How Angie Lost 80 pounds+ through juicing and exercise:

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Brian is One Tough Cookie!


Brian has an amazing running and juicing success story. Brian lost 165lbs and just recently won his very first race. We are so proud of Brian’s progress and thrilled to be able to share more of his story and his winning juicing/training strategy with you. Read more about Brian’s inspiring story here.  The Tough Cookie […]

The benefits of adding green tea to your juice or smoothie.

Green tea has been looked to for its health properties for hundreds of years. I add green tea extract to my juice every week and here I share why. Last week we talked about Maca and its benefits for juicers. This week we leave South America for Asia.   Green Tea has been brewed in […]

What Juicers Eat: Macadamia Nut Alfredo with Roasted Spaghetti Squash


Spaghetti squash is a favorite of mine! It was so kind of mother nature to provide a healthy alternative to processed pasta! Thanks lady! It’s really easy to make and can fill in for most of your standard pasta dishes. The yellow squash is high in vitamin C, magnesium and fiber. Macadamia nuts are high […]

Neil Sheds 70 pounds of juicing weight loss and transforms into the Natural Juice Junkie.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Let me introduce you to fellow Brit Neil Martin. AKA The Natural Juice Junkie. Neil lost 70 pounds through juicing and running. Sound familiar? There are a lot of similarities in our stories.  Both of us work in the corporate world of long haul flights, strange hotel beds, endless dinner and free […]

The Magic Power of Running


  I heard the most amazing story on Radio Lab yesterday, reminded me of the magic of running and cemented my belief that there is no exercise like it. For me, running is an instant cure for stress or any undesirable emotion …it’s therapeutic, no doubt.  What I didn’t know is running is connected to the […]

The benefits of Maca in a juice or smoothie

benefits of Maca

I must confess that I had never heard of Maca until I started juicing. Some people rave about it whilst sites like WebMD claim there is no scientific proof behind the powerful claims of this Peruvian superfood sometimes called the ‘Peruvian Ginseng.’ I use Maca daily – it is not essential to use ‘superfood’ supplements […]

How to Start Juicing

Jason Vale Juicing Weight Loss

So you are new to juicing and want to know how to start? Shane lost 80 pounds by juicing and highlights proven ways to get started with juicing and more importantly to be successful and achieve your health goals. I can always tell if Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead has been aired on tv because […]

What Juicers Eat: Spicy Roasted Pumpkin and Root Vegetables with Black Saffron Quinoa

Pumpkins are not just for your Fall doorstep decor, they should make an appearance on your dinner table too! These bright orange squash are nutrient dense and when cooked offer more potassium than bananas! For the athletes out there, you all know that potassium helps balance electrolytes and supports optimal muscle function. The health benefits […]

Joe Cross of Fat Sick and Nearly Dead back in Britain

Joe Cross and Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead comes to the UK

Following the success of Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on British television, the film will air again on Channel 5, October 1st at 7pm. Dear fellow countrymen and women if you missed it last time out, now is the time to make sure you do not miss out. Joe Cross is also appearing at various […]

Where to find Juice and Smoothie Bars in Stockholm, Sweden

Juice Bar Stockholm

Looking for a a juice bar that offers freshly extracted juice during your stay in Stockholm, Sweden? Let Shane from RunningOnJuice show you some of the juice bars in Stockholm he visited on a recent visit. Stockholm, Sweden is the place where I decided to change my life for good. The Swedish capital is where […]