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The vegetarian endurance advantage?

My blogging friend Matt of NoMeatAthlete fame has a free e-course on being a vegetarian and how it can help you be a better runner. I have had my veggie phases my longest being 4 months.

I do find that the more I read the more I come across runners who are vegetarian. As I love vegetarian food I am really tempted to go veggie for the next three months as I train for the San Francisco half marathon. I rarely eat meat thesedays. I think the last time I ate meat was last Tuesday because someone threw a surprise thanksgiving dinner at work.

NoMeatAthlete is a great blog to read if you are intrigued about becoming a vegetarian and I recently signed up for the free e-course.

Firstly I have not been bombarded with SPAM! Thats always good. The mails are well spaced out and give you time to think about the content. There was a recent mail which talked about what foods vegetarians eat. It was written in a fun style as Matt takes the reader through a typical days worth of food.  I loved the sound of the Sweet Potato and Chickpea curry. So tonight I gave it a go.

Plenty of carbs for tomorrows early run!

I followed NoMeatAthlete’s recipe but I also added some Yams that I had left over in my Farm Fresh To You box. It worked really well.

All the ingredients were organic and this really worked. I am sure I would have enjoyed this in my rampant meat eating days. Next time though I will use hotter curry power, maybe vindaloo strength. Might even be good to fling a few raisins in this as well.

No juice?! I hear you cry. Well today, I had three juices and then a nice meal this evening. I really do want to run my next half marathon a few kilos lighter than last time and the scales are looking good. Only 5.5kilos till my goal weight!

Read more about NoMeatAthlete and check out his free e-course.

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