juicing path I bought a VitaMix blender and joined the Local CSA to get a regular supply of fresh organic produce started. On the 9th of April 2011 I started where I am now documenting my journey to run every day for 365 consecutive days.

When I first started running I didn’t think I would have time, but the experience has taught me it is EASY to find the time if you make the time. I run daily now, most days with my 6 year old daughter. She loves the time we spend just the two of us. It gives us a chance to talk about things and get some good daddy daughter time together. You would not believe the quality conversations we have had about finances, friends, politics, the environment, and so many other things. I truly cherish the time we spend. So far Sophia has gotten up to 6 miles in about 55 minutes.  She is VERY proud of this accomplishment and wants to be the fastest kid in the neighborhood! My wife and I also run together fairly regularly and push our 1 year old in the baby jogger. So far I have run 183.58 miles since the 9th of April as measured by the Runtastic app on my iPhone.

I was 262 pounds back in February, and I am currently 238 and have lost 10 inches around my waist. 24 pounds may not sound like much, but I can assure you my fat loss has been MUCH more than that. My legs are much thicker and more solid and my recent affinity for obstacle racing and my current weight training plan has added some quality muscle mass to my frame.

One of the key things to remember is this journey is way more about the changes you go through and how you feel than the number on the scale. I feel fantastic and two weeks ago during the Warrior Dash I climbed numerous obstacles, ran 3.5 miles and jumped over fire! Most of all I have a great relationship with my family, I am setting a good example for my kids, and spend a lot more quality time with my children. If you are on the fence I think the best advice I can give you is to get up and do SOMETHNG and stop eating fast food! If you would like to follow my journey please feel free to add me on twitter @bmtrnavsky and visit my blog at


So there are more benefits to juicing than just weight loss. Brad is now running regularly and he is finding some quality time with his daughter! Juicing really does offer you a good way out of the rut you may be in.

Many raw food and juicing sites are written by new age hippy types. Brad and I are the complete opposite of that stereotype.  We were the guys you would find at the bar knocking back pints of beer whilst devouring large bowls of buffalo wings.

I hope this inspires other to read more into juicing and ask us both for help with juicing if you need.

Do you have a successful juicing story to share? I can be reached at


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