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Dessert for Breakfast

Its Day 16 of my 28 day vegan challenge and until yesterday I have been eating Rips Big Bowl cereal from the Engine 2 diet for breakfast.

On Sunday I run my second half marathon and I have switched back to smoothies for breakfast.

I was intrigued by Yogi Sara Strothers Morning Smoothie and gave it a go.

It includes raw almond butter and I nearly scrapped the whole idea when I saw how much this stuff costs!!! It was 19.99 USD! Ordinarily I would have gone for the non raw version but I like to make recipes as they are intended before I tweak them.

This was a nice smoothie, definitely kept me satisfied till lunch time. I did not even need a morning snack. Yesterday I made the original recipe today I added ice and Vega to it. I think a bit of lemon would be nice to give it a tang.

I will definitely not be drinking this on race day though..its a heavy one but very nice..another commenter on the Yumuniverse blog where I found mentioned that she added vanilla.

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