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After a seven day juice fast

Its the day after a 7 day Jason Vale 7 lbs in 7 days super plan.

I feel great! Now I can eat whatever I want and guess what I m having for breakfast? Thats right dear reader…another smoothie.

So what was yesterdays big event…well I had to take my driving test. A very stressful affair especially when I failed three times previously. So add all that stress and tension to the 7th day of juicing? A lot of people would have only done 6 days juicing or cancelled the whole attempt.

So my message really is no matter the stressful event, exam, court appearance, work appraisal, driving test! You can still juice!

Oh and for those of you who are curious… I passed!

So todays final weigh in.

  • 82.3 kilos ( almost 4 kilos lost!!)
  • 181 pounds (9lbs lost!)
  • 12.9 stone! (just over half a stone lost!)

Remember this is just the loss of this weeks juicing.

Lets look at the total weight loss since I discovered juicing in January 2010.

  • 106 kilos (24 kilos lost!)
  • 234 pounds (53 pounds lost)
  • 17 stone (Over 4 stone lost!)

And not just that I feel so good, full of energy and active.

Last night I turned up to a flash run, these are runs that are organised on the fly, its like online flash mobs.

Only the coach turned up! I was really worried but I was able to hold my own..and can usually hide at the back when there is a large group. This on the last day of juicing! I then walked into the supermarket to pick up some veggies for tonights stir fry. So it was dark and stormy. I am in shorts, calf compression socks and a luminous bright jacket…walking through a supermarket after a 4 mile run.  I would not even be seen in shorts a year ago.

Today I will start the transition easily. A nice light salad for lunch and a stir fry with tofu and veggies for dinner. I am very intrigued by trying to get my diet 50% raw and who knows maybe more.

Read the 7 lbs in 7 days daily diary.

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