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Phil Staples Juice recipe

I have had a lot of questions about what Joe Cross and Phil Staples juice recipes are.

They do not provide a comprehensive list with the Fat Sick and Nearly Dead DVD or in the Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead Book.

However Joe Cross and Phil Staples say their main juice is the ‘Mean Green’.

Phil Staples Juice Recipe

1 Bulk of Kale
4 celery stalks
1 cucumber
2 granny smith apples
1/2 of a lemon
lump of Ginger

This is what I call my ‘Hail the Kale’ juice. My only issue with this is that I dont enjoy the taste of Granny Smith, I prefer to use Golden Delicious or Gala apples.

I also add chia seeds for omega 3 and hemp protein. There is plenty of protein in the kale but I like a little additional help from the hemp.

Jay Kordich juicer

Check out the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro

Jay Kordich has been selling juicers for 65 years and he has now designed one. I am currently using it, its called the Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro.

I just typed up a Jay Kordich Power Grind Pro juicer review after my latest 7 day juice fast. Phil Staples and Joe Cross juice using the Breville juicer.

Of course the beauty of juicing is that you can mix and match. I would try and experiment as it is all good. My only rule is to have as much as 80% of the recipe as vegetables.

UPDATE: I am currently on a 10 day juice fast read about it here Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Juice Fast

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  1. Have you checked out for more recipes?!

    • What is it with America? They have too turn everything into a money maker! Just spread the word about juicing and stop trying to sell sell sell! All the information about juicing is out there and free! Stop these fat cows cashing in!!!

      • Running on Juice says:

        Hi JuiceGuy! Thanks for taking the time to post a comment, always good to hear from fellow Brits!

        A bit harsh on America there. 15,000 people have downloaded our FREE Juicing Starter Guide which I put together after my first 60 pound weight loss. So that is 15,000 people who have benefited from my own juicing experience, free of charge. Sure, there are amazon links in there which help us with server costs to keep this resource going.

        Check it out, you may enjoy it.

  2. Yes I have Jamin, some decent recipes on there for sure. I am a community member of jointhereboot and not sure the site is as interactive as it could be. I am happy to help if anyone from the reboot is reading this.

    Its important we all spread the word!

    • Thanks for posting Phil Staples Juice Recipe it is no where on the jointhereboot site, which I think is strange. it should be in the recipe section of the site but it isn't. I first found it on the video "fat sick and nearly dead" but I like what you have done with it. For me I am about 140 lbs over weight and am looking at starting my Juice fast in the second week of august 2011 as money is a issue and I will have the money for a juicer in the first week of august then get started. I have fasted. thanks again, I know I am rambling but just wanted to extend my thanks… Ron V.

      • Hi Ron, ramble away thats what the blog is for.

        Yes its strange its not on the reboot site. I know it because the DVD came with a green insert with the mean green recipe on it.

        Ron, I wish we could have spoke around Christmas time in 2009. I was at my wits end with my weight and my health in general. I think if you could have seen the difference in between then and now you would feel very energised about your juicing adventure. You can of course see the photos in the about section and I will publish more soon as I know this is inspiring for many people, I appreciate the mail.

        Please stay in touch with us and tell us how you get on, I m hoping you will be one of the success stories we can post about in a few months. In the meantime if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

      • Hey Ron V,

        Wow 140lbs over weight man you got me beat by a whopping 10lbs. I would love to have you as a buddy. Since we are just about the same weight. Your post was back in July so you may have already passed me. But either way let me know. I’ve join the reboot your life membership also. juic

  3. Phil I saw you use chia seeds, have you tried verdolagas (purslane)? it grows wild and contains many vitamins, minerals and tons of Omega 3 fatty acids. I just started the mean green fasting. Thanks for your inspiration, Dee

  4. Hi Dee, this is not Phils site, I dont think he has one. I only lost 50 pounds through juicing unlike skinny Phil! He is fantastic inspiration as is Joe.

  5. I am planning to go on a juicing diet. I am also, training for a marathon which is late october. I have run a couple of 5ks and one 15k. Would you recommend going on a juicing diet for a fairly new runner with a short period to train for? I need to loose the weight before the marathon. I would really appreciate your input on this.



    • Hi Skd

      Yes you can juice and run, I did it in freezing cold Sweden. You do though need to work out how many carbs you will need for your long runs and ensure you take enough on board to fuel up.

      I actually loved smoothies for this purpose as they did not make me as bloated as a bowl of pasta etc

  6. gonna be my first fasting , is there anything I should be ready for ? and I will buy my juicer soon , how much would you say 2 weeks worth of the ingredients cost ? I’m very excited gonna got for a 14 day fast to jump star my healthy lifestyle change I’m no stranger to working out as I used to compete in powerlifting in the super heavy weight deivision. If I return to it I would like to compete in the 245′s Currently i weight 350 give or take 4 pounds mix of muscle and fat. but i cant wait. jus wondering what can i expect the first week , and price average per week of greens and how many drinks a day. thanks in advance

  7. The Mean green and other recipes are actually hidden away on the movie's website:

  8. Hi Big T! Good luck on the fast, I prefer to call it a feast, psychologically its better and you are going to consume more fruit and veg than ever before.

    Its hard for me to give you a cost of juicing overall as it depends on where you shop. There is a world of difference between Whole Foods and the local Asian Supermarket. Whereever you go it will seem a lot but remember its not really, not when you compare it with the cost of your usual grocery shop.

    Tomorrow I am starting a 10 day juice fast sorry feast. So I will try and add costs and talk about how it feels. From experience the toughest days are Day 1 and Day 2. Day 1 its like having a devil on your shoulder who is urging you to eat, everything you see on the tv is food, glorious food. Day 2 is mentally tough, you may get headaches and feel a bit weaker. However on Day 3 I felt my energy levels go through the roof. I also found I was tired earlier in the evening. My advice is get yourself to bed and dont fight it. Honestly Big T if you can stick with it then you are going to really reap the rewards.

    @Jeric thanks for the link, I am off to check it out now.

  9. Congratulations and it really is great to see another individual change their own lifestyle for the better. Looking forward to seeing your new weight loss goal. I actually saw the documentary on July 27, 2011 and started the fast on July 29th. The biggest challenge I've had is fasting for the month of Ramadan and juicing at the same time. It has been tough since I am not able to eat or drink anything from sunrise to sunset. But as soon as the sun sets, I have my first fruit juice and then the mean green. I would state a precise number on how many lbs lost but I just found out my scale acts funny at different parts of the floor. I use the Jack Lalane juicer which I had to do some research before I purchased and now it seems a good weight scale is also hard to find as well! Hopefully next time I will post a link with my own blogsite.

    • MoMo wow – I am myself waiting until Ramadan is over to start juicing exclusively, and am instead using Ramadan as a cleanse period & revving up. Cutting down/out on sugars, having a juice or two a day and overall using it to transition to what I would like to become a 10 day juice fast after Ramadan. It is actually a perfect springboard, as after the first week of Ramadan or so food becomes really really boring and I feel myself filled up with my bowl of lentil soup and glass of juice.

      Take care & may our fasts be accepted.

      • am so impressed. I juiced for 40 days not so long ago but I am not sure how to manage juicing + ramadan fasting at the same time. Now that sunset will be around 8 35 or so. when would someone eat, drink or just juice? !!

  10. Wow MoMo juicing during Ramadan must be really tough! You must be very determined! Do you like the LaLane juicer?

  11. A few of us from the reboot site just started a forum group.. . ….trying to get it going…everyone is welcome!

  12. Hi this might be an odd question, but I was wondering since I'm going back to school in a month or so and I want to do my 60 day fast, how will I be able to do it during school?

  13. Hi Jessica

    Thats a tricky one.

    My advice would be to shoot for a 10 day juice fast first. If you feel good aim for 15 and vice versa. Now if you reach day 30 and you feel that you can push on then go for it.

    I just think its much better to set yourself smaller realistic goals, I find it much easier that way.

  14. Does anyone know, is it ok to heat the mean green juice to make it a veggie soup?

  15. Hi Saw75,

    I am a full time nursing student and also have a full time job. I am very busy and want to be able to make juice ahead of time that will last at least a couple of days. What is the best way to store juice? I bought some freezer safe 16 oz mason jars and have been filling those to store juice in the fridge that I will drink w/in 24 hours and then freezing jars of juice that I will drink the next day.

    Do you think this is a good plan or should I try something else? I just don’t have time to make fresh juice everyday.


    • Hi Andrea.

      I hear you. Making juices can be very time consuming. Is there anyone near work or on the way to work that you can find freshly made juice? I did that in the mornings I bought juice there for breakfast and it helped. I am not in favor of using juices more than 8 hours after they have been made. I think you are missing out on a lot of the goodness as the enzymes start to die off.

      I also used the SIGG brand of flasks to try and retain as much goodness as possible. The trick with bottling juice is to ensure there is no air in the flask. So even if you do not have enough juice I would fill the rest up with water or even better…ice.

      Good luck with it.

  16. I am committed to trying the juice fast but I'm unsure exactly what I should juice, how often daily, and the amount of juice I need to drink. Does anyone have suggestions

  17. Tricia says:

    I juiced like this for 3months I juiced breakfast and dinner and had a salad with either baked fish or chicken and I was walking upto 3 miles a day I lost 30 lbs then fell off. But I have not gained the weight back and I am planning to start again, it just gets pricey im a single mom on a fixed income, I will try and try again !!!

  18. hello i stumbled on ur website when i became unsure if i should really try this mean green diet i mean ive tried alot of things but that movie really inspired me to take this leap i brought my brevile juicer and it will be here in 1 more day i hope to be able to tell u and my family good news of marvelous progress for my health currently i weigh around 230lbs which most people would think is a small number but for a girl like me at age 22 height 5'1 it falls way pass obese and the results are slowly catching up to my health..i read this will be hard i brought the fat sick and near death dvd to keep as personal inspiration and now i have ur website for add support so id like to thank you or ur efforts in telling the world and myself about a healthier way to a ealthier lifestyle

  19. Rareyes says:

    just got off an 10 day juice fast. it was amazing. not only did i lose weight (14lbs) but my energy level was shocking. i was surprised every day. i waited for the tiredness feeling to overtake me but it never came. i was sharp minded and focused on my task of each day. My husband backed me up so it did not feel difficult at all. i experienced a headache about the fourth day which 2 excedrins took care of easily. other than that i felt no side effects. not even hunger.

  20. Visibledream says:

    I got my juicer and fruits and veggies tonight and start my 10 days tomorrow. I changed what I was eating for about a month and now I feel very ready to get going. I have about 100 lbs to lose and thankfully, im not sick but i am fat, sick of being fat and ready to live a healthier happier life!

  21. Rebecca Parkinson says:

    Hello. I am going to be starting a 10 day juicing fast. Is it better to peel and get the seeds out of the fruits and veggies before you juice them or is it ok to leave them whole?

    • Hi Rebecca,

      I would wash them but not peel them, unless its things like banana or oranges. Never juice orange peel! I did that once, never again.

      A lot of the best nutrients and minerals are in between the peel and the pith. Another great reason to juice. I have read for instance that 95% of the good stuff in a watermelon for instance is in the peel – which we never eat but you can juice.


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