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3 day juice detox – Day 2 – Dreamy Detox

So my lunchtime smoothie is …Dreamy Detox. I hope I dont fall asleep at work!

Dreamy Detox
2 apples
1 slice lemon
1 inch slice cucumber
1 stick celery
1 inch piece fresh ginger

Dreamy Detox Smoothie

Juice everything and place ice and juice in the blender. Blend until smooth.

How this will help to detox
‘Apple and Cucumber are amazing for flushing out and cleaning the system.  The celery helps to flush the body of excess carbon dioxide and reduce acidity in the body. Ginger is a well known natural antibiotic and superb decongestant.  Lemon is particular powerful at removing harmful bacteria and toxins from the intestinal tract and is also amazing at cleaning the liver and kidneys.

Taken from Jason Vale’s ‘Keeping It Simple.’

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