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Day 5 -Jason Vale 7lbs in 7 days Super Diet

Day 5 is here already and I can tell you that my energy levels are again thumping!

One thing I am noticing with the 7lbs in 7 days diet is that I do not need as much sleep as usual.  The first few nights I was tired early. Jason Vale aka the Juicemaster writes that you should not fight this fatigue but go to bed when you are tired whatever the time is.

Now I am waking up at 5am and telling myself to get another hours sleep in. Never I have felt so recharged on any diet.

I am also finding that each day gets easier. If you are reading this on Day 1 believe me its worth it. Yesterday no cravings at all..well maybe when I gave the dog his biscuits yesterday, I might have drooled a little ;-)   Seriously though it does get easier.

So the tale of the tape….this morning’s scales read:

  • 83.8 kgs
  • 184.7 lbs
  • 13.2 stone

I am delighted with this! The juices are really tasty as well, currently sipping on a Super Chute Juice, one of my favourites, so earthy so good!

Super Chute Juice

2 apples
1/2 stick of celery
mixed greens
1 inch cucumber
1/2 inch broccoli stem
alfalfa sprouts
1/4 inch slice beetroot
1/4 inch slice courgette (zucchini)
1 small piece of lemon
1/4 inch slice ginger

This tastes so good!

We had a Bank Holiday here in the US yesterday so its back to work today! Which means making a few juices in advance.

I wonder what the scales will read tomorrow.

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