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Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

The documentary ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead‘ may sound melodramatic but this really was the case for the films protagonist Joe Cross.

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead tells the true story of the power of fruit, vegetables and how you can use them to heal your body and change your life.

UPDATE: I am currently on a 10 day juice fast read about it here Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Juice Fast

Melodramatic? Not at all Joe Cross  managed to lose over 80lbs and whats more impressive is he has kept it off. Actually whats more impressive is that he had some serious auto-immune medical issues which the juicing managed to see off!

Its a fascinating documentary because like me, Joe Cross is no new age hippy. Joe is a successful 40 something businessman. Like me, he travels a lot, he entertains clients a lot and that results in excess weight and a whole host of other medical issues.  This is no Alicia Silverstone Kind Diet (as noble as that is), this is a fat, hard drinking, calorie guzzling businessman, I identify with Joe Cross.

He journeys across America as he tries to complete a 60 day juice fast.  It appears that many Americans are not receptive to his message..until he meets Phil Staples.

Mr Staples is a trucker from Iowa, no ordinary trucker as he weighed in well over 400 pounds. Amazingly he has the same rare auto immune disease as Joe Cross. Staples takes up the challenge and goes juicing.  This for me is the most inspirational part of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, again this is no trendy Hollywood celebrity. Phil Staples is in serious trouble with his health but he completes the 10 day juice fast, loses a bunch of weight and in the end he pushes on to complete the 60 day juice fast. He loses well over 200 pounds and looks a completely different man.

He could hardly walk 10 mins at the start of his juicing challenge and at the end of the show he is an Australian rugby shirt which was three times too small for him when Joe Cross handed it to him.

I actually cried at this stage, tears of happiness for a guy who has completely turned his life around through juicing. I cried because I remember how I felt, hitting my goal weight, completing my first half marathon. I recalled my first attempt at running in Stockholm, Sweden 18 months earlier and could not even run for 5 mins, I recalled finishing that first half marathon and sticking my fingers up to my old self. If you are new here you can see photos of my weight loss through juicing on the About Running On Juice page

Even if you do not agree with juicing, I would still give this documentary a watch. I am sure ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead’ will help you with your own health and fitness challenges.

I am so grateful to Joe Cross for producing ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead‘ – I know it helps me refocus and also I will watch it when I do my juice fasts every three months as its impossible not to be moved by the story of Joe Cross and Phil Staples.

I think the film should have been call ‘Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead or: How I learned to stop eating burgers and love juicing!

Joe has a website where you can sign up for various programmes called ‘reboot your life‘ juicing.  Joe now joins Jason Juice Master Vale in being one of the great juicing evangelists.  I also hope this blog contributes in a small part to the work these guys are doing.

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  1. whatsreal says:

    I enjoyed your review and loved the movie too!

  2. Thanks! I hope more people get to see it!

  3. denise hacker says:

    Thank you, i always have juiced but sill love junk food and hard to give up even tho i know how bad it've inspired me.

  4. I have run a few half marathons and they are no where near 30 miles, they are 13.1 miles.

  5. Great movie.. Very interesting.. How are you maintaining your weight loss now ?

  6. Can anyone send me a link to the 60 day fast? I have seen some of the smaller ones but can't figure out where to go?? Also in the movie he talks about beans and seeds and none of the recipes I see have them?

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