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Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2 review with Joe Cross

Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2

Remember Joe Cross, Phil Staples and the life changing documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead? Last week, Joe Cross unveiled a sequel titled ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2‘. The movie was screened in 650 cinemas in selected US cinemas for one night out. Many of us got to find out what happened to Phil […]

Running and juice fasting- live from the Treadmill


A few weeks ago I thought it would be fun to record a podcast whilst running on the treadmill. It was day 4 on the Jason Vale 5lbs in 5 day plan. He asks that you exercise twice a day and to really sweat. The Juicemaster recommends that you run for 30 mins at 8 […]

Watch Super Juice Me and you could win a Juicer

Win a Breville Juicer

Watch the new Jason Juicemaster Vale movie ‘Super Juice Me’, leave us a review and you could win a brand new juicer. The film is free to watch for the next 7 days. To support the movie we are giving away a free Breville Juicer (or cash equivalent if you are in a country that […]

Man v Food turns into Man v Bad Food!

Man v Food turns into Man v Bad Food

Interesting article on how the Man v Food Guy has turned his back on the nasty stuff and now eats healthy. My takeaways: ‘Fun as it may have looked on TV, Adam soon became worried about his health and dwindling love life. He also developed sleep apnoea – the condition which obstructs oxygen flow to […]

What being a nervous driver and Luke Skywalker taught me about juicing


Only a few friends know this and I have never admitted to this in public. I am a very nervous driver. I only passed my test 3 years ago at the age of 36, kind of late in life.  I had failed the test 3 times previous. Combine that with the fact that I now […]

What question would you ask Joe Cross?

Joe Cross to appear on Juicing Radio the Juicing Podcast

Joe Cross is coming onto Juicing Radio for a whole hour and you get to be a part of the show. Angie and I are so excited to get to fire questions at Joe for one whole hour.. We are even booking a top radio studio in NYC with a producerand engineer to make sure […]

Kimpton Hotels offers freshly extracted juice for hotel guests

Kimpton Hotels get 5 stars for juicing

Delighted to read that US hotel chain Kimpton are now offering juices to hotel guests. “Travel can be taxing on the body and can certainly throw up a few obstacles to keeping a regular health and fitness regime going. At Kimpton, we aim to reduce some of those obstacles and are always on the hunt […]

How you should deal with the Juicing Naysayers

remember this around negative people

Many of you write in asking for help in dealing with the Juicing naysayers. You know those people who tell you: ‘Juicing is bad‘ ‘Juicing is a fad‘ ‘It’s just water weight‘ Or the one that derailed my juicing efforts for 18 months: ‘Juicing causes kidney stones.‘ Anyone here who has suffered with those awful […]

What would you ask a former 300 pound guy who lost 115 pounds and became a Personal Trainer?

I once was fat but now I see

Zach once weighed 300 pounds that was until he watched Joe Cross’s movie and dropped 115 pounds! ‘Fat Sick and Nearly Dead Absolutely Floored Me‘ says Zach. ‘In the past two years, I have completely changed my life and my body. In 15 amazing months I lost 115 pounds and became a fitness blogger, personal […]

8 tips for running in extreme cold (or Running in a Polar Vortex)

The East Coast has been hitting by something that sounds like either a bad super villain or a student Punk band. Yes the Polar Vortex has been freezing the ball off all of us. Today its about 20F  that is minus 7C for the Europeans. This kind of cold bites at you and I decided […]