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The Perfect Smoothie does not exist

I get lots of mail about the ‘perfect smoothie.’  I always answer the same way, it does not exist.

There are way too many fruits and vegetables out there to say what is the best smoothie combination.  There is a bountiful supply of superfoods that you can add a well.

More often than not it depends on your mood and on your taste buds  as well.

You can do yourself a favour though by reading No Meat Athlete‘s guide to the Perfect Smoothie Formula.

He makes a very good stab at what formula you can use to come up with great smoothies. I agree with most of his suggestions except I rather juice fruits like apple, lemon and ginger first before adding to the blender. See what I mean? Nobody will ever agree with whats the best smoothie formula, which actually is the great thing about juicing and smoothie making.

I just bought the No Meat Athlete Marathon Roadmap I will post a review once I have finished it.

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